Date: 18th April 2017 at 10:46am
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Our previous Vital Spurs front page poll, which was available for over a week asked members…

Spurs Hall of Fame: Out of this list, who was your favourite player?

The 77-year-old former Spurs striker racked up 30% of the votes.

Here is the result, in descending order.

Jimmy Greaves 30%
Glenn Hoddle 24%
David Ginola 10%
Dave Mackay 9%
Osvaldo Ardiles 9%
Paul Gascoigne 8%
Jurgen Klinsmann 3%
Danny Blanchflower 3%
Martin Chivers 2%
Ricardo Villa 1%
Alan Mullery 1%
Chris Waddle 0%
Gary Lineker 0%
Martin Peters 0%

With 321 appearances and 220 goals under his belt (1961 – 1970) Jimmy was one of England’s best EVER goal scorers.

Did you ever see Jimmy play in the flesh?

Over 12 months ago Jimmy suffered a stroke which nearly killed him – sadly he’ll never walk again.

‘I remain in a wheelchair and it’s now likely I will stay this way for the rest of my life,’ said Jimmy talking to the press following his stroke.

‘The doctors have told me I won’t walk again and that I will always need ongoing care.

‘It was devastating to hear them say that but I will never stop trying to get better – and the main thing is that I’m still here fighting all the way.’

Our thoughts are with you Jimmy.


6 Replies to “Jimmy Greaves Voted Your Favourite Player”

  • Having seen jimmy play throughout his Tottenham career I can?t argue with the poll result. However, anyone connected with Tottenham at the time, including the players and top managers such as Billy Nich and Fergie, would have agreed with my vote for Mackay. I suppose many supporters from those days are no longer around to vote whereas Jimmy?s exploits as a goal scorer supreme is known to current supporters whether they saw him or not. They are the two greatest players I?ve ever seen for totally different reasons.

  • I wouldn’t argue with Geofspur, you could make a viable argument for many of the listed stars, many of them legends. My personal choice would be a close thing between the fervour, power and will to win of Dave Mackay, and the sheer artistry, vision, and sheer genius of Glen Hoddle. I like Geof am spoilt for choice, being fortunate to have witnessed all these players at first hand.

  • Not having seen Greece’s or Mackay like the coffin dodgers I had to go Ginola. I have seen footage of Greavsies finishing which was devastating. Also Mackay I know was a far better player technically than his reputation as a dogged and tough player suggests.

    Ginola was the player who had an expectancy . You expected the unexpevtef.He did the outrageous and flair stuff. George Graham hated him but had to play him.

  • Funny how goalies never seem to make these lists, really surprised Pat Jennings didn’t make it, best goalkeeper I’ve seen in my 55+ years of watching football generally and the mighty Spurs in particular. Not often spectacular………….didn’t need to be, his anticipation and positioning was second to none! Shame Stevie perryman wasn’t included over the likes of Ricky Villa who, lets face it, is only remembered for one game………..but what a goal it was he scored! 🙂

  • The best goalscorer of all time. I’ve seen them all since 1961 & will never forget his genius. Even Jimmy didn’t know how he did it-pure instinct & you can’t teach that.

  • Imo, hoddle is the greatest player ever to see In the flesh. However, greaves had pace deathly touch strength etc. in todays game with the modern pitches boots etc, I feel he would be twice as great.

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