Date: 3rd November 2017 at 4:10pm
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Congratulations Mr.Chairman

Juggling what he’s currently juggling and doing what he’s doing, he probably deserved this accolade.

He’s delivering. Joining Europes elite is now a genuine possibility.

I wonder how many Spurs fans would still disagree?

Chairman awarded CEO of the Year

Posted on 2 November 2017

Club Chairman, Daniel Levy, has received the CEO of the Year Award at the Football Business Awards.

The Awards, which are now in their sixth year, recognise and reward the hard work that takes place to support the success of the game.

Daniel is the longest serving Chairman in the Premier League and has taken the Club to its highest Premier League finish and back to back qualification for the UEFA Champions League.

He continues to be the driving force behind our new stadium development and the regeneration of Tottenham.


15 Replies to “Congratulations Mr.Chairman”

  • Best Chairman in the PL and possibly the world!! I?ve been saying it for many years. Must keep team together and Poch on board. The extra income from Wembley and the new stadium will begin to lift the club?s ability to recruit the best talent in very near future. We are already seeing it. Who would have thought we would buy a CB for £40mm?!! Nobody!!

  • The thing about Levy is he takes the long view. To get from where we were when he took over to where we are now has taken time and there have been problems and errors along the way, but he always knew what he was trying to do and where he wanted to go. As a supporter you tend to get caught up in the present, its about instant gratification. As chairmen you can’t afford to do that, you have to plan for the long term. He’s still having to walk a tightrope in terms of paying his players without bankrupting the club. However so much has already been done. He finally found the right manager, we have possibly the best training ground in Europe, the new stadium is finally being built, the squad keeps getting stronger. Of course the fact half the chairmen in Europe appear to be terrified of negotiating with him doesn’t hurt our chances of keeping our players.

  • We?ve got Levy. Daniel Levy.
    I just don?t think you understand.
    He won best CEO
    Without spending any dough
    We?ve got Daniel Levy

  • We are doing very well, and some credit is due to Levy, but before we get too carried away too much let’s look at the path we have trodden to get where we are now. In 16 years we have won 1 league cup, and been to the CL QFs once. How many managers have we hired and fired, costing a fortune in severance payments before stumbling on MP. We have made a few good signings recently after blowing almost the entire proceeds from the Bale, Modric, VDV etc sales, and very significantly we have had the benefit of the emergence of Harry Kane. It is now to be hoped that the increased revenue from the stay at Wembley, and then the new stadium will be invested in the pursuit of continuous improvement and the pursuit of competition for top honours and trophies in the future. We need to be competitive in wages as well to keep our top players, we can’t at the moment but as the revenues increase the excuses for not doing will diminish.

  • 18 years and one LC to show for it. Best football chairman? They must not be looking at the footballing side of things when they give out these awards… If THFC was a real estate company that would be well earned. We’re a football club. Trophies define success.

  • Frank – If you had better way to get from there to here why didn’t you explain it to everybody back when Levy took over ?

  • BelgianSpur – So by your calculation Arsenal with their FA Cup wins are doing better than us. The strange thing is you’d struggle to find an Arsenal supporter to agree with you.

  • jod – expectations increase over time, and given that Arsenal were challenging for titles and in CL finals 10 years ago, being at a level of “only” winning the FA Cup is hard to swallow for them. I would also challenge you to find an Arsenal supporter who would be willing to swap their situation for ours, over the last 3, 5, 10, 18 years. Thry have won stuff in that time and finished above us all but once. By every objective measure, they have outperformed us in that time (sadly), and I think their fans will be the first to let you know that.

  • jod/BS …. It’s all about the future now and, thankfully, ours looks more promising than theirs. New history pages will be written. I wonder what they’ll say?

  • Jod that last post was just an inane comment. I have never had any ambition or financial where with all, to be chairman of THFC but that doesn’t disqualify me from criticising Levy’s record during his tenure as our chairman. I will also never be PM or sovereign either, but that doesn’t mean I cannot criticise those in those positions. Your view of Levy and the “success” he has enjoyed as Spurs chairman, and ace transfer negotiator, varies greatly from mine but we are both at liberty to express those opinions.

  • I am old enough to remember when Arsenal were the subject of Spurs supporters jokes,and derision. Now low and behold they have been sat in a brand new stadium for a decade or more, winning several trophies along the way, and qualifying for the CL on an annual basis for yonks, whilst we have with few exceptions trailed in their wake. The question that should be asked is WHY? What is it that they got so right, and we got so wrong, following on from “the Nicholson era” to the present day. We appear to at long last trying to “catch up” with the new stadium etc. It is to be hoped that the subsequent increase in revenues are properly reinvested in fees and wages so that we may belatedly fully compete with our neighbours for honours and trophies, rather than fill the boots of a certain gentleman on his sun bed in the Bahamas.

  • To be fair Levy done a good job, he is never going to please everyone, but if we look at how far we come in the last 20 yrs, yes he deserves some credit.

  • Geof – I would agree with that. Looking forward, I think the future looks brighter. But evaluating Levy means looking back, and looking back, not everything is lovely and bright.

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