Date: 30th July 2018 at 2:05pm
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Maybe We Will, Maybe We Won’t.

It won’t be long now before football shuts up shop and closes the Window. Will we sell? Will we buy? Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Who knows? That was rhetorical; Levy knows!

But, as WE all know, Levy is a businessman. In business, timing is all-important. I’ve said this before; if I were Levy I would spring one or two surprise transfer deals to coincide with Tottenham’s opening of the new stadium. A new stadium plus one or two new exciting players would be an even greater attraction for supporters. It would also be a sound business strategy because our new stadium and the first few games played on it will generate a great deal of publicity. I’m not Levy, but I hope he thinks the way I do.

Like everyone else (?) on VS I believe we need to strengthen the squad in preparation for another competitively intense season, or to put it another way, another intensely competitive season.

The best case scenario is that we bring in some new talent …. two or three players who can make a difference. It’s difficult to know who we need to buy until we know who will no longer wear the shirt next season. Actually, it’s not difficult, it’s impossible. The fact that there are still question marks hanging over the heads of a couple of our major players in regard to their future makes any kind of predictions irrelevant. However, as I’ve said, I believe there will be in-comings.

But what if there’s not! The worst case scenario is that we face the new season with the same squad we had in the previous season. We will also, of course, be competing in the same four competitions as the previous season. If the worst case scenario is that we play the same way as last season, with similar results, well …. it doesn’t sound so ‘worst’ to me.

We could, in fact have a much stronger squad than last season without any additions. Moura has now had six months PL experience after playing very little meaningful football for several months before that. He has certainly shown the potential to have a huge impact on the park and, personally, I rate him with Dele and Son in terms of his importance to the team.

If he is fit (?) Lamela will also be available this season after missing most of the previous one. And Lamela is a very useful squad player. Llorente could also turn the corner in his Tottenham career. The two recent goals against Roma will certainly do wonders for his confidence …. and for strikers, it’s all about confidence.

Then we have Winks! I have no idea of his fitness status (?) but he would be just the kind of player we would be looking to buy when at his best …. and his best, prior to injury, will become much better as the games go by. He was another useful player we managed without last season.

Before I’m misunderstood and shot down in flames, as I said, I do expect Spurs to buy before the Window closes, and I think we need to. But, if we don’t, the majority of clubs in the PL would be happy to have our worst case scenario …. you know, our current squad and all that goes with it!


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  • a good buy would be christian pulsic usa man based in germany and still very young — he is so popular in usa that shirt sales alone would pay his transfer fee — another item that crops up frequently is about our younger players being given time to develop before being played in the PL — what about all the young players like mbappe , sessignon etc — i think they are old enough if they are good enough — maybe not for a full season but they need some regular game time at a high level

  • JM …. I agree with the sentiment, ‘If you’re good enough, you’re old enough’.

  • Levy is doing what levy loves to do, and he loves to troll through the football league’s looking for club’s that are in dire straits. And have to sell the family jewels he waits for all the other clubs to haggle with them. Wasting there times and they end up spending there budgets elsewhere. Then levy moves in on the last hour and makes the struggling club an offer they cant refuse. Levy dreamland lol

  • Geofspurs…..another well written article of your thoughts, so hard hat on mate, Frank and his ilk will be blasting you with their never ending whinges. Personally I do agree with all that you wrote. COYS

  • B M….a great description of our Mr Levy, but typical of all shrewd/cut throat business men, lol COYS

  • Strong ITK says we are currently in talks regards a very talented midfielder, who can in play in attack or defence, him being Geoffrey Kondogbia, probably more bull?, I know COYS

  • BM, I can’t say that I’ve witnessed Levy ever doing that as a standard ploy… That is unless we are to see the likes, of let’s say, PSG to be a struggling club?

    I’ve said this so many times before but, the yearly complaints about our apparently awful, non ambitious transfer policy is just plain nonsense, when we simply look at all of the great star players that we now have.

    Or… did we just pick up the likes of Hugo and the rest of our extremely good looking team of star players from up off of the streets of North London?

  • I wish we buy Ryan Sessegnon…Even if he’s expensive…we’re not talking about him since Fulham has been promoted but I still think it would worth spending £40M on him…and I don’t think we’re good enough on the left-side.

    The other player I rate and I don’t understand why we’re not on him anymore is Moussa Dembele from Celtic…I think he’s a terrific forward

  • We finished 3rd in the PL, reached an FA cup semi-final and did ourselves proud in the CL last season. Most of that season was spent without key players as Geof has pointed out. I know full well that if those players were all known in advance to not be playing for so much of the last season, then VS would have been in meltdown and pretty much full of the kind of emotionally retarded reactions that I’m now seeing in this pre-season. Only more so…

    3 seasons ago the complaint was still that we had a squad full of players just not good enough for the top 6, after previously regular top 6 finishes. Now after finishing in the top 3 for the past 3 seasons, I’m now seeing many supporters suggesting that we are once again not good enough for the top 6. How the hell does that work?

    When the TW is shut and whatever happens. Whoever comes and goes, or not. Do we not still have a team anymore that is full of outstanding 2018 WC players? Have they all done a runner?

  • HT….2 great honest posts, you don’t have to preach to the converted, but you will not get through to the eternal whingers lol COYS

  • Actually PY, I think most of them have done a runner… I mean where are they all if they’re not in the USA or Enfield?

  • No matter what happens between now and when the ‘Window’ shuts, I think we can look forward to a very enjoyable season …. again.

  • I know Geof. But who wants that? Not when it seems like It’s so much more fun to not enjoy it…

    Er… Something a little like that, anyway… I think. DOH!

  • All I’ve read from MP is that Harry is in Enfield working on his fitness and rehab whilst being continually assessed…

  • Geof -assuming we approach the season with the same squad and expect similar performance levels, it would still be a stretch to expect the same results.

    For one, you’re not taking into account that some of our rivals may have strengthened, meaning that last yer’s performance levels may no longer be enough to compete this year.

    For two, that would be banking on players like Sanchez playing at a good level all season, when it is not uncommon to see regression in young players along the way. Expecting every young player to progress in a linear way, getting consistently better year on year, is not realistic. We’ve seen it with young players like Dier and Alli – they hit rough patches at various stages of their development and there’s certainly the potential for that in a few of our players. That is offset by some players like Moura contributing more, but it’s hard to say which way the scale will tip.

    As for the potential to get even better, we’d be banking not only on the continued progression of young players (not a given, as just said above) but also a number of unlikely things to happen (you list several with regards to Lamela, Winks, Llorente etc). At the very least, it’d be hugely risky to bet on those things happening. And it’s very unlikely that they’ll all happen at the same time.

    On the whole, I’d expect minor regression if we stand pat. Probably still good enough to nick top 4 on the back of Kane’s goals, but trending in the wrong direction and certainly further away from trophies than last year.

    Regarding incoming players, I do believe that the need to sell before we buy is somewhat exaggerated. In Toby’s case, for example, I understand the logic. He could be here for another 2 years, potentially.

    But take Dembélé’s case for example. He’s an ageing player, who is starting to struggle with fitness, on an expiring contract. By all indications he doesn’t want to extend his stay. In any case, we should be looking to upgrade.

    Even if Mousa decides to stay, at best we know that we can’t expect much more than 25 games from him this season. His salary is about 4 million per year, and we know he’s gone at the end of the season. Whatever happens, we know that we’re max 12 months away from having to invest in a starting CM.

    We should be looking to be proactive and buy that player now. At worst we’ll be on the hook for Mousa’s salary (which is quite reasonable) and we’ll have him as a squad player before he eaves for free. That’s still a very acceptable scenario which would not bankrupt us. And we’ll have to invest significantly in a starting CM next year in any scenario.

    As for your assessment of Levy being a businessman, that says it all. Yes, timing is important in business, when it comes to maximising financial value. Ironically, timing is also important in football, when it comes to properly preparing for a new season.

    In the former scenario, deadline day shopping can make sense, to get bargain deals which cannot be had earlier. However, it is often counterproductive to the objectives of the latter scenario, when early deals often help settle squads quicker. Levy being a businessman, his focus seems to be on maximising financial value rather than on-field success.

    • We heard all this negativity before the KO last season…..”we haven`t spent enough” “Chelsea and Liverpool have strengthened” and we finished above them both.

      Before a ball has even been kicked you are assuming we will not be as good as last season….have some faith

      We haven`t bought anyone, but at this time we haven`t sold anyone either – if and when a player is sold, I would expect us to replace – if everyone is fit, I would expect Lucas, Lamela, Wanyama and Rose to start on the bench – most clubs would love a squad that good, couple with the fact we have the best goalkeeper, striker and in Eriksen one of the top 3 creative players in the premiership – things could be a lot worse.

      Get realistic, get positive, stop moaning and get behind the team


  • In regards to forwards(attacking midfielders) it is really difficult to see where we can improve. I would love to have Martial or Zaha. My biggest concern is central midfield. I just wonder though whether a slight change in formation could be the answer. Playing two of Erikson, Ali or Lamela in front of either Dier or Wanyama. Two wingers(Son, Moura or a new addition) behind Kane. Of course we have Winks and Dembele to provide us with other options. Hope Ali and Erikson are signing new contracts.

  • HT….did you have the nerve to say fun and enjoyment, what on here, you are really taking a risk, remember doom n gloom lol COYS

  • BS … Other teams will change but, as I pointed out, so will Spurs; Moura, Lamela, Wanyama, Trippier, Dele, Sanchez, Llorente, Winks, Aurier, Toby (?) …. some of these players were missing last season, some were less experienced in the PL, and some are capable of improvement. So, Spurs will also be different …. better or worse remains to be seen.

    Don’t read something into this that I haven’t said. I’m quite simply suggesting it need not be doom and gloom if we don’t buy anyone, whilst at the same time saying I hope we do.

    The reality is that we will go with whatever the squad is come match-day and support them accordingly, I hope.

  • Ash … I agree. The beauty of our squad as I see it is that there are a number players who can do different jobs for the team …. can’t be bad!

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