Date: 31st January 2018 at 10:15am
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Win or bust – it is that simple for me!

Dramatic perhaps, but we face a watershed moment in our season in the next fortnight with United, Liverpool and Arsenal all too follow soon after. We are already 5pts off the top 4 pace and anything other than a positive set of results will ensure we remain in the hunt come the end of the season. Two wins at least is required, but to be honest I can`t see that happening somehow.

Most Tottenham fans know we only ourselves to blame, having inexplicably thrown points away this season – notably at Wembley – to Swansea, Burnley, West Brom and West Ham that leaves us in this predicament we currently face. Unfortunately, we are continually playing catch-up and losing to United and Liverpool will see nothing short of an uphill climb for us.

I have given up guessing what Pochettino will do with his starting line-up this evening, as I`m still bemused at his decision to play 3 holding midfielders against Newport at the weekend. The continued ploy to have Sissoko in the starting XI once again confuses me given his lack of contribution every given week. Quite why Poch felt the need to highlight his importance to the team reflects badly on him as there are no stats in the world that back up that statement, or any real evidence on the pitch at all this season. Hopefully the imminent signing of Moura will dislodge him from the starting line-up although with Poch you never know.

We all know what we can expect from United tonight so that is why we cannot afford not to have pace and creativity in our team selection. Mourinho`s team will ultimately sit back throughout aiming to hit us on the break and therefore if we don`t start fast (like we did against Liverpool and Dortmund) then we can expect a tough and frustrating evening.

A win tonight is a must and arguably this our biggest game in the Premier League this season so far, as defeat will make United uncatchable therefore leaving us with only two CL spots up for grabs and with Chelsea and Liverpool enjoying a 5pts cushion already it underlines the sheer importance of it.

Can Poch really afford not to take the game to Manchester United tonight? A defensive set-up tonight will see us get punished and our hopes of a Champions League place with it.


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  • Spurs must not lose any of the games against Man.u, Arse and pool and will need to win at least one game to remain in contention for top4. Sisoko is not my favorite player, however, he seems to be the prime scapegoat at the moment. MP picks and organizes the team the buck stops with him as far as i am concerned.

  • We don’t generally play overtly defensive set up’s, do we? And, I’m not so sure about how Jose intends to go about it either…

    This is definitely not a ‘must win it’ game that will definitively determine the rest of our PL season. However a win will obviously be the desired outcome. And, maybe a draw won’t be so bad.

    I’ve read a lot of stuff this week from nervous Spurs supporters showing a lot of concern that we are just not good enough this season to beat United. Balderdash! Of course we are.

  • An important games yes i agree, win or bust i definitely don’t agree, as there is too much football between now and the end of the season.

  • We have no choice but to win this game .. we need these 3 points the confidence that will go through the team will be immense… let’s hope sissoko doesn’t get on the pitch … llorente sadly will not be leaving as we will have no back up striker not that we can trust llorente.

  • I’d have swapped Llorente & Sissoko for Batboy & laughed as Chelsea slid down the table & we grabbed their spot in the Champions League. Poor old Wenger he can’t motivate his bunch of mercenaries anymore ,what chance has he of controlling the prince of badboys-Aubameyang?
    Tough game tonight,will Jose park the bus or unleash his forward line? He’s a canny tactician & Poch has to pick the right team. What’s that?-I’ve no idea.

  • I have to agree with Ossie ….. it’s not a ‘win or bust’ game (does ‘bust’ mean we’ll have no games left?). Win, lose, or draw, nothing much changes apart from 0,1,or 3, points on the table. The season will continue and there is still a very long way to go. But I guess anyone demanding top four will see the next game as ‘win or bust’ too.

  • We’ve all been looking at this fixture and the run of games in the next weeks…..we all know it’s a key game…..the business end of the season. Eriksen has been rested. Wanyama has had games to get his groove back. The whole squad bonded in the training camp in Spain. And it was tonight that it was all pointing to……Lloris Aurier Rose Sanchez Vertonghen Wanyama Dier Eriksen Ali Son Kane.

  • Jose often settles for draw or 0-1 against strong opponents. I believe he will keep it tight at the back & aim to hit us on the break with his pacey forwards.If Rose & Aurier play it will help us but not if they get caught upfield. I think we should be pragmatic like Jose, a point is better than nil points obviously.
    Poch’s tactics worked well against Dortmund,Real & Liverpool,but those teams come out & attack you,Jose is too clever to do that.

  • startinggun: I reckon you’ve probably picked MP’s team for tonight except that it will have to be Trippier, as Aurier is out injured. Hopefully Rose is ready, fit enough and up for it, along with the rest of the lads.

  • I seriously doubt its win or bust. Apart from City every team in the top six has been dropping points they shouldn’t have dropped. Liverpool beating City then losing to Swansea and West Brom just about sums it up so far.

  • Is there a temptation to play Dembele? He has played in all of our last 4 games but they’ve all been a week apart. He has been subbed off in the last 3 on 80-85 mins. There is a chance that Dier will be dropped back alongside Sanchez and Vertonghen. That would mean Son on the bench and Dembele and Wanyama playing centre mid. It will all depend whether Poch wants to play 3 at the back or stick with the 4-2-3-1. We will find out.

  • Win this and, obviously, we remain well in touch with the top ‘three’ …. and 5 points ahead of you-know-who (with a far superior GD)! Should be a very good game.

  • Not a must win for me, but also not a game we can afford to get thrashed in. With the table shaping up the way it is, goal difference may well play a deciding factor at the end of the season.

  • I just hope mr Dier can avoid having one of his ?big dumb dier? moments like he did against United earlier in the season, which cemented his alias in my house as ?big dumb dier?. At least he seems to have relented in his attempts to become the English pirlo and stopped the atrocious long pass attempts recently.

  • We can’t afford to lose the games against fellow top 4 contenders otherwise we will lose touch. Hopefully we will put some more urgency into the game than our esteemed transfer guru is injecting into the Moura deal, he must be the slowest negotiator in football, there is more go in a Beecham’s Pill.

  • I reckon Poch will go for back four especially as he says Toby isn’t fit yet, if he was then I would have said it was odds on 3 at the back. With Rose and Aurier available he’ll have the speed on both sides but he is going to need it with Martial and Valencia bombing down the wings. Sanchez will want to impress so he’s going to be like a wasp around a BBQ which doesn’t bode well for our Sanchez whose timing and positional play hasn’t been brilliant of late. Jose know he doesn’t need the points as badly as we do so he can afford to sit back. If Fellaini plays we will have a problem cos that’s Verts tied up all night so Dier will have to cover both sides of the field. My preference would be to play Wanyama and Dier in front of a back four and not play Moussa. This is not a game for Moussa to be losing the ball in midfield cos United’s transition is too good. Alli has to stop fannying around, if he tries some of his flash stuff we’ll have Valencia screaming down the wing with Alli unable to get back to undo the damage. We have to narrow the field of play tonight and not give United any width, make them play through traffic . With Wanyama and Dier protecting the back four that will block their speed on the counter. I am sure Eriksen playing deeper and distributing the ball to Kane Alli and Son will leave Moaning Jose with no one to mark Eriksen with, if Eriksen plays too high United will block off any passes to him and he will be taken out of the game! We’ve got enough personnel to make them come on to us if we take the game to them like we did at City we’ll get murdered!

  • I fear similiarity between this Moura deal and Levy’s previous triumph involving William. The medical was over hours and hours ago then silence. Will the next announcement be that the deal has been high jacked in the same way as William was, again due to us dragging our feet.

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