Date: 3rd September 2019 at 7:30pm
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Not so long ago Spurs had (arguably) the least generous defence in the PL. It gave little away, maintained its shape and focus with relative ease, and contributed to a very healthy Goal Difference statistic.

Not so long ago Spurs had a midfield that was able to confidently retain possession and dominate most games, both home and away, with a useful degree of creativity.

Not so long ago Spurs had a forward line that was full of running and flexibility, and goals were regularly the final product.

That was all ‘not so long ago’ …. but what does it all look like now?

The unity that defined our back-line is not quite as solid and reliable. There is more hesitation in our play and less confidence. The combined midfield tasks of defence and attack are less successful. Our possession and use of the ball is somewhat more laboured and less creative. The players are not finding each other with the almost uncanny ease that they have in recent seasons. The fluidity and speed of movement has lessened. This all sounds like Spurs are going backwards, but if this is the case, why?

In this instance of time the answer seems to be ‘yes’. The reality is that we no longer have the same squad as not-so-long-ago. We have new additions to the squad that have cost a vast amount of money (relatively) and they have not yet been bedded into the team. Until that happens we cannot assess the capabilities of the team with any authority.

Every football club is constantly evolving, which often means two steps forward and one step back. It seems to me that we are currently experiencing a temporary backward step with, hopefully, a giant leap forward in the near future.

It is difficult for any club to achieve and maintain the balance of a tight defence, creative midfield and potent attack required for sustained success on the park. Not so long ago we were very close, but a lack of success in the various competitions suggest we were not quite close enough. Players leave, players arrive, players age, players get injured, and players lose form …. all contribute to the difficulty of a club developing and maintaining a push toward the ‘glory’ we all crave. And we are experiencing all of these difficulties in varying degrees at the moment. But they are not insurmountable difficulties.

Personally, when I look at the current Spurs squad, I am optimistic for the future. How could anyone not be? We do have an attack that has the potential to devastate the opposition. We do have creativity in midfield and we do have a defence that is more than capable of doing the required job. And although this is not happening at the moment to the extent it happened quite recently, we do have the potential to connect all of this into a team unit that will deliver the flowing football that defines our club and for which we are known.

Everything to do with the product that is THFC looks healthy. Unfortunately, as so often for all clubs, it is a matter of time. ‘Not-so-long-ago’ no longer matters. The past is irrelevant. What now matters is what lies ahead. All we can do is exercise some patience and enjoy the ride …. the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, it worked for Clint Eastwood!

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  • HT …. My answers to your questions are: No, MP has not taken us as far as he can and Spurs have not traveled as far as they can And, it will be a successful season for me if I am entertained by some good football in the Spurs tradition …. whatever the results are. You probably already knew my opinion.

  • Hi Geof. I should say that my questions are more for those posters that only ever seem to post when we play some bad football. Or, are mostly just negative about almost everything. The regular posters on here do express more varied opinions and do talk from different angles. And, do tend to show some balance… I’d like to know what the others feel from their rather more cynical viewpoints. I want to know why they feel so negative, so much of the time…

    My question about Poch has come about from me regularly reading the VS forum. There are quite a few posters on there that do seem to think that MP doesn’t really have what it takes to get Spurs to the next level. He is being criticised for poor tactics, poor man-management. Poor public speaking and pretty much poor everything. So, I now question my own opinions. Maybe they are right to moan. Maybe I am wrong to not moan…

    Maybe someone could respond with asking me what I think about Poch. That could at least spark a conversation, an argument or something, rather than just a long stream of random speculation and such… But, it don’t really matter… I’ll carry on reading, posting and making wild score predictions anyway… 🙂

    TH 9-0 CP!

  • HT …. The bottom line is that we think what we think for whatever reason and that’s the main thing that matters to each of us. I admit having difficulty understanding why some supporters can find so much negativity and am thankful that I receive so much enjoyment from watching the lads play. 10-0??

  • HT….my answer to your question “has Poch taken us as far as he can?” is 100% NO! he has come this far with no wedge/real investment, always moving forward through a couple of phases, now he is on his next phase with a bit of backing, plus as he gets older he learns more, as we all do, success is moving forward, simple as that.

    You also ask “do you care?” a simple answer YES! I care.

    The score/result v CP will be any bloody thing, as you say win, draw or lose, as another poster says “that’s football”, as others I want to be entertained, but to be brutally honest if we play absolute shite and still win that will do me, its about winning by any means! full stop!

    For me CL is always 1st over any of the minor cups, FA or LGE, but then again CL comes 2nd to winning the Prem, 60 years a fan, got the video, shirt the lot. COYS

  • PY … We differ slightly on that. I am disappointed if we play a rubbish game and win, no matter what is at stake.
    I enjoyed the CL final because we played extremely good football despite losing. Then again, I love it more when we play well and win!

  • Simple answer.. In Poch we trust.. he has now started a 2nd 5 yr project, so he has more to achieve at spurs.

    We really do need to regroup and buy a couple of defenders / dybala. Next is play in the style we all like, and confidence returns to squad and club.

    Which leaves us losing max 5 games this season and wining a cup and Champions League final, following Liverpool exploits.

    Spurs v Palace… 3 points for spurs thank you. COYS

  • Geofspurs…..haha thanks for that, main thing we have in common is that we want Spur to WIN! mind if you look into my attitude of “play shite and win” it can be taken as play crap! but still win, is the sign of a good team lol!

    CL final, played extremely good football, agreed, trouble was we couldn’t hit a barn door from 3 yards, ah well now onto this years CL and the never ending story that is SPURS. COYS

  • Did anyone see TV…BBC Breakfast Programme today?

    Had a story of a cockrel in Crystal Palace London. Causing a disturbance to local residents early in the morning, one guy said he liked it as reminded him of jamacia.. lol

  • block 108 spurs….missed that, but then again I would, never watch BBC lol! never mind Jamaica it would remind me of the summer times spent at my grand parents tied cottage in Norfolk. COYS

  • HT I would say Poch still has plenty left in the tank – would be nice to see what he can do when properly backed like the top club’s do. Also as for this season top 4 for me – we need the money and the quality that CL qualification brings. I doubt Dybala or Fernandes etc would get excited and still want to join if we win the EFL/FA Cup but fail to make CL so in the interest of constant progression top 4 has to be a must even if it costs us some glory in domestic cup’s. Seeing as it’s a season of transition (contract rebels, new players bedding in) I’d prioritise the Prem over everything but I’m sure we’ll give the CL a good go like last season even when it looked doomed. Would be nice to be entertained along the way with some beautiful football as we know is our tradition.

  • Agree with B108 we need a couple of defender’s namely a LCB to compete/cover/replace Verts long term and a RB (I would send KWP out on loan within the Prem to see how he does – hopefully learn at someone else’s expense quite frankly). Jonathan Tah looks an interesting prospect as a LCB and I guess Steven Sessegnon/Max Aarons might be the answer at RB long term hence why we’re supposedly keeping a track on them and have not brought anyone else in despite looking to offload Aurier after selling Trippier. Dybala is another of interest to compete/cover HK10 as well as Eriksen long term as he can play both position’s. If we can manage to sign these 3 players and they click arguably I reckon we’d be in with a shout of winning some trophies.

  • Tah – just scored an own goal for Germany LOL but we’ve been linked with him before and looks decent and only 23 to similar age to Sanchez – both have a lot to learn but as young defender’s go could 1 day form a formidable partnership for us!

  • Another good option for LCB would be Ake who came on for Holland tonight and helped set up their 4th goal. He’s proven with good experience in the Prem and only 24 – would probably be my preferred option. Only thing against him is he’s under 6ft at 5ft11 but then again it never held back Cannavaro being only 5ft9.

  • EJ.. Ake is a good choice, but we have to get on with what players we have for now. Levy / Poch have his / their plans for Jan transfer window and I expect a couple of incomings, one or two out. Depending on the squad numbers, home grown players etc.

  • Hi Geof, no worries mate. :- )

    I have downloaded the app to my phone in readiness for the game, the BBC and BT are showing quite a few of the matches on free to view/subscription TV but it’s great that you can watch every game your own club side is playing. I have tested the app and have had a problem with casting to my TV but it only appears to be with some of the archived videos so hopefully ok for the live game. Much better to watch on my 55″ TV rather than the tiny but very good quality phone screen. You can always watch on the FA website on your laptop/PC anyway if any problems with the mobile app.

  • With regards to LCB, I have mentioned before that I really like the look of Issa Diop at the spammers, he is a beast of a player, very tall and good in the air, but still surprisingly quick on the ground as well. He isn’t the finished article but I think he is only 23, so has time to learn, and already has quite a bit of PL experience. The biggest problem would be getting the porn kings to sell him to us.

  • Actually he is only 22 and stands 6′ 4″, he has played at all youth levels for France. Biography says he plays mostly right sided but I’m sure he generally plays on the left for the spammers?

  • The CL final was awful… Spurs were awful. Liverpool were awful. Or was I watching another match all together?

    And, apart from some good stuff vs the Gunners, I think we have been pretty bad in the 3 PL matches before that.

    Then again, during the Arsenal match, the comments on here were saying how awful we were in that match as well…


    Pochettino just carries on talking abstract nonsense to the media and half the team look lost. I don’t know why. We can’t be blaming the World Cup anymore. Or, not having a home to play in.

    I just hope that we can start playing some decent and convincing football against Palace. Because right now, my belief in our manager and team is waning.

    And to just say once again (as I have before) “I trust in Poch” will not be what I am truly thinking right now. I’m beginning to think that he has been slowly losing the plot. Judging by his interviews and the overall reaction of his team and players on the pitch. It looks to be a mess.

    I’m usually not so down with Spurs or football in general. But, my cynicism is growing. When all I still keep reading is stuff about how they should get paid more at THFC, and that only then should we expect to see yet more improvement. Well, that just doesn’t work for me. It’s their job, they are paid fantastically well for it and they should all be grafting hard for it. Regardless of whether they are paid 20 grand a week or 200 grand a week. Regardless of whether they fancy a change or not. It’s a great insult to us supporters and spectators for it not to be any other way.

    I look forward to them all hopefully proving me wrong for being so negative for once. But, there’s no happy-clapping for me yet this season, until they all wake up and start showing us their true worth. Until they start playing some bloody good football and looking like winners again, that is to say…

    So, my blame is not just with MP, it’s with them all.

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