Date: 1st March 2018 at 2:40pm
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After Son and Lucas both put in excellent displays last night, Poch now truly has a dilemma on his hands over who to start alongside Eriksen, Dele and Harry in our attack. The pair do have some similar qualities, and it could be difficult to separate the two in what they can offer the team.

So, I have decided to put together a case for both so you can decide for yourselves:


The South Korean has done very little wrong this season, and it could be argued that he is even pushed on a bit from his superb campaign last year.

His nine assists are just one short of his total for last season, although he is lagging behind on his goal tally with 13 after hitting 21 in all competitions for us previously.

Still, he was very impressive with his brace last night. It should be a hat-trick really if it wasn`t for VAR, and the 25 year old has really done all he can to return to the starting line up for the league after being benched for the Palace game.


The Brazilian was outstanding against Rochdale. His pace, guile, dribbling skill and crossing were all in evidence at Wembley, and at £25m, it really does look a fantastic piece of business. The two goals he created for Llorente were very accomplished, and you can`t argue with his record of one goal and two assists from four appearances.

One mitigating factor is that he has looked great on both starts whilst playing against lower league opponents, so we need to see him do it in the Premier League. He can only do that though if we give him the chance to start.

The winger has all the qualities to excel in English football, and his attitude so far has been top notch as well. He has major competition though with not only Son but also Erik Lamela in major contention after the Argentine controlled the game against Dale.

So, who do you think our manager should start?


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  • Funny enough Arky, I was thinking the same. In fact I’d go as far as suggesting the game v Huddersfield will be ideal both both to make Huddersfield think. Yes, drop the undroppable, partly to let Dele work hard to prepare for the Juventus game. Also I would add that Son and Moura are two totally different players, position and style wise and both offer something that no other player in the squad does. I personally think Moura can easily surpass Son on assists with time.

  • Me, too. The more interesting and significant question should be; Son, Lucas, Dele …. who should start? If Son and Lucas continue to play as they did against Rochdale I’d be inclined to rest Dele for a game or two and see what happens.

  • If it is just between Son and Lucas then Son at present. Better shot, bit more direct and full of confidence. Better starter than bench player.

  • What about Lamela? He’s also been playing pretty well and he offers another quality at free-kicks apart from Eriksen. If I had to choose an attacking trio behind Kane based on form, quality and match fitness, I might go with Eriksen, Son and Lamela.

  • Nothing to make one uncomfortable more than a wealth of riches. Should we drive the Rolls or the Bentley? I picture a team on which all of Lamela, Moura, Son, and Delicatessen can be kept fresh. Now bring Janssen back to rotate with ‘arry so we can keep them both fresh.

    The point is that we don’t have to chose between Lucas and Me Ol Son. Run the rest of the league ragged with this lads playing at full speed when they’re on the pitch, knowing that we can bring someone on in the next match while they re-charge their energies.

  • I’m not sure what to do with Sissokko though. Can’t we sell him on the cheap the Arse ‘n hole? or just leave him in a basket on their doorstep?

  • I’m not sure what to do with Sissokko though. Can’t we sell him on the cheap the Arse ‘n hole? or just leave him in a basket on their doorstep?

  • WFT double post. Was barely worth one post. but two? almost as bad as Sissokko losing possession on his own with no defender near.

  • I don’t care as long as we put out a team to beat the next team up which happens to be Huddersfield. Assuming Citeh beat Chelscum at the weekend then a win will give us a 5 point cushion over them for 4th place with just them and Citeh of the current top 6 left to play in the run in.

  • I personally think both and and Moura are better suited v bus-parkers. We often complain about sideways and backwards in front of their 18 yd box, but now have two players who can take on defenders. Dele in that situation, imo, stagnates our play and seeking free kicks. Guile, speed and trickery is what we needed, so now with Lamela, Son and Moura we have those options and keep it going for 90+ mins. I think Moura can take some workload off of Eriksen and certainly Kane should benefit. Has Moura not already picked up 2 assists? COYS!

    ps., can’t wait for weekend game and 3 points. With LeAr$e falling further behind and City could make Chelsea 5 points adrift. Unbeaten in 2018!!

  • Sorry, Geof and TQ2 covered some of my points while I was constructing my post. I agree!

  • Cs …. Some of us think the same about some things, and some of us don’t. Or, to put it another way; some of us don’t think the same about some things, and some of us do! But at least we’re all thinking! lol.

  • How do you fit either in when Kane, Alli and Lamela take up the 3 attacking roles?! Eriksen, Dembele and Dier in CM and that’s your lot. Incredible problem to have – great squad we’ve got – at long last!

  • Geofspurs, limit of three substitutions per match, or I’d change them every match as 65 minutes and have them all play full speed every second. But with this lot of speedy guile, we can keep fresh fast legs on the pitch 24/7

  • That said we need much more end product from Lamela not just fancy showboating stuff. Goals and assists and Son does that and it looks like Moura will do aswell. Not sure on the stats fully but Lamela is yet to fully stamp himself as a regular provider of end product – 8 or 9 goals total in nearly 100 games and wonder about assists. I like him a lot – good pressing off the ball, very skilful, etc but with players like Son and Moura in the squad alongside the obvious Alli and Eriksen he needs to produce end product week in, week out.

  • Good points El Jefe, but I wonder whether Lamela might benefit from playing on the pitch with some combination of Son and Moura. A defense could feel very pressured by a buzzing swarm of such attacking players. We might see a better Lamela in such a combination.

  • That’s not a problem for Kane or Alli so it cannot be for Lamela either – he has to fit into the team not the team fit around him. Be interesting to see who gets dropped for Moura in CM as can’t see the attacking trio being messed with. Lamela does atleast command seniority at the club in terms of time although games wise – Son has nearly caught up but scored 3 times as much in process. Maybe in here lies the explanation as that said Lamela has had a lot of problems (ridiculous to think it’s his fifth season with us, Son now in 3rd) and perhaps with a prolonged settled period can produce what was expected when 1st signed. Looks and shapes like Ronaldo no.2 but much to do too even be mentioned again in the same company.

  • Not bad when the squad is so good we can’t agree who should start! Come on MP, sort it out, mate!

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