Date: 4th July 2019 at 8:14am
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It’s All About The Timing!

With the addition of our latest signing, the THFC project has stepped up another level. We all knew it had to. And many of us predicted that it would. There may well be further additions to the squad and, although none of them will guarantee silverware, they will guarantee that we have a better chance of success.

Levy’s vision for the project, his vision for the future of Tottenham, was always about building a sustainable future for the club. And it was always about building carefully and in a timely fashion. ‘Timely’ never meant ‘now’, it meant when the time is right. Many supporters understood this. Many supporters, demanding immediate success, didn’t.

The project has been developed in stages and is now at a place where most supporters would like to be. But it’s not over, and it never will be. Every club is a work in progress for as long as it exists.

The club needed a world class training facility. Levy provided it. The club needed a world class stadium. Levy provided it. The club needed various sponsorship contracts. Levy provided them. The club needed partnerships that would raise the profile of the club whilst reaping financial rewards. Levy provided them. The club needed to generate a broader income base to ensure a financial future that would be more comparative with our main rivals. Levy provided this, too. But there’s more to come – the stadium naming rights being the most crucial and who would doubt that Levy will eventually make this an extremely lucrative piece of business.

With everything else finally in place, all that was required was a statement of intent to the effect that the club is now ready to compete for the ‘better’ players in the transfer market; that the club would now be willing to depart from a playing-staff budget that has been tightly controlled. Levy has now stated that intent by shattering the club’s previous transfer record.

It’s still early days yet and, although some gloom and doom minded supporters remain locked in the past, fail to embrace the present, and lack the ability to perceive a vision for what awaits in the future …. what’s not to like for the rest of us? Whether it’s doom and gloom or happy and clappy, the reality is that it’s normal for supporters to be on different pages of the same book.

This is how I see it. How about you?

And if you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!

Gotta love football.

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103 Replies to “If you’re wondering what that noise is, it’s the sound of a cockerel crowing over North London!”

  • TQ2 …. You’re sounding lonely. Yes, it has gone quiet. We need another major signing to vamp the site up a bit.

  • Hey TQ2 am here but as Geof says waiting for another signing or anything to happen, mind Winksy and Ben have signed new contracts seems all that’s occurring at the mo, other than media speculation/chat. COYS

  • I expect it’s quiet on here because everyone is off training for the new season. There’s all those songs to rehearse and we have to get our throats right for cheering, etc. And we have to consider all our arguments for VS threads. I don’t know how we all stay the distance. It’s exhausting! In the meantime I’m off to watch some more tennis on TV!

  • Yes, I’m watching the tennis Geof, not going too well right now if you are a Brit!

  • Well here we are at long last, celebrating a major signing in Ndombele with possibly some more to come. I am delighted to have been proved wrong at long last, and I hope this means that we intend to be genuine contenders for titles and trophies into the future. All I hope is that the Eriksen issue doesn’t hamper us. If he genuinely wants away then the sooner the better, what we can’t afford is for his move to happen in the last days of the window when it is too late to replace him, the money is no good if it is too late to spend it. It seems that the Argentine guy at Real Bettis actually wants to come and play for MP, while Eriksen gives every impression of being somebody who wants away, is he going to give of his best. Surely we only really want players at Spurs who genuinely really want to be here.

  • I agree regarding moving Eriksen on quickly Frank but fear this won’t happen. I can’t see any of the big clubs abroad that he has been linked with being interested even at a reasonably sensible asking price of say £60-70m, Manu are possibly the only option and I’m not sure Eriksen himself would want to go there.

  • 4 weeks until the transfer window shuts.

    It seems once again we are struggling to sell certain players.

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