Date: 7th September 2019 at 8:00pm
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Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane picks up the ball ten yards out from the penalty area, jinks past two defenders to give himself a clear sight of goal, and lets fly an unstoppable shot that curls into the top corner of the net. Remember those goals? He seemed to do it on a regular basis. It hasn’t happened for a while. Why?

Kane is the complete footballer. He can shoot with both feet and he is a strong header of the ball. He can pass the ball through the eye of a needle and is always aware of the position of his team-mates. He is strong and has a great ability to hold the ball up when required. When Spurs break forward, Kane is often the player to make a telling pass toward either wing. He is an intelligent footballer. He is not as fast as many strikers but he doesn’t need to be because his positioning and awareness compensates for any lack of speed…not that he is slow to begin with.

It seems to me that, prior to last season, Harry had permission to drop further back, follow the ball and play across the park. Recently, he doesn’t seem to play with so much freedom and remains in a fairly central position. I think this restricts his normal game and reduces the impact he has in the team. Harry has so much ability that is wasted if he is simply used as a spearhead in the attack. We have Son and Moura who could both fulfil such a role and both are quicker in the box. Harry is not a Jimmy Greaves, with lightning reflexes and an uncanny ability to dribble through the box. His skills are different but equally effective.

By focussing on Kane’s striking ability does Spurs miss out on his midfield ability? I think Harry would be a brilliant attacking midfielder. He would still find the same positions he currently finds to score goals but his passing skills would contribute so much more when Spurs attack. As part of a normal process, he may well find himself dropping back into a MF role as he gets older in any case. His football sense would ensure this.

So, the question is…is MP utilising Harry’s awesome ability in the best possible way to suit the Tottenham team?

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  • the only apology concerning Piers Morgan concerns mentioning him at all. What a wanker. I’m so happy he’s a Gooner. They fit so well together. Piers Morgan the Master Bater of all commentary. Whata jerk.

  • Thanks to all posters. TK I also agree with you.. 🙂 I never watch TV Good Morning Britain cos of him..

    Anyway back to football, Harry will be on fire again for England and spurs Palace game. Another 2 at least for our star player..

  • I see we are being linked with a striker who is in the senior Kosovo side, will make a point of watching him this evening to see what the fuss is about. I watched their U21’s v England last night and there were a couple of very decent looking youngsters in that side as well.

    Hoping for another hat-trick from Harry this evening, how long before he makes it a hat-trick of daughters with his lovely wife as well! :- )

  • Begining to think we are cursed this season, Lo Celso out until November. International friendlies are nothing but a pain. 🙁

  • What a stupid mistake to let Lo Celso travel to a friendly game in L.A. He’s had a long season, not really match fit according to Poch, so why let him travel? Fergie must be laughing at the naivety of the Spurs bord.

  • danny lane; If a player is fit and able to play, there is nothing a club or its manager can do to prevent that player from representing his country. And, this applies to friendlies as well as competition tournaments.

    Clubs can only prevent this from happening if there is a genuine reason for the player in question not to be playing. And if it is due to an injury, then medical proof has to be supplied by the players club. It is not permitted to just say “No, you can’t have him!” Even the player himself is not allowed to refuse, if called up. There is an obligation for them to be available. Unless (I presume) they have officially declared that they do not wish to play for their country. As in when players go on to declare they have retired from International football altogether.

    This is not negotiable and is an official FIFA ruling. To the point whereby the national team in question can insist on conducting their own medical investigation and assessment of a players condition.

    Besides which, why should any manager or club get in the way of any player who wants to represent his country? Lo Celso was not injured and of course, because he is an Argentine, I am pretty sure his loyalty to his country will most probably come first, before his loyalty to THFC. A club that he is only currently on loan to, anyway. What can we do?

    Injuries are an unfortunate occupational hazard for all sportsmen and women. It’s just something we have to accept as supporters of our players when on International duty, regardless of our club bias. Personally, as an England supporter, I would be put out if Kane for instance, was somehow withdrawn from the England squad for no other reason than a genuine injury. But, as a Spurs supporter, if he were to get injured whilst playing for England I would be pissed off. But I am grown-up enough to realise that my Spurs bias has nothing at all to do with it and that Harry’s (or whomever’s) personal football career for both club and/or country is their life choice and not mine.. And so It goes…

  • HT …. I agree with all of that. You can’t stop a player who wants to represent his country. in this case it’s a bit sad that we’ve only got one season (maybe) to see how he fits in with the team and now a big chunk of that time has gone. But there’s no guarantees in football.

  • Speaking of Harry and in regard to this article. I have no concerns at all about what he can still achieve for Spurs (and country). He is a born goalscorer and will I believe he will continue to score regularly no matter what his managers tactics and how he is then utilised in a formation. I think that he is also adding to his game with a lot more assists than in the past. This is more so with England at the moment but I don’t see why not with Spurs as well.

    However, I do think we have to take into a lot of consideration, his recent physical condition when looking at him as compared to a couple of seasons ago. Because of his 3 or 4 injuries that have all been ankle injuries. This has to have had a big effect on his game in general. And perhaps we will see a little less of a mobile Harry for now. Even so, I don’t think this will necessarily be in all matches he plays. I think it depends heavily on the opposition and whoever else Poch plays alongside him and in what formation .

    Looking at the 4 PL games so far this season, two have been against main top 4 rivals ( City and Arsenal) and two have been played against lesser ‘bus-parking’ types, (Magpies and Villans). Against the two bus-Parkers, I don’t think that Harry played one ball inside Spurs own half. I don’t think he even stepped into it. We were camped in their half and Harry of course was at the spearhead of our attack. Whereas the nature of our matches vs the two ‘footballing’ teams (City and Gooners) saw Harry as much more mobile, coming deep and even defending when required…

    If he remains fit and uninjured, then he should hopefully get all the more fitter and mobile for it, as the season goes on and, as long as he doesn’t over-push himself. But, we will just have to wait and see… Hopefully Poch can also not overplay him as well. It’s as much his responsibility as t is Harry’s.

  • To some extent I think Harry is, and will continue to be, his own worst enemy. He simply wants to play every game. It’s not something he can be criticised for because it’s that hunger to play and score goals that makes him the player he is.

  • “his own worst enemy” never a truer statement Geofspurs about “our Arry”.

    During watching last nights game my missus, not into football, said to me quite innocently “why doesn’t that little player, RS, pass to others?” because he keep having a go at the goal when them others are in better positions! I remained silent whilst chuckling and thinking to myself do not run down the new messiah of English football, lol! COYS

  • HT.. totally agree with your post about club v country.

    Having missed the (live) England game I am not surprised we gave away a goal in 34 seconds, or indeed 2 more in 2nd half. Defence needs to be sorted asap. Stirling has evolved his game and is now way better than before his transfer to city from Liverpool.

    PY.. yes best to say the player is a really good at scoring goals, just like top diminutive player at Barcelona !

  • It’s in all top strikers nature to be greedy, if you like… But I do remember that Sterling was always being accused of being greedy before he became a regular goalscorer. In fact he was also accused of poor finishing most of the time. But he has definitely turned that around for City and England. He is now a main goalscorer and among established strikers such as Kane and Aguero. Who saw this coming apart from maybe himself and Pep? Even so, Sterling and Kane are both scoring regularly but also providing each other with many assists when playing together….

    I think we only really tend to accuse strikers of being greedy when they miss and don’t score. We don’t care who may have been in a better position and/or unmarked in front of goal, if the so called greedy one then scores…

    Thing is, for most of them (if not all top strikers) they will probably need to shoot a 100 times to score less than 50 goals…

    And then you have Sissoko! Maybe he could be the next Sterling? Haha!

  • Having said that…………apparently he had a shot on target in the France v Andorra match, but they are still checking the video evidence. 🙂

  • TQ2 …. Video evidence established that his ‘shot on target’ was actually a pass back to his own GK which, for our beloved midfielder, IS a shot on goal and a promising improvement.

  • Kane has recently shown for England what he is still capable of so I would say striker 1st, creator 2nd. More worrying is the lack of clean sheets, the disharmony in the squad and now for example the injury to Lo Celso who is out for 6 weeks along with other injuries like Foyth and Sessegnon to name a couple more. Was excited and partly still am with a good solid squad of players but that is fast turning to concern with what I’ve mentioned above – let’s see who we put out againt Palace and how they do. They need to quickly turn it around before we are caught in a catch-up situation in what is now a super tough league and even harder to gain top 4 spot.

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