Date: 9th January 2018 at 5:14pm
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Obviously, the fact Harry Kane talks about winning trophies, its suggested as a hint that he is already thinking about a big and fruitful move?

Of course when I say fruitful, I not only mean that he doubles or trebles his Spurs wage, but wins a bucketful of silverware that he will ‘never’ win with Spurs. Question is, whether Harry is one of the rare breed that would put a love for club over all other rewards or jump ship to seek riches of material things, he cannot guarantee with Spurs?

Perhaps if we were talking about almost any other player, I would almost be resigned to the feeling that they may well seek the A list move to Madrid, Barca or even a United or City, should the lure prove too great. Is Harry Kane really any different or can Spurs mount a challenge for honours that the media feel is out of our reach?

In a short career, can we honestly blame any player for wanting to maximise their earning potential and if there are medals on offer, does that sweeten the pill? Should however Harry get the mega deal from Spurs of say £10m a year, the captaincy sooner rather than later and the knowledge that he is a club hero and legend, a sufficient reward?

I guess it all depends of the individual and we perhaps only have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we would do in our own professional lives? For me, footballers are human and not every player wants to play abroad and will put happiness and family values over career advancement.

Equally, what do Spurs have to do to persuade the likes of Harry and others to see their future at WHL? The obvious thing is to pay more, buy big and retain the seemingly happy atmosphere in the dressing room, which isn`t to be underestimated. Is that possible?

Can we match the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, who seem more and more focussed on balancing the books over Roman`s former spend, spend spend policy? Perhaps we accept that the Manchester clubs are just too wealthy, but is there anything anyone else can do about them?

With a new stadium and greater revenue (even wth the debt to pay), are we in a position where we can at least compete better? Do we have to compete better and keep juggling with developing our own players and accepting we sell the occasional star, but on our terms when possible?

In todays game, how important are the domestic cups to a player? Sure the Prem title and Champions league are massive, but does a League or FA Cup really make a player stay? In the case of Kane, would breaking scoring records be a greater career reward than anything else? Any half decent player can win the FA Cup, but only a great one can win a Golden Boot etc.

Clearly some players will always want the challenge and financial reward of playing for the games true elite and who can honestly blame them, but is the prospect of still earning major money and being a club legend still as appealing? In twenty years time, I can see a player revered on the terraces for his acts for a club. Will that be said for one that has served several clubs and won numerous honours, but is a true legend at none of them? You tell me…

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  • I don’t blame Kane for wanting to win trophies he’s the best goal scorer i have seen in a spurs shirt and only the best hit 20 goals 3 seasons running and two short of making 4 seasons in row. The investment company should have built a team around Kane as i doubt Spurs would be anywhere near top 4 without him. It’s up to MP to show that he knows how to set the team up to win trophies at this point in time he has failed and he’s past performances in Cup finals / semi finals doesn’t fill me with confidence. If Kane leaves, spurs must not sell to a PL team.

  • As a English player would he prefer to win the PL or any league. I’ll Kane would like to stay a one man club he loves and win things but if we don’t he will have no choice to move. I would say he will give us 2 years in new stadium then if we have not won anything and clubs are calling like RM or Barca then he will go. However, not sure he will go to PL club that easily no one in the PL are dominating. Different winners every year. I think we are safe until end of 19/20 season, 2 years in new stadium.

  • Sorry for off topic, City (at home) fielding a strong side 1-0 down to Bristol – half time!

  • The best training ground, a large new shiny stadium, a wage cap, a decade of tophyless club….and a project where the end of the tunnel is never in sight…. not the lure for the ambitious. I am resigned to us losing him at some stage, but hope the club makes progress and wins the odd trophy while he is with us.

  • If Man City purchased Kane they would dominate, lets give Levy a chance with the new stadium, if the revenue goes up then the wage budget might increase and, we could get the players needed to take us to that next level …. I am getting sick of MP constantly talking about Kane in the press … he needs to shut up with all the interviews and get on with his job … dont add fuel to the fire …

  • According to the Daily Express, Spurs are already in advanced talks with Real Madrid and Harry is on his way out… According to me? Ballcocks!

  • Harry has simply spoken about being happy at Spurs and with the clubs current ambition and aim to win trophies. Why folks keep turning this into he must be on his way out, is beyond me.

  • I think Harry will show more patience than most players and really give his all to try to win something here. But if at age 27 that still hasn’t happened, he may well decide that his chances of winning trophies is higher elsewhere. He’s here for the foreseeable future, but maybe not forever, depending on our results in the next 3 years.

  • Kane will do whatever he thinks is best for him and his family. I suspect though that trophies matter to him a lot more than money. Its not as if he’s on the breadline now. I also don’t get the impression he’s got any desire to move to Spain. I suspect we have a couple more seasons until crunch time. As far as funding goes the new stadium will eventually put us on a par with Arsenal and maybe Chelsea if they get their new stadium built. Liverpool are actually likely to fall a bit behind. United are simply a bigger club than the rest of us, one of the four biggest in the world. City are the joker in the pack. So far they and PSG have been able to get around FFP in a way Chelsea can’t by manipulating their commercial income. So whether we can catch them depends on how FFP is enforced in the future.

  • Have we really aimed to win trophies, it’s all about top 4 and CL, prem in last few seasons was the closest, no fa cups for a club like us, nothing in 10 years,

  • Fresh challenge? Maybe they should both enrol themselves at a night school. Pottery, DIY? Arts and Crafts? Crochet or knitting? French or Spanish?

  • I agree with Hot! The sensationalist media love to play our chances down or often simply ignore us entirely. Then any opportunity to make out our best players are leaving based on loose interpretation of a player’s comments is farcical. Is it unrealistic to think we’ll beat Juventus, followed by 3 other teams in the Champions League?

  • I think that with Harry at Spurs we will soon win a trophy or two, and not just because of his goal scoring prowess. Winning matches as a team, wins trophies, not just having GB winners alone. But, we already know this.

    I think that a major part of Harry’s influence on the team and his team mates in general, has a lot to do with his own personal aims, self-confidence and self-belief in his own abilities. Which is what?s needed of any top sportsman and athlete. It?s his sheer hard work and determination to always be improving and having a clear outlook on what he wants to achieve as an individual as well as for the club.

    On a personal level, Harry has focused in on specific goal scoring records that he has managed to get within his sights and he goes for it. He gets his head down, puts his feet in, and does what he has to do to achieve that record.

    It’s at the end of last season and there are 2 PL games left to play. Lukaku is top of the goal scorers chart. What does Harry do? He scores 7 goals in those 2 matches and finishes 5 goals ahead of Lukaku! (This was in a season in which he missed 8 PL matches). Fast forward to the last 2 matches of 2017 and now he has Shearers PL record of 36 goals in a year on his radar. What does he do? He scores a hat trick against Burnley and he is on equal terms with AS. Then along comes the Saints. He scores another hat trick and bang! He has the record. Not only that but he also finishes ahead of both Ronaldo and Messi for the year.

    But even so, Harry is not yet the finished article by any means. And what’s even better in knowing this, is that he also knows it.

    THFC will win stuff very soon, I’m sure. And not just because Harry breaks records but because he wants to break them with Spurs. And, his team mates should be all the more determined, inspired and spurred on by the man himself, to all be winners.

    But, it?s not all about Harry Kane. It?s about Tottenham Hotspur.

    Up The Spurs!

  • I’m so pleased that we are emulating the statement made by Pochettino, and getting our transfer business done early. It appears that by early he meant on the 30th of January rather than established club principal on the 31st. What’s the betting that on 1st Feb we will still have the same weaknesses, and squad frailties we had on 31st January, unless of course we sell somebody and end up worse off still. We have yet to adequately replace Walker, sold in the summer.

  • Of course Kane is looking towards his football legacy. When he is 40 he will want to look, at not a shelf full of match balls for hatricks, but a collection of trophy replicas and memorabilia collected over a successful career. This is within his capability, but unfortunately by the look of the club’s record under the current ownership of THFC unlikely, unless he moves elsewhere. It would be unwise to take his loyalty and apparent “one club mentality” for granted, assuming he will stay despite lack of investment in quality colleagues, and an unreasonably depressed pay scale operating in the club.

  • Agree with you Frank, Investment companies don’t do football they buy land develop it for the big sell off. The sooner Enic sell up the better. Coys

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