Date: 19th October 2017 at 5:04pm
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Somewhat surprisingly after his recent tantrum, that blooming Rose has defied many who thought he was incapable of thinking first and then acting.

Danny has always been an all action player, to me – perhaps as one of his longest and most adamant supporters – (when so many wrote him off in the early days soon after he was first converted to a Left back by Harry – Redders, not Kane) I`ve always recognized that he`s the type that plays on the edge.

His aggression makes his game. He takes no crap and gives no quarter and doesn’t expect any, he’s a tough no nonsense player. Which is exactly what I like to see in my defensive players.

At times he can be a tad too aggressive and when he reacts, even a little nasty, and these are attributes and strengths that may well be the very things that he`ll need to curtail off the pitch if he`s not to repeat his unfortunate ill-considered outburst ever again.

What’s clear is he wears his heart on his sleeve., maybe that’s why Poch seemed so quick to forgive him where he hasn’t others and appears to have moved on past it as fast as he could put the outburst to bed.

But he will mature and he’s certain to have learned that venting your feelings when you’ve been through such a difficult time, isn’t the brightest of ways to get your message across. There are some things you best do behind closed doors, it’s that simple.

I really do hope that he`s realized that he needs far better advice than he apparently got or perhaps didn`t get at the time.

As he starts on the comeback trial he explains he did have a plan;

‘The plan in my head was to play some minutes against West Ham,’ Rose told the Standard.

‘I did well in training on Sunday and I got in the changing room and was getting ready to have a shower. The manager called me upstairs and said: ‘You’re doing well, do you think you could do 10, 15 minutes in Madrid?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course, no problem ‘.

He went on;

‘It’s just been an unexpected couple of days because I thought I would be watching the game on TV at home. It’s amazing he put me on in midfield as well. It’s been a frustrating period but this last couple of days has made it all worth it.’

For long time Danny watchers you`ll know that for a good while it was thought that his best position would be in midfield, but if it was, it wouldn`t be with us. At the time, he just didn’t look good enough to hold a place in our midfield and Harry converting him to a left back was I thought at the time, exactly what he needed both for him and for us.

The fact that Poch decided that he can perhaps now have a role in midfield when needed is a nod to his footballing maturity and Poch`s ability to send players back to their roots as he builds a flexible multi-faceted team capable of playing differing roles and being able to quickly tactically adapt.

If I have any criticism of Danny, it`s his propensity to add the timber during injury periods, of course all players tend to do it, but sometimes if you`re small and not so tall it seems to have a greater impact.

This time my hope would be that Danny can get back to his best both physically and mentally quicker than last time, which is when I think somewhat impatiently and unkindly I can recall the booing and nasty comments that some of our so called fans direct his way at the lane. I hope that they too have learned the lesson that chucking out crap like that can damage and stick around in a players head, fine with the opposition, but not to your own. Vent by all means, but do it here or on another forum or to your mates, but give it a rest at the game.

Assuming he now stays and fights the lure of doubling his money and returning Up’norf, Poch is going to have a wonderful selection headache in the not too distant future, personally, I`d still go for Danny all day long and twice on Sundays.

Now who can disagree with that?


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  • I like Danny Rose. I didn’t like his rant. But I accepted his public apology as did Pochettino. As long as he remains a Spurs player I’ll be happy enough. As long as he can keep his trap shut and do his job to the best of his abilities and wherever he finds himself on the field of play. Show us what you’re made of Danny boy the man!

  • I remember Poch accepting Townsends apology in public yet he was soon gone, not saying it’s the same this time, but Poch likes a cohesive and harmonic squad, he has shown ruthlessness to maintain this. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Rose sold.

  • A fully fit and on form Rose is the best LB/LWB in the Premier league. I would use him until we sell him in the near future. Aurier and Rose down the flanks just gives us that pace, strength and athleticism the team really needs. Throw Winks in with Wana, Eriksen and Alli just behind Kane, not many teams could handle that team.

  • I trust Poch to give Rose a chance and he could make the difference between trophy or not… World cup year, so everyone needs to be playing out of their skin, especially Alli. Players coming back at the right time, it would seem… Spot on @Real Deal: a trophy and top 4 to walk into (new)WHL and he can go for £90m

  • There’s not much wrong with his game so if he can get back to his best, wants to stay, and is part of MP’s plans we all win.

  • I think the saving factor for Rose was the fact that he had been injured and isolated for so many months before his rant. It was clearly a very frustrating time for him. Poch does not forgive players who negatively impact the squad dynamic and don’t give 100% but Rose certainly gives his all and wasn’t around the squad at the time of his silly interview. I think Poch is clearly going to move on and hopefully convince Rose to stick with the project for a while longer.

  • Guernman, I agree with you there. Poch may well not cut his nose off to spite his face, knowing what Rose brings to the team/squad. And, apparently having had a good relationship with him from the start. However, does Rose intend to hang around anyway. I hope he does but if he chooses to leave I’m okay with that as well.

    stu_u2k, Davies is very different to Rose but has he been any less efficient or effective? Have our results suffered without Danny around? Having both though has got to be better than having just the one of them.

  • Rose hasn’t really got a choice. If he wants to go to the World Cup he needs to be playing for us. If he wants to do that he needs to be competitive with Davies who has raised his game to a new level. So he has to give it all he has this season. What happens in the summer is anyone’s guess.

  • He may now regret his outburst, but in all honesty he didn’t really say anything that was untrue, although many didn’t want to hear it. Danny Rose is one of an elite group of players at Spurs who could significantly improve their earnings elsewhere, as his close colleague Karl Walker has demonstrated. Sometimes in life, the truth hurts.

  • For what it’s worth, here is what Pochettino had to say about Danny today:

    “Of course, he has four years more on his contract,” the Argentine told reporters.

    “You could see he helped the team in the final few minutes against Real Madrid. He is happy, his behaviour is fantastic.

    “His mind is clear that what happened is in the past and we need to move on. He is part of my plans. The past is in the past.”

  • Have to agree with Frank. I can understand how the rant would have to be punished internally, from a management perspective, and I think it has. If everyone is willing to patch things up (Rose has to, if he wants to go to Russia, and the club absolutely should be, given how he can improve us), there should be a way forward. As a fan though, I still think that Rose hit it on the head. It was probably out of place for him to say it, but maybe the discomfort that his interview caused was a trigger for Levy to sanction a very un-Levy-like deal in Llorente (who improves our squad in the short term).

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