Date: 28th November 2019 at 6:10am
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It’s been a lively week for Tottenham Hotspur with the departure of Mauricio Pochettino and the arrival of Jos Mourinho, but there’s certainly some renewed confidence going into this Saturday’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth.

Whilst it hasn’t been plain sailing in either of Mourinho’s opening two matches so far, there have been positives and we have registered back to back wins against West Ham United and Olympiakos in the Champions League.

Eddie Howe’s side will be tough though, especially given our form, but with White Hart Lane behind us, we should be looking to make it three wins on the spin and push ourselves further back up the table.

Will our 14th League game of the season see a fifth win? Points might be everything but I can only imagine Mourinho will be looking for significant improvement first when it comes to our defensive play – we’ve shown again what we can do it in attack, it would be nice if we didn’t have palpitations at the back. A 90 minute performance would be welcome here rather than our tale of two halves.








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63 Replies to “Jose’s Looking For His 90 Minute Cherry From The Spurs Squad – Match Thread”

  • Jose to play Christian from the start… Haul him off after 5 ineffectual minutes and replace him with a ball-boy!

    I’m backing Bournemouth to win this one . And then I’ll blame Poch for it…

  • I don’t envisage a great deal of rotation as I feel that JM will want to establish a basic team and later develop it by bringing in other players.
    I would like to see Sess given a run since Rose is a weak link and is proving a liability ? Feel that this could be a good time for Sess to feature ?
    JM is making a great job of the charm offensive and although my initial instincts are still a little anti if he continues to display this respect for and approach to the club then as stated previously he will eventually get my vote .

  • Another must win game… 3 points vital. JM has started well, now we will see how he gets the team defence to improve, and a clean sheet. HK10 is making good progress as captain, and a outfield player is what we need rather than a goalkeeper. I expect some rotation this game with the core of the team the same. Another win and our PL season takes off from here…. COYS

  • Joking aside… I have tried to be positive about what Jose can do for our results on the pitch. Rather I am positive. But as for his so called “charm offensive”, I don’t believe a word he says. All this stuff about it not being about him? All about the players and making us supporters happy? Hugging ball-boys? Sincere apologies to Dier?

    It’s all bull!

    I won’t be watching any more of is press conferences. Just the football. That IS when it is more about the players and us supporters. It’s about him as well, of course but, without so much of the press conference bull!

  • If he wants to keep a reasonably settled side he could keep the centre back partnership of Toby and Davy and play Jan at left back in place of Rose while Davies is out.

  • I think Jose already has a dilemma defensively. Rose looks finished. I don’t think Aurier is trustworthy. I can’t see Foyth or Sessegnon being ready or even mature enough to play regularly when, I can’t see either Jan or Toby being capable of playing all the time themselves. Because if they get overplayed and are tiring quickly and therefore not sharp, then this is of no help to our younger, inexperienced fullbacks or Sanchez. Or our defensive midfielders ahead of them. ………

    We have KWP who can also play left-side if not Jan. But this isn’t ideal either. And if just one more of any of these guys follows Davies in getting badly injured… then what?

    I think we will just have to carry on for now as we have started under Jose. And that is by simply outscoring the other lot. They score two, Spurs score 3 or more, blah blah…

    But when it comes to the better teams; City, Pool, Chelsea etc. Then I think it’ll be park-the-bus time for JM…

    Still, if we win or draw, who cares?

    It may feel like watching Stoke City with Tony Pulis in charge but we will avoid relegation, get just a little higher up the table and have at least 2 more CL matches to look forward to… Then we can all get excited about probably winning the Carabao cup next season… LOL!

    I mean, you gotta be positive ain’t ya?

  • TQ2S….beat me to it, I was thinking about Jan at LB, releasing new signing RB Aurier to dash off down the line, carrying on with his fine crossing and finishing, thus leaving Jan to move across so we then have a back 3, pretty simple really lol! COYS

  • Sorry guys (and not meaning to sound like E J) but I suggested that yesterday already! So there!

    Then again most of what I write on here is completely ignored…

    I don’t know if you can tell but I’m already fed up with watching Jose in front of the cameras . And that’s with him now being the Spurs manager and after 2 wins!

    I’m now just relying on our forwards to make me smile. Regardless of tactics, formations, ball-boys, Eriksen and VAR… Call me old fashioned!

  • Well HT you certainly make me smile !!
    I sympathise with your comments ref ‘ The Humble One ‘ !! but let’s cut him a bit of slack and see what happens ?
    I just hope it works but I hope not to be in the camp which ‘told you so ‘ a couple of years down the line !!
    At present he appears to be getting everyone to love him the press , players and many of the fans . How long this will last who knows since his contract will end when the team will require overhauling unless younger players can be purchased and bedded in ?
    Keep on writing

  • As to Sess why isn’t he worth a try after all he did have a season in the Prem and is used to English football.
    When would be a good time to try him then ? Rose / Verts I feel are not good enough for LB so who would you suggest ?
    Surely we can’t continue to persevere with Rose ?

  • I was at the game on Tuesday and I could not believe what I was watching. We started with two holding midfield players and Dele pushed right up alongside the front four. As a result, we were completely over run in midfield and the defence was totally exposed. not exactly world class management. The second half was better but there was still panic every time Olympiakos got anywhere near our penalty area. The game was so stretched for a period (Jose must have hated that).
    The defence is a massive problem – as HT says Rose is finished – his performances are so bad that he shouldn’t play again. Aurier has showed that he is a talented player but two decent games only mean that a nightmare performance is just around the corner. The centre halves are clearly good players but I think they are being exposed by poor play from the full backs and a lack of protection from midfield. We are not yet a team under Jose.
    We may beat Bournemouth on Saturday but I think it is more likely that they will expose our lack of cohesion and fragile confidence and we will suffer our first defeat under Jose.
    As for Jose, I really don’t like having him as our manager. I don’t believe this “humble one” nonsense for a second. It is and always has been all about Jose. I see him as our interim manager who will probably (hopefully) be gone within a year.

  • I think Sessegnon is worth a try at LB, for sure. It’s more that I don’t feel that we are strong enough in CD to support him and say, Foyth on the other side. Like I said; It’s because I don ‘t now trust in Jan and Toby to keep up with the pace and fullness of the entire season. I think though that we could see Dier dropped into defence sometimes and with Sanchez, that might just work.

    I don’t see Rose as a player that doesn’t care and thats why he’s lost form. I just think he is knackered!

    I’m hoping that our attacking strength will outdo our defensive weakness. And I won’t mind that at all for now.

    Funny though because that would be more like watching a gung-ho Spurs than a typical Jose team. The alternative is to park the bus and hit teams on the break… But, I think we’ll see a combination of these tactics. Big scores vs the lower clubs. Low score-lines vs the likes of City and Pool…. Maybe…. Jesus, I don’t know!

    Let’s just win!

  • I don’t understand the anti-Jose sentiments being expressed. Yes he is arrogant and may not deliver the style of football that Spurs epitomise, but he is is absolutely the right man for our club at this point in time. He will return the team to winning ways underpinning our commercial imperatives, may win something even, but perhaps most importantly will elevate the stature of the club on the global stage. He is box-office and players will want to play for him. So what if it goes tits up eventually. Now is now.

  • Just to be clear HT. I’m supporting and trusting in JM to get our football back on track. I’m just not believing that he is the new Messiah just yet and that a few of our problems this season are not just down to Poch…

    My negativity about Jose was more about his front of camera persona which I have said I’ll now ignore… I just want Spurs to win matches right now and hope for some non-Jose like entertainment on the football pitch, along the way.

  • LT I care if it goes tits up
    I would agree with your comments but hope that Jose didn’t leave with the team in a mess and he could leave a team similar to the one which Poch left him ?

  • No worries HT. Ignore his PR stuff if it riles you but it’s this aspect of him as well as his ability as a manager which raises oue profile.

    • That’s true… He certainly raises the club profile around the world. He is Box Office entertainment for sure… And, he does know how to win stuff…

  • Have to say HT, I also can’t quite believe that Mourinho isn’t just playing up to the fans and the cameras, but I guess you have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    So far and to my surprise, he is saying and doing all the right things, so maybe he really is a changed man (though I doubt it). It will be interesting to see how he reacts when we do finally lose a game under his glare!

    Regarding the match on Saturday, there seems to be a pattern since Mourihno has started: Play with flare at both ends of the pitch.

    We beat Wet Spam 3-2, We beat Olympiakos 4-2. I’m going for 5-2 against Bournemouth, with the pattern set to continue crescending in 10-2 away victory just before Christmas against Chelsea.


  • The irony and contradiction with me is; I never used to come on here and slag off JM for his personality traits and highly controversial nature. I simply ignored him… It was his style of football that I always criticised him for. And, what I saw as poor man and team-management of some of his past players at previous clubs. Turning them against him in spite of their success with him in charge. I saw Chelsea win the PL one season and then I saw his team stop playing for him in the following season. Hazard in particular…

    Now I’m being positive about him turning Spurs’ season around by improving on our dreadful form. But, it’s his talk and personality that has me not wanting to listen or watch. Still, we can’t have it all… And I used to defend Sherwood. Who was not in Jose’s league by a long, long way…

    So, it’s sod Jose as a mouth but Up Jose! as a coach…

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