Date: 4th March 2018 at 11:05am
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Looking at the table there is an obvious gap between the top six clubs and the pack. The top three clubs are from the north and the next three are from London in the south. So, apart from the rivalry between the top six clubs, there is the additional rivalry of two smaller groups; the three northern clubs, and the three London clubs. What does the future hold? What follows is just idle speculation (sorry, I was bored). But if the media can get away with it, why can’t I?

City are obviously on the rise and setting the standards in the PL this season. It’s difficult to see this changing or, at least, seeing them fall below second place on the table in the immediate future.

United have progressed this season and been firmly entrenched in second place for most of it. But there is a sense that they lack something and are far from unbeatable. They are not the attacking force they have been in years gone by. United’s playing style seems to have become more conservative under their less-than-humble manager and their supporters are starting to miss the ‘swagger’ their team used to display on the pitch.

Chelsea’s performance has dropped off from last season. They are nowhere near as consistent, resulting in them being locked in a real battle to secure a CL place for next season. It will remain to be seen what the club’s response will be should they miss out on a top four spot. The odds are that their manager will disappear and whoever takes his place would be given a fertiliser-load of money in an effort to buy their way back into the CL. That might work but how long would it take?

Liverpool has certainly improved from last season. They look very good when they are going forward and are having little difficulty in finding the back of the net. Pool’s defence could do with some tightening as they have leaked more goals than the four clubs around them. Their position on the table rightly suggests they are fairly consistent, and on the rise. A club to be wary of?

Arsenal have so many problems it’s hard to see them turning their recent decline around in the near future. It’s also difficult to see their manager staying at the club beyond the end of this season, after which …. who knows? They do have some good players but, as a team, they lack the consistency that they have enjoyed for a couple of decades. The club is virtually certain of being without Champions League football for the second season in a row …. something that will feel like a death knell to the supporters. Personally, I really struggle to feel sad about all of this.

Spurs are certainly on the rise. We are well on track to secure a Champions League place for the third season in a row. That, in terms of our history over the last two decades, is significant. We possibly enjoy the best balanced squad in the Premiership and our team spirit is unequalled. If we can retain our top players (of which we seem to have many) and add new players such as our latest recruit, Lucas, there is every possibility that our progress will continue to the point where trophies follow.

In terms of local rivalries, City appears to have the edge in the north. In the south it is more complicated. Chelsea could buy their way to the top. Arsenal could get lucky, although I’m not sure how unless a new manager turns their fortunes around. Spurs, with the added revenue from their new stadium and extra money from TV and the CL should be able to operate without the financial constraints that, in the past, have limited our options. We are daring and doing!


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  • City bought there way to the top from nowhere, its like a homeless guy winning euro millions and moves into posh estate. Owners and managers obsessed with CL top 4 over winning trophies, as more money from CL etc football gone crazy with fees an wages. I don’t take it seriously any more. Player’s don’t care, only what new hair style will they have before kick off.

  • Gooners 2-0 down inside 30 minutes……..Ozil’s body language matches that of Whinger! lol

  • Chris Hughton’s Brighton started the day just 4 points from the relegation zone. After their 3 points today they end it in 10th spot and just 11 points behind the Goon-show… And now the Arse ‘ n’ Wengers are a full 13 points behind Poch’s Hotspurs… Lovely!

  • We’ve picked up another three points on Arse ‘n hole. !!!!!! oh happy days. let them sink let them sink let them sink. vs albion. lol.

  • Last 5 games …. City/Pool/Spurs (13pts), United (9 pts), Chelsea/Arsenal (6 pts). And I think that’s about to drop down to 3 points out of 15 for Chelsea! Not a bad weekend.

  • Question for the rules buffs………….I know it’s a long shot but if Chelscum won the CL and finish 5th, and the Gooners won the Europa League and finish 6th, would the top 4 in the PL still all qualify for next seasons CL?

  • The Huddersfield win brought our average game points back to 2. All we need to do is maintain that average.

  • Martin Chivers reportedly has told ‘arry to live with a wee bit less money and stay in London where you speak the language and will be much happier. Bale has yet to settle in Madrid and still doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. Was it worth it for Bale to be miserable overseasa? Martin Chivers says “no”

  • The gooners have to focus on the EL now, but there’s a few very good teams in there who look stronger than they do. I don’t think Arsenal were especially poor in that game, but they lacked pace in attack. Brighton were poor, but took their chances. If anything Arsenal overplayed. Will Arsene be sacked now? I hope not. The gooners are good technically, but they lack quality IMO. Wilshere was their best player on the day.

  • The woolwich would be well advised to start looking for a new manager. It is delightful watching them swirl around the toilet bowl. I honestly thought they would finish mid table this season. That could well be where they finish next season.

  • Spurs have the power to end up in top four independently of what anyone else does. As to the question of Chelsea getting in CL if they win it this year: hahahahaha. I can’t see that lot winning CL this year. Also, I think what happened to us when we got pipped out when they won CL on the Drogba goal, I think that the rules have changed so that won’t happen, but I’m saying this only on some memory of reading it somewhere, I cannot provide a citation for where I read it. Sorry.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger does walk away. He’s never had it this bad and he is going to cop a bucket-load from supporters and the media. It’s not going away. If he looks down the tunnel he won’t see any light so at this stage of his life maybe he’ll just say, ‘stuff it, I don’t need this’ and leave. It’s better for him if it’s his choice to leave and not the club’s.

  • Let’s put that question to rest by gaining at least third place, no? I’d like to pass Manure into second. That Mourinho-led boring team don’t merit diddly squat. They play like a grandmother Uber driver scared to scratch her car. A truly boring style of football that ought to be sent packing.

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