Date: 3rd March 2018 at 7:14pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
Huddersfield Town

Wembley Stadium

Premier League


Attendance: 68,311

Referee: Friend

Tottenham HotspurHuddersfield Town
Son Heung-min (27, 54)
Son Heung-min70van La Parra


Lucas Moura83Green

Game Statistics

15Goal attempts3
7On Target3
1Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0

8 Replies to “Stats: Tottenham Hotspur v Huddersfield Town”

  • The stats reveal a dominant performance by our home-town team. Playing in Our Wembley. 17 matches without a defeat. Not bad at all. Most points earned in EPL since the new year. Not bad at all. To bad our owners and manager can’t put a decent squad together at bargain prices. Or: not bad at all. Let the multitudes enjoy. We’ve a good record in CL vs Italian clubs in the past few years. Bring on Juve. May the mighty spurs go another match without a loss. I’d be satisfied with a 1 x 1 and going through on away goals. But 6 x 1 would be acceptable, too. braces by our ‘arry, me ol Son, and Mr. delle-icious on the rebound.

  • “17 matches without a defeat”. Our best unbeaten run since 1967. Quite a few clean sheets kept as well, along the way. This begs the question: Are we really so reliant on Rose, Toby and Wanyama, the undroppable and the un-sellable? Team-game, squad-game. Good game, fair game.

  • Yes 123. The VS trophy for top hairstyle of the year. Nicknamed the Golden Barnet award. That’s the Vidal Sassoon trophy by the way, not the Vital Spurs Cup. That one will be the half empty glass trophy and it’s between yourself and Palmolive…

  • As I wrote on another thread, we don’t want a “best eleven,” we want a best squad with many best elevens. Otherwise, unless those 11 are on the pitch we’re playing with our “second best”, and we have no need to do that. We are good enough to have gone 17 matches without a loss. We’re steadily climbing the table. We are the might Spurs, and we’ve done it without any oligarchs using us as their play thing. Any supporter who fails to recognize that we are doing well, thank you very much, is more of a fool then Falstaff the Fool, more of a Knobhead that the Total Knobhead. We are the club playing with a divine spark breathed into us.

  • David – don’t you think all top teams have their best 11 and then good players to back it up and rotate?! If you look I’ll think you’ll find that’s the case. Personally I want to watch us attack like City – we’ve got similar player’s in that we could go 5 attacking also instead of only 4 which would make it easier to accommodate all our attacking midfielder’s in and around Kane. City had both Silva’s, De Bruyne and Sane behind Aguero – could we afford to go with Dembele and Ericksen in CM and leave Dier maybe on the bench?! It’s paid for City this season and look at the mighty chav’s today – set up not to get beat end of!!! Give Dier’s place to Moura and get him on the RW with Son/Lamela left, Alli and Kane up front. I read somewhere that Dier could even be the long term partner for Sanchez at the back – let’s not forget our lovely Belgian bun’s are 30 and 29 respectively. Verts and Dembele will become legend’s if they can end their career’s with us – HOPEFULLY. Let’s not forget they came and stayed after Luka and Bale left not to mention Carrick and Berbatov had already done so – not using us as a stepping stone. Fair play Walker – proof’s in the pudding and in exchange we get Aurier and Moura from PS bloody G not bad business!!!

  • If City can do it with the midget that is Aguero then we can do it with HK and why did Moura sign in the first place – doubt he’d do it unless near on guaranteed 1st team place once adapted. Fair play rotation but hopefully and can’t wait if so, for us to start playing 5 attacking player’s with Dembele sitting – he’d do the job fine IMO – not to mention plenty of deputies – Dier, Wanyama, Sissoko. Especially at home and against bus parkers.

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