Date: 3rd November 2017 at 3:46pm
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What Price Success? The Bar has just been set higher, again!

If newspaper reports are to be believed Danny Levy has his work cut out now to keep his Manager and his best players, such is the price we have to pay for beating Real Madrid.

If we keep performing like this, and getting these kind of results, Contracts will have to be visited again before next summer. Whilst we sit back and listen to all the “hype” now being spoken about our club, our players and our Manager, we have a job to do on Sunday and that is to get 3 more points.

We can`t afford to let City get too far ahead.

We fell too far behind once before letting both Leicester and Chelsea get too far ahead and then playing catch up for half the season.

City are bossing it and for most are odds on favorites [to win the title] which leaves everyone else hoping they will hit a sticky patch that might trip them up on their seemingly inexorable march toward the Premiership title.

The goal difference between us and City is 17 and the points difference is already 9.

If Poch honestly believes we have a chance in the Premiership Title Race, we have to take all 3 points from the clubs below us and we have to win our away games; or at least get a result when we go to the likes of the Library [Emirates] – Stamford Bridge – The Etihad and Anfield.

The Real Madrid results should have given us the confidence that we have the ability to beat our peers in the Premier League at Wembley and that in the worst case we are capable of drawing on their home turf.

That is where the bar is now, anything less this season and we will be seen to being back to “Spursy”!

The most annoying thing about the Real result was the fact that, having seen how Sanchez played against Real, we should have and could have avoided defeat at United if we had played Sanchez in that game.

Sanchez is going to play an even more vital role for us whilst Toby is out.

Dier will end up in a back three for a while whilst we assume Winks will take the lion`s share of Defensive Mid over Moussa.

Moussa looks like he is going to be increasingly used as an impact player rather than a starter, however, of course Winks may be rested for this one and Moussa chosen instead, but I’d be surprised if Poch started rotating Winks so soon in the season; such are the permutations at Poch`s disposal nowadays.

Hopefully, Poch won`t play Kane up to the 88th minute and will give Llorente a chance to get some valuable match time that amount to more than just a few token minutes, he strikes me as still being short of fitness and needs to start upping his game to show that he could be an adequate Kane replacement for a few games if need be.

Davies may be rested giving Danny Rose a rare recent start and although Trippier played a blinder against Real he will probably be rotated with Aurier. (I have to say I am still waiting to see Aurier turn on the after burners and beat his opposition to the bye line and get in some decent crosses).

Son should get the nod over Sissoko so with Rose, Son and Aurier we should have some pace to get in, and behind the flakey Palace defence.

Whether the International break will be enough for Lloris and Davies we will see; it`s not looking good for Toby so we had better hope we don`t pick up anymore niggles before the Arsenal game on the 18th November. Our injury/niggle list is now giving genuine cause for concern.

Palace have a total of four points from 10 games which, along with their goal difference of minus 17, leaving Roy Hodgson’s men with the sixth-worst record ever seen at this stage of a Premier League season.

You would have thought that their early season form marks Palace out as a basket-case and certainties for a season-long relegation battle; but before you do; Remember the 14th October: Palace 2 Chelsea 1.

That result alone should be enough to concentrate the minds in the Spurs dressing room, Roy has changed the way they play and most of all instilled in them a never say die attitude as they showed against West Ham, scoring in the dying seconds to grab a well deserved draw.

Zaha will have acres more space to play in than he does at Selhurst Park and he will want to turn it on. Zaha may want to raise his stock even higher in time for the January Transfer Window, assuming that is, if he is looking for a move then. One sideshow to all this is that there are some who seem to believe that Zaha to Spurs is all but a done deal!

A certain Andros Townsend will also be trying to make a statement or two so Vorm had better be prepared for some long-range shots coming his way. If Rose starts, he will know exactly how to handle him.

Other than these two speed merchants Palace are playing like a team that has just arrived from the Championship rather than a Premiership side and what we don`t want is to get in front and then take our foot off the pedal as we did against West Ham?. twice!

Palace look set to have Mamadou Sakho and James McArthur back on Sunday, while Patrick Van Aanholt faces a late fitness test. Benteke, Chung-Yong Lee and Sullay Kaikai are out injured.

I fully expect the majority of the game to be spent in their half moving the ball around whilst we look for cracks in their defence to get Harry in on goal.

We really should be capable of some goals here and should have no need to give the ever-increasing Wembley home crowd, [ticket sales have gone up since Wednesday`s result] one of those “the morning after the night before games”!

I’m going 3 or 4-1; what’s your score?


75 Replies to “Tottenham V Crystal Palace Preview”

  • Obviously Palace will pack defence and midfield and play balls over the top and wide for the pace of Zaha and Townsend to exploit and create 2 on 1 situations especially if our wing backs are up field. As Oyveh says they will not give up so if we do get ahead we cannot afford to try to ?manage? the game rather than pressing for more goals. Need to be as focused as we were on Wednesday.

  • These are the type of games we can struggle with. Real and Liverpool came at us , we broke ruthlessley, we will not be afforded that type of space on Sunday. A nice early spurs goal to open the game up, please!

  • Can’t see anything but a Spurs win tbh. Football is a funny old game though. As has been said, CP will park the bus and look to hit us on the counter with pace out-wide. They don’t stand a chance if they try to take the game to us. I’m going for a 3-1 win. Kane to get a brace and Alli to score a cracker!

  • WhTever we do we need to score 3. Being 1or 2 up is inviting disaster. What I want to see is a new energy and ruthlessness coming out of the confidence boosting performance. Stop laying off when we score a goal, no damnit, go out and score 3, 4 or 5. Then you can relax and have fun. COYS!!!

  • This is a tough game after so many easy ones recently. If they park the bus, let them have the ball and come at us. We’ll catch them on the break …. again, and again, and again. Spurs 3-0 Palace.

  • Dear Roy Hodgson’s old man was a London bus driver and local to Crystal Palace (Croydon). So, parking buses around Selhurst Park is in Roy’s blood.

    I believe that, if we can get past their defence often enough and win a good few corners in the process we should beat them convincingly. Strange tactic I know, going for a high corner count. But, if we can get Harry to take them all, we’ll be more than alright and should, (with a little luck) beat these South London lightweights, senseless.

  • It’s one of those games isn’t it! The rest of the top 5 playing each other, with at least 2 of the 4 dropping points, while we have what on paper looks like an easy opponent with 3 points gauranteed. These are the sort of games where we have failed to take advantage in previous seasons so I’m hoping to see a more ruthless Spurs side tomorrow reflecting the confidence they must have gained from the Liverpool and RM games.

  • TQ25 …. The operative word there is ‘previous’. Times have changed and we now perform in a SPURSY way!

  • Third best defense, third best attack, third best points total. Not surprising we’re third then. I guess the table does tell the story well. Keep to our 2 points per game average and it’s CL nights at the New Lane next season …. either from top four or lifting the trophy in May!

  • Here?s a nice thought?We definitely won?t be in the Europa League come January next year for the first time in about 5 years! Hahaha!

  • Looking forward to seeing our intensity level in the first 15 minutes of tomorrow?s game. I hope it?s very high and not laissez faire. I?m kind of concerned about Dembele?s new Viking style over his last 2 appearances. Could have had a very unnecessary red against RM. he seems to be losing his temper very quickly and playing very aggressively. I wonder if he feels his place is under threat.

  • jvd, luckily for us Dembele has been a bit part player for some time now. But, I do defend him on his aggressive nature v RM as the likes of Ramos deserve it. Seems it’s bred in to their dna to wind up the opposition and constantly seek bookings and sending-off’s. Relieved that Dembele got away with a yellow only as with Dier moving in to defence, we don’t want to be short in our midfield options.

    As for the game tomorrow, nothing short of a high tempo will do….or rather need to be very incisive against the potential bus-parkers, at the same time be wary of leaving space for Zaha and AT to exploit. Furthermore, I note a number of posters have started using the words ‘ need to be ruthless’… something It’sMe and I have been banging on about. 2-0 is no longer a decent cushion (whilst 1-0 will do), but need to take leaf out of City’s approach….keep going and you never know, we may catch up with their GD! I’ll go along with Geof’s expert prediction… COYS!

  • When all is said and done, we are playing a team who have amassed the grand total of 4 points from 10 games this season in the PL, with 1 win and 1 draw. If we can maintain the focus and the form from the Real and Liverpool games, we should not have too much problem beating Palace.

  • I agree that spurs players need to be more focused in finishing off teams, as 1-0 or 2-0 is not enough in PL now. So i expect Poch has drummed this attitude into the squad at Enfield training ground. Hopefully 3-0 as Geoff says… As I have a bit of a cold.. may not go to the game tomorrow.. 🙁

  • Good points made by all, I’d say…. Agree we need to be ruthless (hope the team learned thatafter the West Ham game) and incisive, as stated, while also being brave enough to also see a forward, or switched flanks, ball played rather than often ending back to keeper…. Our passing can be a bit one dimensional / predictable and occasionally not early enough for teammate, which can really make a difference for the following pass. Trying to cut that extra touch out, I hope…. 4-0 to the clinical Spurs.

  • Plaudits to Levy (from another article) for his award. THFC: new Lane, top facilities, top manager, top squad “capable” of winning trophies on a budget, top negotiator. Extremely close to what feels like a new era after many a false dawn. Merited recognition.

  • Very nice to see Winks showing the trust Poch has in him. Seems to have the better parts of Parker, Carrick and Modric in him, which really bodes well as to dictate tempo and rhythm as they’re not Dier’s forte and Dembele can slow it often enough…. Agree he could be “missing link” in the absence of Wilshere. Someone who sews it together as I think England (ahem, Spurs) are simply missing that. All the parts seem pretty good.

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