Date: 24th October 2019 at 6:25am
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Tottenham Hotspur desperately needed the performance and result we put in on Tuesday evening as we hosted Red Star Belgrade in the Champions League at White Hart Lane.

A brace for Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min, along with a solo effort from Erik Lamela gave us the comfortable victory on the night and it went some way to erasing the memories of recent results against Bayern Munich and Brighton and Hove Albion, but the question on everyone’s lips in the aftermath of the match is simply – was that the start of the corner being turned, or simply an angry (or lucky) aberration?

With plenty of struggles in the year of 2019, despite our journey to the CL final, we needed something to go for us, but we simply have to build on this now as we have again shown what we are capable of and we just haven’t seen it enough.

Liverpool will be tough on Sunday, especially at Anfield and we all know what the game means without taking a trip back to the summer, so the perfect way to build on Tuesday is by taking some revenge and hopefully, doing it in some style when it comes to the performance.

The question is simple – will we?

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  • Thought Sonny was brilliant as usual – kept pressing all over the pitch (MOTD2 highlighted this) and helped score 1 and nearly got 1 himself – would be nice if we had Moura on the opposite side doing the same. 1 of Alli/Eriksen should have sat it out for Moura. Also with Eriksen no doubt leaving we might aswell fast track Lo Celso’s involvement and let’s not forget he has still to prove himself and guarantee his transfer next summer. I’m with Stan in that can’t believe the lack of games that Moura is getting especially when he offers great pace and trickery just like Sonny and could form a deadly combo with Sonny and HK10 up front. It works for City and Liverpool, etc playing 3 up front so why not us?! Lamela has been in good form but then again he’s had Poch’s faith always which Moura clearly hasn’t in order to get a decent run in the side yet last season in asimilar stop/start year he still got 15 goals – most of them vital to our needs. Would love to see Moura get a pro-longed run in the side and take his chance.

  • Lloris, Foyth, Toby, Verts, Sess, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Lo Celso, Moura, Son, Kane – on paper it’s bloody tasty – when do we get to see them in the real and see what they can actually do?!

    Bench: Gazza, Davy, Davies, Dier, Winks, Alli, Lamela.

    Loan out: Tanganga, KWP, Skipp, Clarke, Parrott.

    Out: Aurier, Rose, Wanyama, Eriksen.

  • Have to agree Wentworth and what a shame that we’re not capitalising on the demise of Utd and Arse – unfortunately instead Chelski and Leicester are though. The line-up I give above is pretty tasty on paper but will it ever get out on the pitch as a side and will they work as a unit if they do – only time will tell. I’m trying to work with what we’ve got and barring any transfers in which I think are desperately needed but I still think the line-up I give above could give any team a fight if they take to each other and play to the un-doubted talent heralded there. For this though we have to admit that Rose’s time is up, Aurier was a terrible signing and Eriksen we have to accept is leaving and should give the minutes as best possible to the likes of Lo Celso and Dele who need them desperately. Hopefully we can get rid off them in January and look to bring in some quality as it is greatly needed. It’ll probably be too late to save this season but atleast it will give us some time to prepare fully for next season – it’s a great shame to right off this season already but the way it’s going there’s not much else one can do.

  • In my opinion Aurier is undefendable now. He has has time to acclimatize to the league and he is still being caught out of Position and giving away dangerous free kicks and penalties. Same can be said of Rose but at least he doesn’t give away daft penatlies. Everytime a cross gets put in to our box we never seem to pick the man up at the far post, it’s ludicrous.

  • Just watching the highlights again, in fairness, our game plan wasn’t that bad really in terms of soaking and breaking – that chance for Sonny that hit the woodwork that would’ve made it 2-0 was ultimately what cost us and I’m not actually convinced by their penalty as Aurier was in motion pre Mane nipping in front.

    Watching it back with a lack of emotion, I know people will disagree, but that was a committed performance from the usual suspects getting pelted…..the in form question is another question….

    • The in form question is the key one Danny. Personally I am not questioning the players commitment here only why out of form players were picked and kept on when we had better players available who are not being given their chance..

      Had the right decisions been made I feel this is a game we could have won.

      • In some ways, it’s a rock and hard place, you have to let players try and play to form….but there has to come a point where you take them out of the firing line, as much for their sake as the team. Being committed gets you so far, a lack of confidence or whatever affects the rub of the green moments…as you point to, had we got that bit of luck we may well have taken a point, if not more as confidence spiked.

  • Not sure why contributers are getting cross and up tight ?
    We were only deluding ourselves that we could somehow get a result at Anfield !!

    Barren TWs have helped produce this malaise. We have stood still over the past 2 ywears .
    Where is the team which put Liverpool to the sword at Wembley ?

    Chelsea have a transfer embargo and have been forced to play some of their Academy players and what amazing results.
    Where are our Academy players nurtured from the supposedly best training facilities in the UK ?
    We can’t even beat Brighton as can’t the first team !!

    Why purchase players who need a protracted length of time to acclimatise to the Premiership ?

    The whole situation has not been thought through with the supposedly Spurs way developed through each tier of the club just is not working !

    The whole situation is frustrating and pathetic but as mentioned on previous threads we have seen tis scenario several times before !!

  • ej….your earlier team, most for me excluding Toby n Verts together, yesterday yes, today no, both older and slower so for me play one of them for experience with Sanchez.

    We have written for so long on here what is wrong at our club, is it Levy etc, Poch or the players in general, lets be honest we just do not know, all we know is that a good team just does not become a bad team overnight, ok that’s 9/10 months lol!

    Whatever our opinion, something has to give/be done very quickly before it gets any worse, for me I have no idea what that is except maybe play only the players that want to play for Spurs and ignore/reject all the others, that are wantaways. COYS

  • I think going forward Vert, Rose and Eriksen must be dropped from any first 11 unless we have an injury crisis. They all want to go. Madness to keep playing them.

    Toby is still giving it ago and has acted professional.

    Hugo has made more mistakes than any other keeper or out field player in the last 3 years. I’m not a fan of Gaz but make him number 1 till the end of the season that way we will know for sure if he has what it takes. By the way he should have done better for both goals.

    Toby, Sanchez combination till the end of the season looks our best bet.

    Aurier is a terrible RB he must be dropped. So either KWP or Foyth till the end of the season.

    Davies or Sess at LB.

    The season is a wash out so we might as well start planning for the future.

  • RD….your post is probably exactly what a majority of the fans are calling for, and as we stand is so correct with as you say a wash out season, agree lets plan for the future now, still in the meantime COYS

  • I think most of us on here would agree that this team over the last two seasons have punched above their weight having to play at wembley, no new signings, injuries to key players but time has caught up with us you can not stand still with any team unless you invest if you wish to eat at the top table
    this season for me will have to be a holding season getting quality players in in January will be difficult
    i have lowered my expectations for the season of finishing 6th or 7th in PL FAC sixth rd CL last 16
    if we do better than that on our current form then it will be a brucie bonus

  • PY – that’s a fair shout regarding playing Davy alongside one of the experienced Belgian’s in central defence – I think we need to buy a left sided CB in January as Verts long term replacement and look to get a RB in aswell no matter how well Foyth might take to the role assuming of course that Poch uses him there but does Poch have much other option?! I’ve read recently about Ferguson from WBA who is supposedly a top prospect and his contract is up at the end of the season so if he shows any sign of doubt regarding signing a new contract we could well be in there. I mention him because he’s young, highly rated and his contract is up in a few months but there’s also Aarons at Norwich and the other Sessegnon at Fulham. Apart from these I don’t actually see anyone whose a top RB who I could see us getting in January even the summer so I would go for 1 of these young English RB’s and look to develop alongside Sess on the left and not to mention Foyth aswell. Foyth has to start being used regularly he’s only 21 and already a fixture in the Argentina A side – we need to give him minutes in the Prem aswell and get him fully developed – he looks like a quality prospect and I think he is definitely being held back by the likes of Aurier and KWP at RB. I’ve marked him as a RB as doubt he can make it as a Prem CB at only 5ft10 but still think there’s a quality player in there – just need to get him into the right position and give him much needed minutes. Aurier needs to be sold ASAP – too many errors just like Trips last season and KWP needs to be loaned out to see if he can truly make it as a Prem player – then in 6-18 months we can make a decision on him – bring him back in or sell him. The same for me goes on Tanganga, Skipp, Clarke and Parrott get them loaned out and gaining vital minutes so we can then make a full decision hopefully in 6-18 months time – they are not playing – nowhere near playing in fact for us and it’s not good enough them sitting around when they could be proving themselves elsewhere to come back and fight for a place eventually once a bit older and much more experienced.

  • I’m reading that we’re going to bring in the youngster’s like Tanganga, Skipp and Parrott but I’ve a problem with this this because we have for example Davy and even Foyth waiting in the wings ahead of Tanganga not to mention Dier who can all play CB and in Foyth’s case he could play RB as explained above and we could send KWP out on loan in January whilst buying 1 of the above mentioned young English RB’s – (possibly Ferguson from WBA for all sorts of reasons). Then in CM we’ve yet to see Sissoko and N’Dombele given a proper run in the double pivot role that is required in our preferred 4231 formation and the 1 time they were given a run we won 5-0 vs Red Star – there’s also Winks and Dier who can compete there. Finally up front in terms of Parrott we have Moura sat on the bench being wasted and Sonny can easily cover HK10 as proven quite a few times already if necessary also. I would say loan out the 5 main youngsters we have at the club in Tanganga, KWP, Skipp, Clarke (not doing anything at Leeds) and Parrott to Championship clubs or even where possible lower Prem sides WHERE THEY WILL PLAY and see how they get on. If nobody wants to take them on loan what the hell would they be doing in our 1st team anyway – things are surely not that bad and of course they’re not so for me they need to be loaned out to see what they are capable of before we re-consider them for our squad purposes.

  • Stan – thanks for the vote but I’m still not 100% convinced by the team I gave because I’m worried about Foyth attacking wise and Sess defensive wise – they still need a lot of minutes to fully develop – as LOZ said we may need to put up with errors from both but they’re young and full of quality so hopefully it would be worth it in the end – Walker and Rose for example had to make mistakes, even go out on loan etc before fully making it with us. It’s a shame about Danny but the goal’s keep coming from his side and his poor defensive displays and he’s making quality CB’s like Verts and Toby look shite or atleast worse than what they are even accepting for age, etc. If Belgium kept losing then you’d have to really question them but Belgium keep winning and keeping clean sheets like Belgian Spur has stated also so we have to look past the Belgian pair and look at the full-backs and everyone seems in agreement that our full-backs are not upto it anymore or were never upto it in the first place like Aurier. Also N’Dombele, Lo Celso and Moura need a lot of minutes to get fully upto scratch so like I say the side I gave I want to see but I would not immediately expect them to get us out of the malaise we’re in but on paper they certainly do look pretty tasty and deserve a prolonged run. The bench is pretty good also – I think Poch needs to make better use of what he’s got because it’s certainly top 6 and probably even top 4 material – like other’s have said we’ve not suddenly become completely shite – to be fair though Poch has not had Foyth and Sess at his proper disposal yet and I for one thought they may well be his go to at full-back after Aurier and Rose we’re openly touted out of the club in the summer leaving only KWP and Davies as recognised staying full-backs. Lo Celso and Dele injured and off form has meant Eriksen has had to be used also. This said Moura should be on the pitch end of.

  • Just to clear up – I would probably take a punt on Ferguson at around £10m in January like Clarke but would bring him into the squad – he’s already proving himself at WBA unlike KWP for example with us. Also I would give Foyth lots of minutes so Ferguson could easily acclimatise. Chelski are being praised but Tomori, Mount and Abraham for example spent last season on loan in the Championship, Zouma was at Everton last season, Loftus Cheek was at Palace in the Prem season before last and only Odoi was able to showcase his talent in the first team in the few opportunities he was given indeed Bayern wanted to buy him thus justifying his inclusion (something our youngsters have not done so far). So for me at the moment our youngsters are not the answer but if handled properly and loaned out they certainly could be in the future. Really don’t understand why they are in and around the squad when never used – LOAN them out and get them minutes. If they’re good enough they’ll prove themselves just like the Chelski lot had to.

  • 1 might add it’s not as if Chelski won the league in the last 2 season’s either – they have been fighting for top 4 – missing out 2 years ago and getting in, in 3rd last season yet in their malaise after winning the Prem 3 season’s ago they did not turn to the youngsters indeed they loaned them out and only because of the transfer embargo currently have they turned to their kids.

  • Tell you who I would buy apart from defenders – Richarlison – similar to Sonny – has it all and what a front 3 that would be Sonny, Richarlison and HK10. If Everton would take £60-65m I’d sign him all day long. We have Lo Celso and Dele to cover Eriksen’s loss and with Sonny and Richarlison we’d still have Moura and Lamela aswell – he could turn us into title contenders if we fix the defence also.

  • Sorry to harp on – but I’d throw the Dybala money (and spot in the 1st team) at Everton for Richarlison and see what happens. Also I see we’re being linked with a DMC in Zakaria from Switzerland – I did say originally I thought we needed a DMC – remains to be seen what happens – Florentino of Benfica would be another good option (very impressive last week in the CL) – does that mean Dier aswell as Wanyama could be off?!

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