Date: 6th February 2018 at 10:27am
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The race for a top four finish in the PL is hotting up (thank you, Watford!). Who will be there at the end? The remaining fixtures between the top six clubs are:

City have to play 4 games; Arsenal (away), Chelsea (Home), United (Home), Spurs (away).

United have to play 4 games; Chelsea (Home), Liverpool (Home), City (away), Arsenal (home).

Liverpool have to play 2 games; United (away), Chelsea (away).

Chelsea have to play 4 games; United (away), City (away), Spurs (home), Liverpool (home).

Spurs have to play 3 games; Arsenal (home), Chelsea (away), City (home).

Arsenal have to play 3 games; Spurs (away), City (home), United (away).

The way I see it is; City couldn’t lose a top four place even if they wanted to. That leaves three vacancies. If we beat Arsenal on Saturday it would surely put them out of the running (shame about that!). That leaves four clubs (United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Spurs) competing for three places. We would have two top six games left and our three major rivals would have four (I like that). The remaining fixtures then gives Spurs a great edge for the run-in and, if the final positions were purely based on these games, Spurs would have to be a clear favourite for one of them. This is assuming, of course, that we beat Arsenal.

But the final positions will not be based on these games alone. It all depends on how the four rivals perform against clubs in lower positions on the table, and that is unpredictable. However, if we secure as many points against the lower teams as our rivals do, I think we will enjoy CL football in our new cathedral next season!

And so, the end begins! How do other VS posters see it?


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  • Lots of factors, the other competitions may well play a deciding factor too. Everyone is still in Europe, and the LC and FAC may well throw additional challenges out there. We’re fortunate that we can rotate heavily for our next 2 FAC fixtures, hopefully keeping some of our players fresh. We are doing very well so far, a win against Arsenal (with me in the stands!) being the cherry on top of the cake.

  • What will be interesting is how Poch uses his squad for the run in. He started the season by putting Sanchez in between Toby and Jan and played with wing-backs in a 3-4-3. However, we were without Wanyama, Lamela and Rose whilst Dembele was also struggling for fitness and form. Without Rose owning the left hand side of the pitch we looked a lesser side especially as we started to feel the impact of Walker leaving.

    Then Toby got injured and we reverted to the other option of 4-2-3-1. That meant that we got to see more of Eriksen, Son and Alli playing together and our form has been better of late. Once Toby and Rose return, it makes you wonder what Poch will do. Is it back to the 3-4-3 or does he take Sanchez out of the firing line for some games? He also has Lucas Moura available now and he hasn’t exactly joined to be a bit part player.

    It’s going to be intriguing to see how Poch manages his formations and team selections. I do believe that if we can keep the squad fit though, we will make top 4.

  • BS, I will also be at Wembley on Saturday….. If I find myself sitting next to a guy, with a notebook and calculator in hand and I introduce myself to him, what are the odds on him responding with a Belgian accent?

  • Play like we did against United and Liverpool second half then it?s hard to see us not finishing at least third. Play like we did against Southampton and Liverpool first half then we won?t

    I just hope Moura gets a chance and brings something new to the party. Really frustrating that other January signings are already impacting yet the bloke we have signed is apparently not fit enough for the bench.

  • Too many variables to make a scientific prediction, so I will restrict myself to one -keep Harry fit & well & success will be ours.

  • When predicting how the rest of the season will pan out, I’m still going for my (nearly) best case scenario. I’m thinking we will finish strongly and others around us will continue to falter. So, it’s still 2nd in the PL and/or a cup for me… Any cup will do! 2 would be nice… My purely non scientific reasoning behind this is simple. We are a bloody good team with a bloody good manager and bloody good coaching staff….. All for one and one for Spurs!

  • I’ve said before that this season has been characterised by every one of the top teams bar City dropping a ridiculous number of points they shouldn’t have. The run in won’t be about who wins the head to heads against other top teams. It’ll be about who manages to win the games they should win.

  • It’s quite possible that players playing immediately for other clubs after a January transfer may well suffer for it in the end if they were not fully match fit when starting. Barkley for Chelsea perhaps? He has yet another hamstring injury already….. Moura has barely played all season and so it makes perfect sense to me not to rush him into the team, until he is up to scratch in training and settled in a bit with his team mates, etc… Other high profile transferred players making immediate starts for their respective clubs were either already playing regularly this season, at a high level and/or PL experienced as well. Sanchez for example…

  • I think we struggled to adapt to our new temporary home and injuries have hurt us. I honestly believe we are the second best team in the league. I think we will finish second or third, probably third behind United. We are finding the form we had all been used to seeing, crucially just at the right time. Whether we beat them or not, Juventus will know they have come up against a top team.

  • BS …. You’re right, of course …. the cups and Europe could also have a large influence on the top four outcome. As far as we’re concerned at least our squad is close to being completely injury free …. unless someone gets injured!

  • I’d chuck Moura in against the robust tackling of Newport on Wednesday.If he survives that he’s ready for the Premiership. We may have to give him extra coaching in his diving skills though.

  • If we continue playing the way we have in the last 2 games, I don’t see us finishing lower than 3rd. Chelsea are going backwards fast and Liverpool are still too gung-ho. Man U have been consistently boring but might cling on to 2nd with enough1-0 wins

  • I think there are far too many variables to make any confident predictions. After the Southampton game it was looking a forlorn task just to get near the top 4 particularly as the next three games were against the top teams. But what is reassuring is that our current form is approaching that of the second half of last season and if it continues it’s going to take two very, very good teams to finish above us (it’s a given that Man City will).

  • The rumours are gathering pace that Conte is on the verge of being sacked at Chelsea. And it seems to me that he is goading the board into sacking him. This is bad news. We really need him to stay a few more weeks. The atmosphere is toxic at Chelsea at the moment. The last thing we need is the bounce that comes with a change of management even if it is only a temporary appointment.

  • Gary … Yes, I agree. It is too early for a confident prediction …. but, it’s fun, isn’t it? Given the points we’ve picked up on the teams above us over the last few games it certainly looks a lot more promising now. But the many ‘variables’ will stuff up a good prediction every time. Ain’t it great!

  • I don’t think we’ll see much of Moura at all in the next few weeks. Poch has already said he cannot expect to walk into the first team, that he is competition with players like Eriksen and Lamela. He also needs to understand Poch’s philosophy, gain fitness, acclimatise to the premier League etc. With an almost fully fit squad now, and being cup-tied for the FA Cup, I think his opportunities are going to be limited in the short term.

  • Geof – having Toby back will be massive. It’ll be nice to have everyone available for the upcoming games.

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