Date: 6th February 2018 at 2:25pm
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Pochettino`s £30m blind spot?

When Pochettino came out claiming that Moussa Sissoko was a key player within the Tottenham squad, I am sure I wasn`t the only supporter who shook their head in disbelief. The Frenchman is hopeless at best and arguably the worst £30m the club has ever spent.

The reasons the manager gave for his importance – our only link between defence and attack – certainly doesn`t ring true and there is no coincidence that we have put in our best performances this season without him in the team. Thankfully he was nowhere to be seen against United and Liverpool and ultimately, we looked to be back to our fluent best.

Sunday`s performance was of great significance as it is the first time we have dominated against one of our main rivals away from home in a long time. 70% possession is unheard of at Anfield and that had much to do with the balance we now have in the team when we setup with Alli, Eriksen and Son behind Harry Kane – with Davies and Trippier providing the necessary width to support. It provides the ideal shape in the way we choose to play and I still find it hard to believe that it has taken the manager so long into the season to realise this.

Sissoko`s real problem is that he slows the game down; appears technically poor and continually fails to add anything to our midfield. I appreciate I am not a trained football coach, but if someone can please enlighten me as to what he brings to the table then I am all ears? He is clearly Pochettino`s blind spot and hopefully the team`s recent performances in the past 7 days will ensure that Moussa is continued to be overlooked going forward. We don`t need passengers in this team and we have been carrying him for far too long.

Thoughts VS readers?


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  • Off the top of my head I’d just like to point out that when we beat Real at Wembley, it was Sissoko that replaced Toby when he was injured. It was 0-0 at the time and we won it 3-1… Sissoko has played in more matches than most as a starter and as a sub. We haven’t done any worse with him in the team and there was none better than beating Real… That’s all.

  • …Sorry, but just for fairness and good measure this is a quote of what Poch actually said and not what has been written (as the authors version) in the article

    ‘We have to give credit to Moussa,’ Pochettino said. ‘He is giving the team such balance that no one player can give.

    ‘He gives a balance in transitions between defence and attack. Right now he is the only player that can give that. That is his biggest quality. The team needs that balance nowadays.

    ‘For me he is one of the most important players of the season. At times the first impressions sticks and conditions what happens later.’

    Personally, I agree with him…

    He may not be the best or most sensational and gifted player in our squad but can anyone please tell me when he has been personally responsible for any of our poorer performances or any of our losses? And, when has he not given his all, from back to front and back again?

  • Im not sure what attacking or defensive qualities Sissoko has. His interception, tackling, heading, assists, key pass and goal stats per game, are all poor – mediocre. He runs fast, works hard and has a lot of stamina. Those are the only positives I see in him. Not good enough for someone on his wage. When we do try to sell him, I doubt any top clubs will be interested.

  • Yea I agree and think it’s when he gets forward he is lacking but does seem like the first impression has stuck. Think it be better in middle of the field. He has done much better it’s just because of the first impression, every and any little mistake goes punished by the fans.

  • Maybe there should be a thumbs down option. As I can’t believe my posts have got so many thumbs up already when I was expecting nothing but a slating on Moussa’s behalf.

  • I do not subscribe to the opinion that Pochettino has a false blind spot over Sissoko. Only making the best of a bad job, so while Sissoko is a Spurs player then we should use him even if it means talking him up to boost his confidence. But who in our transfer “committee” voted to buy him at that price? Never mind Jack Roles might soon be an option to use, a similar all action player but can score goals.

  • I wouldn’t mind Sissoko with me in a pub if someone came at me with intentions to whack me in the head with a bottle. But on the pitch? I’ve seen worse, and won’t name them. Never been greatly impressed, but okay…..

  • He is useful as a big lump ploughing through the middle,perfect for Newport ,as they will dish it out & we should protect Eriksen & give him a rest.I shall be at Wembley on Saturday & I want to see our best players intact & full of energy.Arsenal have suddenly become more dangerous & we shall have to be at our best.

  • Before reading any other posts I will offer the following thoughts. My observations about Sissoko is that he has a very good football mind, he reads the game well and knows where he should be and where the ball needs to be. However technically he just doesn?t have the talent to execute on a consistent basis what his brain is telling him needs to be done. He therefore does not control the ball well and often loses it to the opposition. I think we all have to remember that we have been without Dembele and Lamela and Wanyama for a considerable amount of time and Sissoko was needed during that time. Even Winks has been hurt and unavailable. Additionally a Manager must never say negative things about his players in the public and I would go as far as to say that if he wants to build team spirit and camaraderie he better defend his players in public. Take a look at how Chelsea and ManU are playing after their respective Manager?s tongue lashings. I am sure that, at the appropriate time Sissoko will be moved on for a tidy sum and will be replaced hopefully with someone like a Richarlison.

  • Strengths…can run, fit, tackles ok, works fairly hard. Weaknesses…..poor control, “can’t” shoot, “can’t” pass, slows the game down, frustrates the Spurs crowd rather than the opposition.

  • I find it unfortunate that after two very good PL performances from Spurs, in matches that many VS posters were nervous about and more than half expecting us to lose… That we now immediately following this up with articles that are basically negative about our team and worse still, individual players. After all, this is what Spurs supporters are frequently complaining about. The perceived negative spin that the media in general is accused of frequently aiming at our club. Well, imo this kind of stuff from our own support, (Sissoko and Dele articles), merely encourages it.

    I don’t want us to be all happy-clappy and non-critical but this to me is uncalled for and quite unnecessary, when the team is doing rather well. All things considered.

  • Still, it got me writing among other posters. Which is of course the whole point of Vital. As you were.

  • The way I look at it, Spurs had the opportunity to buy an attacking midfielder in the summer to compliment Eriksen, Alli and Son knowing that Lamela was going to be out for a while longer. Poch had also had a full season to assess N’Koudou and clearly didn’t fancy him. Spurs then put Onomah out on loan and left themselves with 3 attacking midfielders plus “4th or 5th choice” Sissoko who took his opportunities as he was always fit.

    Then you look at centre mid. Wanyama went from Aug 20 to Jan 4 without playing for the first team. You could argue that Spurs could have used the end of the transfer window and brought in another centre mid or retained Onomah. They didn’t, and left themselves with Dier, Winks, Dembele and Sissoko but knowing that Alli and Eriksen can operate further back. Again “5th, 6th or 7th choice” Sissoko took his chances as Winks got injured and Dembele didn’t complete 2 consecutive league games until 2018. Alli played deeper in games like Liverpool but rarely got used there.

    It’s therefore hard to really knock Sissoko because Spurs were poor in the transfer market and had unfortunate injuries. He gave the best of what he had. Poch’s comments also tell us that the full-back area is broken. Last season it was Walker and Rose that got the ball from back to front quickly. The other player that didn’t get enough credit for it was Wanyama who often carries the ball forward at pace. We also had Alderweireld pinging those great long passes to guys like Kane, Son or Alli. All these ingredients add up to why Sissoko has been included, but also as to why we shouldn’t see much of him from now on. We also have Lucas, if our protective manager finds it in himself to use him and not just wait until August after a full pre-season 🙂

  • I think most people agree. Nobody is saying he’s the worst player to ever play in the PL, nor the best. Ideally, most Spurs fans would rather have a better option in the squad than Sissoko, but we don’t currently, and it is what it is. Most fans rue the missed opportunity of bringing in someone else instead of Sissoko when we did buy him, but also understand that the club was unwilling or unable to attract a better player at the time. If nothing else, he’s helped the team by staying injury-free and available, eating up PL minutes at an average performance level. Going forward, I think we can do better, but will we put up the money?

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