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Geofspurs sent Vital Spurs the following:

Next season there will be a lot of pressure on the squad due to the amount of competitions Spurs will be competing in and the raised expectations everyone will now have for the team to add to the club’s trophy cabinet. I’m assuming, of course, that it’s almost impossible to avoid the Champions League next season.

If Spurs were simply competing on one or possibly two fronts it’s doubtful that we would NEED to bring any new players to the club…that’s how good our squad is and how good our progress has been. But with four competitions to contend with it’s pretty obvious that we will need to strengthen the squad to ensure that we don’t wilt under the pressure that is bound to confront us.

But what does the squad actually NEED?

Goal scorers?

Well we seem to have that covered. No other team in the English Premier League has the amount of serious goal scorers as Spurs this season. Kane, Dele, Son, Eriksen, and the odd goal from the rest have seen Spurs scoring with the best of them.


We’ve got a world class goalkeeper and adequate back-up.


Well the defence speaks for itself. We have the best one in the EPL.


There doesn’t seem to be any glaring gaps crying out to be repaired in midfield. We are in the happy position of having several midfielders to select from and each one is more than capable of performing the job they are required to do for the team…. apart, imo, from Sissoko. The fact that we have survived lengthy periods of injuries to key players this season without our results suffering too much speaks volumes.

So what do we need?

A striker would be an asset next season and it would be a huge bonus if Janssen manages to do the job he was brought to the Lane to do. The desire is there, and the attitude is there, so there is still hope for him. Unfortunately he probably will not get many minutes on the park for the rest of this season so it will be difficult for him to prove his worth or add to the goal he scored against Bournemouth. In theory we have one dedicated creative midfielder and, therefore, the addition of another would also benefit the squad. The way we play, however, and our inter-changing movement across the middle of the park offers its own brand of creativity.

So, for me, I would be more than happy with a striker and a creative midfielder (is this position the future for Harry Winks) being added to the squad prior to next August. And I would not be the slightest bit perturbed if Sissoko joined another club at the same time.

Or maybe we can get away with just one addition to the playing staff. Maybe we just need to buy that ONE special player and we could win everything! You know…. that extremely fast 20-year-old player who is creative in midfield, a solid defensive midfielder, a reliable holding midfielder, scores for fun, is technically gifted, is equally as good in both wing-back and both centre-back positions, is right-footed, left-footed, level headed, and makes Lloris look like a novice in goal; a player who will devote his whole career to Tottenham and who will become our clubs greatest legend. You know….an all-rounder!


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  • Nice article again from Geofspurs, i think 2 players would do it because getting Lamella back is like a new player, and yes Winks is the player to come into the midfield after hes injury to add to the numbers, next year is going to be big if we can settle away from the lane with our home fixtures at Wembley.

  • We need another Alli type player. Dybala will be perfect, but we’re not getting him. Someone that has a killer instinct and can ghost into positions.

  • I Think Marcus Edwards is a good shout and we should see a lot more of him next year, love to have Zaha but think he will be out of our reach.

  • Most of all what we need next season is to keep all of the present starting 11 and most of the squad. I don’t understand why we would want to replace Davies or tripper who have done very very well when called upon. I few can get rid of Sissoko then do so. Pooch will know if Jansssen is going to make it or not, I think he will. I would maybe like to see N’Koudoo and Onamagh loaned out or if Pooch does not feel they will cut the mustard, sold on. But no major incomings needed really we will buy 1 or 2 and I am sure Pooch and Levy will get the right players we need.

  • Been discussing this at length of late with pals – Out of our 11, which player do you ‘drop’ in order to improve the side?! Harsh as it sounds, Eriksen was the name that kept cropping up – but I love him, and don’t want to drop him! Maybe there would be a better CB out there than Dier, but again, it’s not like he’s a weakness….. Really don’t get the fascination with Zaha. I’d be looking to sell Sissoko, N’koudu and N’jie – assume we bring in £30million from those sales. Also assume we have about £20mil as a budget,,,, debatable whether or not the £16 for Bentaleb gets added to that, we could be sat on £50million. I think the level we’re at now, we have to try and buy a superstar…. someone that makes the 11 better, and as a result, the squad becomes stronger. Who that person is, I don’t know…. but we don’t need to buy another 3/4 £15million players…. they don’t improve us and they don’t get enough game time to develop as the team is so settled. There appears to be enough youngsters there to cover the most serious of injury crisis’s, so lets go and try for a genuine top-drawer player.

  • Nice one Geof! I agree with your proposed two areas of improvement, namely striker and play maker. We have been fortunate that for all his time with us, Eriksen has managed to avoid any serious injury and more or less has been ever present in the team. But, likes of Winks is ‘adequate’ replacement, though I wouldn’t consider him to be a like-4-like. Hopefully Jannsen comes good too. For me, it’s not just about what we need but a case of hanging on to what we have. By adding more quality to the team would encourage others to stay and it becomes a dilemma for Poch to whittle down squad to accommodate any newbie. That would essentially lead to loans and shipping out for some of the fringe players. I personally can not see Onomah being kept on the bench for another season. Obviously some of the academy players can be promoted and kept on the back burner of gradual introduction keeping in compliance with the ‘home grown’ quota and we may discover yet another gem. However, I should add that if we are to become the ‘regular’ top 4 candidate, then time for experimenting is running out, exception being in cup comps. Consolidate the squad and add quality is my summary. COYS!

  • Can I also add that I very much hope with all the new contracts recently signed, tehre are bonus clauses for all concerned whereby achieving anotreh top 4 and/or winning the cup would incentivises players as Levy is unlikely to be giving pay rises on regular basis. To counter that, if do not make any big signings, the kitty can be used to further improve contracts.remuneration. Poch must be due another revision to his contract!

  • Thinking back to front as follows.

    Firstly, I would be looking for a right sided Jan Vertonghen type player. I’m expecting us to play more and more with 3 at the back and if there was a weak link this season then it was Dier. I’d be looking for a much quicker and classier player to play outside of Toby that can spring attacks in the same way that Jan does. Dier is also important because of his versatility and may even raise his game further with another player at the club in his new position whilst still competing with Wanyama. Secondly, I’d always be on the look out for someone to genuinely compete with Rose. Sessegnon is a good shout and was very impressed with Ben Chilwell last night. Nothing against Davies, but would love to see more raw pace down the left.

    In midfield, I think that Eriksen and Alli need cover and competition and way better than what we currently have. I’m happy that Son has stepped up but would still love Mahrez and / or Barkley in our squad. I’d be prepared to sacrifice any of Onomah, Sissoko, N’koudou, Lamela etc if we could get serious upgrades like those 2. I was also very impressed how Redmond took the game to us when we played Saints. He might be worth a look.

    Finally, up front. Not as bad as most make out. I said this last season but Alli can play as a number 9 and we already have Kane, Janssen and Son. Not my highest priority but wouldn’t be unhappy if we found a youngster that we could nurture into this squad.

  • I’ve never been more happy with a spurs squad.Yes, replace Sissoko with someone like Saha as he is a player who can win a game with a special goal or go past 2 or 3 players & create mayhem.We don’t actually have anyone like that.Chelsea have Hazard,Utd have Ibra,Arsenal have Sanchez etc. Sometimes that kind of player can take you to Champions League level.Our performance in the last campagn was pitiful. Yes, we have a top Premiership side but not Champions League level.

  • First you have to understand the criteria of the personnel we look for to add to our squad. People who want to move on Eriksen haven’t a clue of what makes this team tick. He and Dembele are the creative geniuses of the team. Alli the magician and Kane the destroyer. Most of all this is a team. No superstars with ego need apply! We look for young (under 25) players with talent. Why? Because they have to buy into the philosophy, believe it and commit to it. Hence Sissoko is gone. The player who will help us the most is Ross Barkley. Young passionate and will buy into and give his all for the team. Other than that we have Edwards to come through, Janssen to come through, Winks to come through, Lamela to come back, CCV and KWP to come through. So RB is it for the first team and then 2 youngsters to add to the academy.

  • I think N’Koudou deserves more game time.However I don’t see him in training whereas Poch does .Poch knows best so I’ll belt up.Just pray that Daniel doesn’t sell any of our first team.If it ain’t broke don’t mess with it Dannyboy.

  • The first thing I will say is that strengthening the squad should be a priority despite the fact that we are currently doing well. Let’s not forget that we were eliminated from the League Cup unceremoniously by Liverpool’s B team, and our European campaign was a disaster. To me, this shows that beyond our best 11 and maybe 3 or 4 subs of adequate level, we are still well short of being able to field a B team full of quality like the bigger clubs can. Until Janssen can prove that he can score goals regularly, a second striker is the obvious area of improvement for me. If that means carrying 3 strikers next year, so be it. I think Lamela coming back will ease the need for another creative midfielder, and Winks will hopefully continue to develop and provide true competition for central midfield. I would be tempted by a player like Michael Keane (or another young promising CB), especially if we continue to play with 3 CB’s though.

  • BS … We don?t need to field a complete ?B? team. The idea of squad rotation is to rest player as needed, not all at once. I?m sure Mauricio knows this and has the ability to manage it quite nicely. As most have said, there is little need to bring in more than one or two (maybe 3?) players to enhance a squad which has remarkable depth and adaptability as demonstrated so far this season.

  • As i alluded to in previous post – the issue for me, with regards signing a squad player – is that they do not get time to settle. Our first 11 is that strong, I think we need to focus on signing someone better than we already have – not someone who’ll play backup. Look at Janssen, and Son last year – they struggle as they don’t get game time when they first come in, and then pressure is on. City have had the same issues trying to find backup for Aguero… you cant do it, as if he’s fit, he plays. There’s no time to try and find form when you’re coming on for 10-15mins here and there.

  • Sign up Alderweireld on new contract. Sign Zaha -He might just have could have a buy clause in his contact. Give Onomah a run- Pochettino has invested considerable time in coaching him. Decide if Sissoko is worth another year. Keep Janssen who is a real grafter and team player, even when not scoring he does the hard back to goal work to allow others to run off him and score./

  • I see Winks as the Dembele replacement. Sessegnon from Fulham would be a good investment and loan back. Go and get Dembele from Celtic. and Barkley from Everton. Sell Sissoko to help fund. That would (with Lamela back) add three players to the current 17 and allow space for Edwards, Onomah, N’Koudu KWP and CCV in the squad.

  • Its impossible to answer the question without knowing whether Janssen will make the grade or if anyone else is going to make the step up from the youth set up like Winks did this season. Its all very well talking about “special players” but if you bring in someone on £200k a week then Kane and Loris will (not unreasonably) expect parity. Before you know it our wage bill will be out of control. There’s also the consideration that if you bring in anyone on top money he will expect to play, at the moment we have a great team spirit which I wouldn’t want to see destroyed. A decent striker that wouldn’t break the bank as insurance for Janssen wouldn’t be a bad move. Another Son type player ie an “out to in” player with pace might be useful. People have talked about Zaha in that regard but given we are talking about back up would someone like Brighton’s Anthony Knockaert actually make more sense ?

  • Geof – I agree that the squad doesn’t need an overhaul, nor am I saying that we should be in the market for 7 players. I just think that some of our rivals have more strength in depth. Granted, the times when we will need to field a full B team are limited (mainly the early rounds of the FA and League Cups), but on those occasions we are left wanting. I still don’t see anyone but Wimmer as a ready-to-produce backup CB at the moment, for example (CCV is still a work in progress and hasn’t progressed as much as we could have hoped).

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