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Finding the right players guaranteed to take Spurs forward in its quest for glory isn’t easy for many reasons. It’s the same for all clubs. Does a potential target have the right attitude, temperament, discipline, skill level, experience, etc, etc. Even if a target ticks all the boxes there is no guarantee the move will prove successful for the player or the club.

The club has its own process for targeting new players. And we all have different opinions on that process. But what about supporters? How do they do it, and what do they base it on? The outstanding players of world football are obvious; Modric, Bale, Ronaldo, Kane, Janssen, etc, are well known and would compliment any club. But they’re all out of the question.

Other players, well known for their consistent performances, may be impossible targets due to the price required to acquire them unless the club that is interested is a ‘money club’. The task of seeking new players is every clubs’ job (and problem), and not a task required from supporters.

But, of course, supporters have their own ideas about who their club should target. Now, unless I’ve seen a player consistently I feel I don’t have a realistic idea of how he would suit Tottenham. Like all Tottenham supporters, I watch the PL and have an idea about many players who turn out for other clubs. But even then I may only watch them three or four times each season. I have no idea about European players because I don’t watch them on a regular basis. And the key words to me are, ‘on a regular basis’.

Even in the Premier League, it is not as easy as it should be. I could watch a player who has three or four great performances but won’t know if he is he playing out of his skin for those few games …. never to replicate those performances, or is as good as he looks. I’d have no way of knowing. Sissoko played well before leaving Newcastle and it looked promising. Personally I don’t mind him but, in hindsight, was it a good move. What would Newcastle supporters, who watched him every week, think about him leaving?

Alternatively, I could watch a player have a couple of complete ‘shockers’ and dismiss him completely. But how would I know if this was his usual performance or, if he was not quite fit or was just out of form for a couple of games (which happens to every player). Again, I’d have no way of knowing. Bale was criticised by Madrid supporters for quite a while before being accepted.

Let’s face it, it’s not unusual for supporters to be divided over a player that is already part of the club, let alone someone who has never worn the shirt! I know many supporters enjoy all the speculation and engage in researching the attributes (or otherwise) of potential transfer targets. For them, it’s an interesting way to pass the time and they have a much stronger take on the possibilities because of it but most, do not. I’m one of the ‘do nots’ and admit it. I also realise that I could be wasting my time by researching players who the club actually have no interest in. But I will have a very strong opinion on every player when hindsight kicks in.

If I wanted more information on a ‘target’ I could do a ‘Danny Rose’ or I could read countless (often conflicting) opinions of a players worth on various websites. Would that do any good or would it make me even more confused? I don’t need to be more confused at my age. Or I could just wait and see how it all turns out. As I realise I will rarely have the knowledge of most players on Spurs’ radar (as bandied around by the media or supporters), I take the latter course. I’ll let the club deal with it all, and just wait. After all …. it is what it is.

The question to VS posters is …. do you enjoy all the TW speculation and how much do you really know about potential transfer targets? Fun, ain’t it?


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  • For a lot of people the quality of the players seems to be irrelevant. Look at how many complain about not spending money and how few tell us who we should be spending the money on. Its like a shopaholic, its not about what they buy its the need to spend. There are a number of obvious things to factor in when assessing players. First one is if you are buying from abroad don’t judge the player until the end of the second season, it’ll take him the first one to adjust to the premier league. A second is age, with a young player you are taking a view on what he can become, with an older one you look at what he is. You also get oddities like the Grealish situation. He’s of interest to us as much as anything because he’s English and we are short of English players for our European squad. There’s also the question of players coming through the ranks. There’s no point in buying a journeyman to play in midfield if Luke Amos can do as good a job and maybe in a couple of years Skipp can do a much better one. A journeyman centre forward however as a back up to Kane might turn out to be a good investment since at the moment we have nothing. Personally I find this transfer talk a waste of time. Most of the “news” is made up anyway and in the end you play with what you’ve got.

  • Jod, how long did it take Kante and Mahrez to settle in England when they came too Leicester or Salah at Liverpool or any number of Man City signings. The key is to know who or what you want, go out and get them in good time, even if you have to pay a fair price and they can’t be got on special offer or BOGOF, and when you have them, give them a chance rather than work your first 11 into the ground with little or no rotation as we do. Our problem is that our priority is to look for bargains rather than those that are good enough, or will fit. The irony is that if you scout properly, those that are good enough or will fulfill a need are not always expensive as Leicester proved with Kante, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Vardy, in fact most of their PL winning squad, but there again they had somebody in charge of recruitment who had half a clue what he was doing. Our transfer business in recent seasons with a few accidental exceptions strongly suggests we do not, in fact in a manic desire to find bargains we have wasted shed loads on players we now can’t shift because nobody wants them.

  • It is reported this morning that Chelsea are about to hijack any Spurs bid for Grealish. Here we go again there is a pattern forming, we scout em Chelsea sign em, first it was Hazard, then Cahill then Willian, then Barklay, now Grealish. Perhaps Levy is on a small back pocket retainer as assistant recruiter at Chelsea. If our man would pull his f…ing finger out and get deals over the line instead of every one being like the Forsythe Saga perhaps it wouldn’t happen.

    • Frank…agree to a degree with you there, but all the time “money no object clubs” can offer twice the wages, hey! ho! guess what! COYS

  • Frank – Kante is probably the best buy in the last 10 years in the premier league, or are we supposed to pretend he’s typical ? Mahrez has been around the English football for 5 years so far and in the middle of that period he had one great season, what exactly is your point ? When you start coming up with credible players to sign instead of telling us about players who someone else once signed I might start taking your comments seriously.

  • Frank – Here we go again, Grealish doesn’t play for us so therefore he’s wonderful and would transform our squad. He’s not a first team player he just happens to be English and if he doesn’t want to play for us he’s not worth chasing. If he does Chelsea are wasting their time. Of course in reality the story may be simply a plant as Villa try to drive up the price but you believe everything you read don’t you.

  • jod….stop that immediately, we cannot have people posting sense on here lol.

    Geofspurs….hot on the tails of one article comes another, well written, you do know how to open the odd can of worms, keep it up. lol.

    ITK, apparently Grealish deal almost done mmm, Martial swap rumour getting hotter another mmm, and the latest apparently, we are in talks to sign B’mouths 21 yr old midfielder Lewis Cooke to replace MD, how about that lot then. COYS

  • Someone already alluded to it but the longer in the window it goes the less wages you have to pay a new signing – If you sign someone in May or leave it until end of August you save quite a bit LOL! £100K a week over 10 weeks is £1m!

  • As covered in the article, one of the best ways to confirm your perceptions of a player from another club, is to listen to what their fans say. The ones who watch and analyse every single game. Newcastle fans couldn’t wait for Sissoko to leave the club and a lot of Spurs fans unsurprisingly, feel the same way. Its not an exact science (not even close), as a player who does well for one club, may do poorly for another and vice versa. But this simple method does giv you a good insight into how a player is regularly performing for his current club.

    Another example is our own Davinson Sanchez. Ive heard a few non-Spurs supporters call him clumsy, poor on the ball and a mistake waiting to happen. Yet most Spurs fans who watch him week in, week out have been hugely impressed with him. Those supporters may have caught him on a bad day or two and only watched him four or five times last season.

    P.S Geof sneaking Janssen into the outstanding players list has left a pool of coffee over my desk that I now need to clean up.. so thanks for that!

  • Couldn’t careless about Grealish. He has proved nothing.

    My number 1 pick all summer has been Lewis Cook at Bournemouth and funnily enough some rumours going around we are interested.

    I hope so.

  • Lewis Cook vs Harry Winks would be an interesting battle. Can’t see them playing in the same team.

  • Guyver …. Sorry about that, mate. lol

    And the only reason I’m not suicidal over the thought of Toby leaving is because we have Davinson. He will make mistakes, which will be blasted by the unforgiving perfectionists, but, for one so young, I think he has been absolutely brilliant.

  • It’s good to know that at the spine of our team are 5 world class players: Lloris, Toby, Verts, Ericksen and Kane.

  • Ha, ha Geof. I thought I’d just throw in what the people involved in the process have to say on the matter. We are ALL experts you know!

    Going by Defoe, you don’t even need a medical to join Spurs. Just need a manager who loves a microphone in his face!

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