Date: 30th September 2019 at 6:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur picking up a tough three points from Southampton last Saturday, it’s time for manager Mauricio Pochettino to turn his attentions back to the midweek Champions League clash as we face Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening in our Group B clash at White Hart Lane.

The Southampton performance answered a couple of questions, but equally, it probably raised some in other areas of the fanbase. Ultimately, all that mattered was that we put a bad week behind us, saw some positives and got that win back under our belts.

I doubt we go into the Bayern clash in great spirits, but we go into the game in better confidence than we would’ve done last Friday. Again we know what the side is capable of, the question really is what Spurs side turns up.

Given Poch’s usual rotation as the games tick by, I guess the majority would prefer to go with the idea of not changing a winning team apart from where forced just to help build a bit of consistency under us again.

Let’s see what Tuesday brings.

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108 Replies to “Spurs Fans Will Be Bayern For Another Three Points On Tuesday – Match Thread”

  • Seriously… Who really cares too much about the Carabao cup? I don’t. I didn’t even care enough to watch it.

    This is what cup football is all about for THFC these days. The CL, at home (and away) to Bayern. Love it!

    Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Bayern Munich!

  • A solid performance a clean sheet and 3 points will be needed. Bayern away is going to be tough, we must try and score more goals than conceding 🙂 Goal difference will be, as always vital back up to points in a tough group.

    Off topic…
    Did I see Eriksen looking happy as harry scored from his assist? and putting in some more effort…Is this the start of a pick up in his form?

    Why didn’t VAR review the incident of the ball out of play at Aurier 2nd yellow?

  • Morning guys, I’m not sure that incident would be covered under the remit for VAR’s usage block 108. Maybe one of our fellow posters has better knowledge in this respect?

  • What a game. I can’t wait. We need some protection for the back four (something we haven’t had so far this season) and we just have to hope we are not exposed in our full back positions. Otherwise, we should be able to match Bayern. Three points will set us up nicely to win the group. COYS

  • Thinking about the situation with our centre backs, I watched the foxes/magpies game yesterday and don’t think it would be too difficult to tempt Jamal Lascelles away from the toons in January. I know we are probably more immediately in need of a left sider but he is young and a good leader. I believe we have been credited with an interest in him before.

  • Yep! tomorrow the biggest game so far this season at NWHL, v Bayern, going to be a great game with the mighty Spurs finishing with a 2-0 win.

    Yes it was noted CE smiling when “our Arry” scored on Saturday, and yes maybe just maybe CE will be back for a short while.

    Continuing on the subject of those out of favour at the mo, I believe Aurier will have the game of his life, if he is picked, and prove the haters wrong, are these haters the same ones who came down hard on Sissoko a couple of seasons back, that is “crap” and “never wanting to see him in a Spurs shirt ever again” lol! COYS

  • PY …. The truth is that Sissoko was crap. The new truth is that he changed it all around and has become a star. It can happen. Supporters will always tell it like it is …. and acknowledge any improvement.

  • Geofspurs….thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t realise lol! quick to moan and groan pointing out how crap one of our players is but a hell of a lot slower acknowledging improvement. Regards Aurier I still think there is a good RB waiting to come out, he is probably a slow learner/very temperamental for the way the Prem is. COYS

    • This weekend’s result must encourage Spurs. Bayern Munich top off the German League only beat Paderborn bottom of the German league 2-3 away. My only concern is that whilst we may be able to score, we will probably need at least 2 goals to get a result due to our inability to keep a clean sheet.

  • Those that insist that it was a fluke when Leicester won the PL, were probably right to a certain extent, but anybody must be impressed bu their resurgence after selling on the likes of Mahrez and Kante, both influential and key players. They have brought in Tielemans and Maddison amongst others and are again looking impressive.

  • I also think a 2-0 win is a must be the target for tonight. So defence and DFM have to be alive and effectively block out attacks.

    Frank, Leicester are doing well this season, and yes bought in players who are on form. Again they are not in Europa League / CL so are fresher than top 4 teams of last season. Could be a big threat to us on current form for to 4 finish.

  • Leicester are in a great position to reproduce what they did when they won the title. Maybe only top four this time as Liverpool and City look so strong. But not being in Europe is a huge advantage as they showed when Ranieri won the title. With a seven day turn around when the competition is playing twice a week you can get by with a smaller squad and keep your players in better physical condition. Over the course of a season that has a big effect.

    Not really sure what tonight will bring. In Europe it seems that when we think we are in great shape we come unstuck, when we are struggling we somehow find a way to win. I’m also not really sure how good Bayern currently are.

  • Frank….why should Spurs be encouraged by BM’s 2-3 away win at bottom of league Paderborn, because it could be that Spurs also think/work out that BM did just enough to win and so keeping themselves reasonably fit for tonight’s game, thus take no encouragement from that score/result and go out expecting a very tough match, 2-0 for me! COYS

  • What a test – will be listening in and hoping for the best – they maybe in transition but still have a bunch of quality players as you’d expect from BM so taking nothing for granted – indeed a draw given how we’ve played recently may turn out to be a good result in terms of qualification. If of course we have ambitions of winning the group need to win tonight but I’d take a draw and qualification any day – it’s the CL and it’s always a tough ask with “surprises” springing up all over the place – indeed one might say it was a “surprise” to see us in the final last year!

  • Well during the past few seasons we have produced some excellent results against quality opposition at home in the CL .
    Let’s hope we can replicate one of those results tonight and remain defensively strong by keeping all players on the pitch for 90 minutes !!!
    I hope the senior team can avenge the hammering our U19 s took this afternoon .
    Wow Club Brugge !!

  • Alli being used centrally as a replacement for Eriksen – let’s see how he takes to the role, could make it his own and along with Lo Celso save the club a lot of money in trying to replace and offer competition/cover for Eriksen’s position eventually. Not so sure about the midfield 3 of Winks, Sissoko and N’Dombele – it worked OK on Saturday but it stifles our attacking play somewhat as none of them are very creative and it costs us 1 place in attacking midfield to play all 3 of them. Thought Winksy was MOTM on Saturday having watched the game but still not sure his best position or play comes as a DCM – we may need Dier to play there regularly for whom it comes much more naturally or dare I say it a foray into the transfer market to sign someone better a la Rice, etc! Hoping for a solid display in midfield above all and hopefully a clean sheet giving the front 3 every opportunity to help us get a win. We need Foyth back ASAP or a new RB – seriously doubt we can trust Aurier long term.

  • We need to be more clinical in front of goal.. compusure…..2-1 but playing well…
    Come on ,turn it up second half .
    We can do this .. coys

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