Date: 21st October 2019 at 6:55am
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Tottenham Hotspur somewhat drew a line under our recent poor performances and hugely disappointing defeats in Saturday’s clash at White Hart Lane against Watford, but we have a quick turnaround this week in the fixture list and Tuesday evening sees us back in Champions League action as we welcome Red Star Belgrade to London.

There’s no hiding how poor the Watford performance was, but there were certainly more positives on display in comparison to the Brighton and Bayern Munich matches, and we can only hope that having drawn that line under our recent defeats, we can get back on track in midweek and get back to winning ways.

Fans have their own theories as to why the proverbial wheels have fallen off, but all that most will care about is that we quickly put them back on, as there’s plenty of football to be played and plenty of time left in the 2019/20 campaign to salvage the season and get ourselves back on track.

What nobody wants, is for this clear dip in form (if you can call our struggles a dip given it’s lasted for most of 2019) to get even worse, as there are enough questions floating in the air at the moment, but the players haven’t become bad players overnight and it’s down to them to prove it.

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96 Replies to “Red Star At Night, Can Spurs Finally Get Some Delight – Match Thread”

  • HT…An interesting point of spurs winning a cup against league form. We have seen this many times over the years of teams struggling under the pressure of league position / pints won. Yet they have a run to FA Cup final… Aston Villa under tim sherwood comes to mind…

    This was also apparent here at WHL. Spurs bad league form and then in CL getting to knockout stages… beating Man City and Ajax over 2 games each to arrive in the CL Final.

  • It’s not THFC that turns every situation into a “soap opera”. It’s us Spurs supporters that are the drama queens. With the sports media and football pundits alike, aiding and abetting. And we turn whatever slight drama there is, into a full-blown crisis.

    Sometimes it is just bad footballing form that has hit us, for whatever reasons. Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. But mostly, it’s a lot less worse than many supporters will insist that it is.

  • That’s right block…

    This is why I often ask the question; “Is a poor league season acceptable these days if Spurs go on to win that elusive cup at the end of it all.” Because it will mean the season is mostly unenjoyable for us supporters until we win that cup. As that cup final will be when the PL is already done and dusted. (At least we know it can’t now be the Carabao cup that keeps us hoping.) And, a great example of a poor league season was very apparent the last time we did win a trophy. It was the League cup of course. But in the PL, Spurs were duller than dull. Worse than we have been so far in this season. Much worse. And no CL to distract us, of course.

    When it’s going well early in the season there are those that will say “Don’t count yer chickens…” Well, I’m saying that it may be bad right now but hey, don’t stop counting yer chickens yet! Because, you never know, you know… 😉

  • Anyway, I know that my optimism this morning may well jar with a few posters on here, so I’ll say no more. Other than; if we suffer yet more embarrassment in tonight’s CL match, I will be back to being miserable again, along with the rest of you lovely Lilywhites out there….

  • HT – A lot of fans would have liked to see the futures of the likes of Eriksen, Toby etc tied up a long time ago. The club certainly has to take some responsibility for failing to do so.

    Now that we have pushed those players half way out of the door, either by failing to offer an extension, or by failing to justly reward them based on what the market would offer, we are having to deal with their unhappiness. Under those conditions, we may as well offload them. We’ve pushed those players’ limits so far that the situation now seems unsalvageable.

    But make no mistake about it – we haven’t changed our minds. I’d love to see Eriksen recommit to the club and rediscover his best form. Instead, I’m left to rue the decisions of the club. We’ll now see what was once a valuable asset to our squad leaving for next to nothing, while being left with the impossible prospect of replacing his contributions with an unreasonably low budget.

    And it’s not like we have a great track record of replacing leaving stars. We replace quality with quantity, and hope something eventually works out, several seasons down the line.

    But I’m sure that somewhere, some people at the club will be happy that they didn’t break their principles.

  • TQ2Spurs – For me, MP hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to wholesale changes. Yes, injuries have played a part and limited his options.

    But when half the team is struggling, and promising academy products such as Tananga and Skipp have barely been used, this tells me that MP is still very cautious.

    Toby is in his last year, he’s made no effort to extend his stay, yet he has played every minute in the league, while his 42m Colombian heir apparent is in and out of the team. Something doesn’t add up.

    Eriksen has featured more than Moura this year, despute Moura being fit. The examples are many.

  • ……well all I can say is it was like watching a relegation match on Saturday….The confidence levels in the team are just awful…the only player that really looks like he belives in his football is Sissoko and who would have said that last season?…Toby once again out of position for that Watford Goal Rose in the middle of nowhere….Toby seems to have developed a weakness with players coming into the box he can’t seem to read which way they are going to go….I must have been all of 5 yards from him when Watford scored ………! Personally I dont know how you stop the rot that has set into our side. I actually think Poch and the back room staff need to look at different tactics and stick to one formation for a while until we start to get results. We have Liverpool at the weekend who will be a yard faster than us in probably every department so its time to play on the counter and do to Liverpool what teams do to us…..If we concede the first goal, whether its tonight or at the weekend, the monkey jumps straight on to our back again and that means we need confidence players not just tactics. The thing is we dont have any pace at the back so playing a back 5 will be suicide! We need to play a back four and put two DM’s on to protect Toby and Verts who just cant deal with an attacker running into the box (oh for a Ledley King) Poch needs to scrap that Diamond were not creating enough chances, and crosses into the box are just snuffed out, which is why kane isn’t seeing enough of the ball. Eriksen has to play and I think Lamela has to start with Delle coming on with Lucas Moura later but not too late depending on the score ! Son is a nailed on starter he brought the game to life on Saturday and started to make things happen… the problem is when you look at the options we have there is just no one creating that spark. Delle may be the one to take the Eriksen role or even lamela in the pocket someone with guile and a bit of vision that can release Harry and Son….we need to secure the back four though. I dont know how cos no one is playing with any confidence ..and we just know that Pool will just hunt us down in packs in the midfield so we need to get Sissoko to be the ball carrier ala Moussa Dembele style not sure NDombele is good enough yet for that role….whichever way you look at it our net spend of £89m with two of those new players still in the treatment room, we are sadly stuck with personnel who seems to have lost their mojo’s over the summer and are looking like a busted flush… I just dont understand how our most dependable players have become so unpredictable. These players are International players. It was telling when Toby tweeted that he was looking forward to the International Break stating he wanted to get away from all the bad news! But its Toby and the rest of the team who are writing their own headlines…everyone is off the boil ! I knew this would happn …brand shiney new stadium half empty as the season goes on…I bet to night it wont be a full house! We need to win tonight not just for the points but for our confidence…..I fear for us at Anfield is we get hammered it could be the last nail in the coffin for Poch…and it wont be his fault …our players are letting him down!

  • Right now, if I were Pochettino, I would drop Rose, Jan, Toby, Eriksen and Aurier. But, we do really need to have Lo Celso, Ndombele, Sessegnon, Foyth, Sanchez, KWP, Davies and Dier up and running and up to scratch. We need a new energy. A new approach. A new dynamic.

    MP needs to be bold with his next moves. He needs to jump in, head on into the future… NOW!

    4-2-3-1 and variations on this, chosen from:


    KWP/Foyth Dier/Foyth Sanchez/Tanganga Sessegnon/Davies

    Winks/Dier Lo Celso/Ndombele/Sissoko/Skipp

    Lamela/Son/Lucas/Alli/Lo Celso/Sessegnon

    Parrot/Kane/Son/Lucas …..

    (Have I missed anyone out)

    Plus new recruits and some more academy players thrown in for good measure…

    Failing this, maybe a new manager …

    Down with the Old Spurs and Up with the New Spurs!


    It’s now or never!

  • I wouldn’t be so quick to damn Toby, Verts and Eriksen. Rose and Aurier for me though are finished and should be sold along with Dier and Wanyama. Eriksen I would keep in mind whilst we have him, he is a special player – a unique kind of whom there are few with his ability and we know damn well how we struggle to un-lock bus parking teams especially at home so I would say bare this in mind when condemning him to oblivion. Once he’s gone he’s gone but whilst we have him we might aswell look to get the most out of him as possible. Toby and Verts are our best CB’s for the time being so again to alienate them completely would be a big mistake IMHO – we need to work with them to get the best out of them for the next 7 months or so and then address the situation properly in the summer – indeed both may still stay beyond the summer so would be foolish to call for them to be completely alienated now to only then see them sign new contracts!

  • I’m still hoping that Verts and Toby sign new contracts (vast experience and good talented individual’s) but to get the best out of them we may well need to sign a quality pacy LCB to partner with them individually, that and bring along Davy also. I see Foyth as a future RB as at 5ft10 will struggle in the Prem as a CB IMHO. We’ve still to see Verts and Davy in tandem this season or indeed most of last season – 2 year’s ago when Davy was 1st signed and Toby was out injured for a long while it was Verts and Davy who held the fort and we finished 3rd in the Prem. Toby paired with a new quality pacy LCB could also bear a lot of fruit. So even if Verts and Toby are not working as a partnership anymore – does not mean they cannot work properly if paired with a younger pacier partner, of course of good quality. Dunno I’ll trust Poch on this but I wouldn’t be so quick to get rid off the Belgian pair as some might think is necessary. Also if they were paired with some quality full-backs and a top DCM and offered much better protection that might see their defensive displays improve a great deal aswell – won’t know until tried. Full-backs is our real weakness or atleast it is until maybe say Foyth and Sess can take over and do things differently. Foyth can easily tuck in and help his CB’s, whilst Sess can bomb forwards and be a new Ashley Cole and take over from Rose – the potential is there, hopefully Poch can bring it out of both of them especially.

  • 4231 – halleluiah LOL! Just seen the team and like I said Davy and Verts are finally paired together for the first time this season. Don’t know what Aurier is doing there should be Foyth. CM of Sissoko and N’Dombele YES SIR – that’s what I want to see regularly. Up front I guess Dele scored a good goal on Saturday and for that deserves to keep his place – defo agree with Lamela, Son and Kane. I’d have gone with Foyth and Moura but apart from that like the formation and like the side.

  • It’s not about alienating anyone. It’s about dropping players that are just not good enough right now and who are all probably soon to leave. They need to be gone asap. New contracts should not and most probably not now happen for these guys… What has changed in their thinking? They are past it for Spurs. Simple.

    We have brought in young players in the past 2/3 seasons that need to step into their shoes. And for me it needs to be sooner rather than later. Or Poch will probably be without a job before long and with many supporters wanting it done right now.

    I’d rather see the new Spurs start taking shape right now. What are we waiting for? Surely we can’t get much worse than we currently are. But I feel that with those senior players underperforming as they have been, it has to be a sure sign for Poch to start easing them out.

    Why delay?

  • Well, regardless of formation and line-up we need to do a lot better than so far.

    Jan needs to be solid tonight and try and be some kind of leader at the back for a change. That may help. But, they all certainly need to buck up as a team.

    Up the Spurs!

  • Hi HT – I agree with you in the most part – for example I want to see Foyth and Sess at full-back something I was lumbusted for in the summer due to lack of experience but look at what experience in Aurier and Rose is doing for us at the moment?! Also I said we need to bring along Davy, I’m all for N’Dombele and Lo Celso and even Dele if he discovers his shooting boots all of a sudden again but I would still leave space for Toby and Verts especially and to some extent Eriksen….

  • Agree there again HT – we need Verts to martial Davy as he did 2 season’s ago as I mentioned earlier and we should hopefully be much more solid at the back. All of them defo need to buck up their idea’s – it’s simply not good enough – experienced international’s playing disgracefully – hopefully tonight begins the turn-around.

  • I may be sounding harsh on those guys but I can’t see a Spurs next season with them in the team. And, I wanted them gone before the start of this season.

    I don’t have anything against them and I have supported them right up to this point and I will back them when they do play. I just think they are not now up to the challenge…

    If they prove me wrong, I’ll be a happy Spur.

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