Date: 30th January 2018 at 4:56pm
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Why Tottenham should take the money and run!

When Llorente subbed Chelsea on deadline day to team up with Pochettino there was a collective smirk among Tottenham fans, with many believing we had snapped up the ideal understudy for Harry Kane – who had the experience and pedigree to ensure that we can mount a challenge on all four fronts. Five months on I`m praying for someone to put him and the club out of their collective misery.

Let`s be honest we have seen some serious dross in the attacking positions, but I will stick my head out and see that he must be the worst striker we have seen at the club within the Premier League era.

I know many will look at the likes of Mido, Rasiak, Soldado and more recently Vincent Janssen, but I would argue that the least aforementioned tried and showed the kind of work rate in their performances – even if they didn`t get the goals they deserved. Llorente is lumbering, appears uninterested and has stands out like a sore thumb in this team. His lack of mobility offers nothing and I don`t think it is any coincidence that we suddenly started to perform the moment he was replaced at Newport.

Poch was asked the question of his future in today`s presser and as always refuses to give too much away, although I wasn`t convinced that should an offer come in on deadline day that a deal wouldn`t go through. It is time to put Llorente down as a bad experience and promote one of the younger generation to the first team ranks, most notably Rodell Richards who is scoring braces and hat-tricks for fun in Scott Parker`s academy side.

So, am I being too harsh on the lad Llorente and am I the only one that wants to see the back of him at the club? Let`s be honest he is a signing that promised much but has ultimately delivered very little.


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  • Agreed. Lazy, lumbering, lamp post. We should not be paying this guy’s wages. We are far worse off when he is on the pitch.

  • Your not being harsh, however, if Kane is injured I worry about the pressure on the kids . Llorente like. Jansen didn’t get a good run in the team even with Kane injured he played son last season.

  • I?m usually willing to give a player a chance but in Llorente ?s case he is too experienced not to be giving his all in every chance he gets to be on the pitch. I haven?t seen him look anything like the player I saw at Swansea last season. So YES, I?d take the money and run. As a matter of fact I would loan him for free to Conte which the provision that he play against us!

  • Has any club made an offer for him? If not, then what money should we take? … It wouldn’t make sense to me to sell him this month. Just like it didn’t make sense to me to loan out Janssen. We need cover for Harry and some cover has to be better than no cover. … I don’t agree that Llorente isn’t mobile enough. I’ve seen him move!I do agree that he hasn’t been quite good enough but I’m certain that many of us thought that he would be good enough. He needs more game time in my opinion, not less. And, unless we have another striker in mind for the last day of the transfer window then he should stay put. He is not a bad player but maybe just not the right player for Spurs… A goal or two would we nice.

  • Anyhow, if an article on why we should sell a player can be submitted then why not a match day thread for the Newport match and now the not so small affair of Man U at Wembley tonight?

  • I actually disagree with the article. As opposed to Soldado, Janssen and others, Llorente has shown that if you play to his strengths, he will score in the PL. He did so 15 times last year. Others may have worked hard, but for all of their hard work, they were still hugely inefficient. Llorente has goals in him, but that requires adapting the tactics to get the best out of him. As far as cutting our losses if we can, it really depends on what we intend to do going forward. He thrives in systems which are vastly different to the ones where Kane thrives, so if we’re going to continue to play Llorente in a like-for-like replacement for Kane, we might as well sell and look for someone who is a closer match to Kane’s style. If we are willing to adapt our tactics to get the best out of Llorente, he could still be a useful player. He doesn’t need to run 14 kms in a game to be efficient. He just needs to be alive in and around the box, and win his battles with CB’s.

  • BelgianSpur has made the point – “if you play to his strengths”. The fact is we don’t, I’m not sure we can. If there’s a weakness in our set up its the inability to play a completely different way if its not working. We do vary the formation but its all tweaks to the same basic shape. What Llorente needs is the ball coming down the wings and decent crosses being repeatedly fired in not the patient build up through the midfield we go in for. I don’t know where you get someone who has a similar playing style to Kane, arguably the most complete striker in the world. At the moment though I can’t see another option.

  • jod – there are quite a few strikers with similar styles to Kane, they’re just not quite as good/on the same level. What I mean by similar in style is strikers who are comfortable on the ball and who can participate in the build up of attacking phases, and end up in a goal scoring position at the end of it. Kane is a rare mix of many attributes, but we wouldn’t be asking a replacement to do everything Kane can do. Offering an outlet, having the ability to bring others into play, etc

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