Date: 12th September 2019 at 5:30am
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With the September international break now behind us, Tottenham Hotspur players had a mixed time out on duty, but everyone now returns to the training pitches in readiness for our hosting of Crystal Palace this coming Saturday.

Whilst Harry Kane had reason to celebrate this last fortnight, Giovani Lo Celso became the latest player to return with an injury, however, there may soon be better news when it comes to fellow summer signings Tanguy Ndombele and Ryan Sessegnon who may be passed fit for this clash.

As I type, PhysioRoom’s injury table also has the likes of Kyle Walker-Peters and Eric Dier as potentially being available this weekend.

Having slipped six points off the pace of Liverpool as we went winless in our last three matches, manager Mauricio Pochettino’s only aim on Saturday will be to see a more commanding performance, along with the return of all three points and even though Palace will be only our fifth game of the Premier League campaign, victory would allay some of the concerns and frustrations that have already quickly built in some quarters of the fanbase.

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78 Replies to “It’s Crystal Clear What Spurs Need To Do As We Welcome Palace This Weekend”

  • We all know….a 3 points result is vitally needed. Poch has to make sure the players are alive to this game and not be mentally asleep at the start. So a return to our fast start movement and an early goal, will settle them down, and the history of beating Palace at home where rival top 5 have lost their Palace home games in recent seasons, will be a boost for players, and fans.

    Palace will most likely park the bus and rely on Saha breakaway to nick the points. Spurs RB will be under heavy pressure from the start. With Palace attacks we would need the MF players covering. I do hope the players, and poch, have taken note of how to beat the bus parking teams. My guess as to tactical shape by poch… 343 or 4231 or 433. Which can be swapped around as game progresses. COYS

  • There is no doubt Cahill has improved their defence and you can always guarantee that a Woy team will be hard to break down and so far this season they have conceded just 2 goals in 4 games.

  • When ooh when will we adopt the Alex Ferguson approach to releasing players for mid season internationals, which often result in players returning injured and missing games for Spurs, who it should be remembered actually pay their wages. We now have Lo Celso and Sanchez both injured on international duty. Ferguson would often declare players unfit on Tuesday or Wednesday for an international, only for the player to make a miraculous recovery to play for Utd on Saturday or Sunday. We have often suffered the effects of international injuries more than most, most notably the restrictionls and limitations to Ledley King’ s career. We should get cuter and as devious as some others, as for most fans the priority is their club’s results and performances rather than dismal, often boring and pointless 3rd rate internationals.

  • Things have changed since Fergie’s day Frank, HT explained quite clearly in the previous thread what clubs have to do to comply now.

  • Worrying times at the moment – no clean sheets, disharmony in the ranks and still plenty of injured or still recovering players. Palace will be a tough match and there’s no guarantee of 3 points even if we should be beating them if we have genuine top 4 aspiration’s which we do. Palace have only conceded 2 goals in 4 matches, we’ve conceded 6 so those who expect an easy game could easily be mistaken. Let’s hope for a clean sheet first and foremost to give us every chance of winning and also to instil some confidence into a lacklustre defence as it currently is.

  • If the players are up for the fight they will and should win and they definitely should be.
    Totally agree frank,stupid friendlies keep messing up players, what the hell are they for anyway other than lining fifas’ pockets.

  • I think it’s a myth that Ferguson used to declare certain Man U players injured and so not available for international duty. Only to then play in United’s next match.

    I remember that he was not so as devious as all that. He was very upfront about it. He just used to insist on some of his team not going to play for their country at certain times and usually for ‘friendly’ tournaments.. He would tell them no, you have to stay with the club. And, it was mostly his England players that he would hold back. ………

    As it happens, there are always quite a few EPL players injured during these international breaks. And it’s simply because players will and do get injured when playing football. And it can happen when training too. Or, as in Auriers most recent case, even when just sitting in the crowd (already injured), watching and celebrating his Ivory Coast team mates win a match. Fool!

    It’s silly to say that Spurs are troubled by international injuries more so than most other clubs. This is obviously not the case… Injuries to footballers do not come with an anti-Spurs bias!

  • EJ… we are not expecting an easy game ! There are no easy games in PL any more.

    Goals conceded by spurs was against Man City & Arsenal, so top six teams, and 2 points gained where we did not last season in the same away games.

    62 Rov. These latest international are of importance as Euro. Championships qualifying. Friendly internationals allow countries to get their players and management together and prepare themselves for the important games. Just like all clubs do in training between games. So FIFA are not lining their pockets as you have mentioned, rather allowing countries to practice and prepare, so a professional performance by all teams is effected.

  • Morning, block 108. I was about to mention that 4 of those goals conceded by Spurs were in those 2 draws away to City and Arsenal. Which means of course that they also conceded the same amount vs Spurs. 🙂

    So, it’s not as bad as it could seem if we just look at the stats and ignore who the opposition was.

    Of course, the goals conceded to Villa and Magpies were not good but so be it. I don’t think we should worry too much yet that this is how the rest of the season could pan out. And just a couple of wins can change the outlook for Spurs in a more positive way, quite considerably.

    Chelsea and Man United are also not looking so good right now but I don’t think that means that they could be in trouble for the rest of the season, either. It just goes to prove how tough the PL can truly be…

  • Talking of injuries; It’s not as bad as it was for Spurs. Players that have been back in full training include: Dier, Sessegnon, KWP and Ndombele.

    And apart from Foyth and the unfortunate Lo Celso, most of the squad are looking to be available from this weekend on. And this could also include Sanchez who received just a slight knock to his ankle whilst with Colombia. He is to be assessed prior to the Palace game.

    So, given the sheer amount of Spurs players that did go away on international duty, (including many of our U-23’s), it is only Lo Celso that has really suffered a set-back, whilst away from Spurs.

  • Apparently we have 7 matches in 21 days coming up so we will need the whole squad and maybe a few academy players to cope with this.

  • Still cant believe the Newcastle match nor the result……..most of the players on the pitch that day had played together for 6 seasons in a row but they played like they had just met. Our pressing game seems to have gone out the window! I don’t know what’s going on inside the club but Trippier wasn’t Happy Eriksen’s Head was turned, Aurier admitted in the press he wanted to leave in the summer, Verts was angry with Poch over something, Danny Rose hasn’t just lost a yard he’s lost his heart, Toby would be gone by now but no one wanted to stump up the cash, Wanyama has now become a bad smell hanging around the dressing room, the new boys are crocked……….Levy is being criticised by Poch and needed a dinner to clear the air …Spurs is not a happy camp folks! and, if 60,000 Spurs fans have to witness another Newcastle result tomorrow ….the shuffling bums on seats will be turning into a standing chorus of “you don’t know what your doing” . They had better sort it out soon or Pool and City will be off over the horizon again with us limping along 23 points behind fighting for 3rd and 4th place …….big test of Poch’s managerial skills now! Its going to be a full house tomorrow better hope the players give us something to cheer! COYS!

  • oyveh….had to read your post twice for it to sink in! so very true in many parts, agree something is wrong at the club I have loved for 60 years a fan, though am still in the “happy clapper club” and still think we will prevail.

    A win to tomorrow for me. COYS

  • OY Veh… Good post summary of last few months at THFC.

    Now tomorrow is the test for poch & players. So I hope both of us and the other 62,198 people witness a wining performances by spurs.

    As the saying goes….Cometh the hour.. cometh the man… COYS all players and poch.

  • Hello HT. Yes the goals difference is not a bad thing at this stage of season. Could have been worse.. ask Wet spam on their result at home to City.. lol

  • oyveh …. Well, that cheered me up! If all of your ‘assumptions’ are correct, ie based on fact, I’d have to agree with you.

    But are you certain they are facts? People can disagree without it becoming a catastrophe. Is it a mountain or a molehill? Verts was angry with Poch over something? Over what? How angry? Was it resolved?

    How did Wanyama become a bad smell? Who said that and what does it mean? Is it his fault for getting injured and struggling to regain form? Does he deserve any credit for how he played before that. He seemed to be quite popular.

    What does the new boys being ‘crocked’ have to do with anything apart from the fact that injuries happen in football? Are you blaming someone for this?

    Which of the squad members agree with you that they are not in a happy camp?

    What happened to Rose’s heart? Is he the fall guy for a perceived poor start to the season? I haven’t noticed him being any worse on the park than many of his team-mates, in fact quite the opposite.

    Sorry about all the questions but I’m just wondering if you have an ITK source, are repeating media opinions, or just making your own assumptions.

    I do agree that we have lost the intensity of our pressing game …. but that one is easy to prove by watching the games. There is little need for assumptions or speculation in that regard.

  • Geof… It could be poch is trying out new tactical shapes with players moving around. Jan Verts did say it was tactual why he did not ply in those games, with his black eye to be explained !

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