Date: 30th October 2019 at 6:30am
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Whilst few Tottenham Hotspur fans were expecting much from Liverpool in our last clash, there are certainly those who were disappointed with the overall performance – yet some saw positives from how difficult we made it and with a touch more luck, we could’ve taken a hard fought point – Everton this coming Sunday is another opportunity for Spurs to actually get themselves going properly this year.

With four defeats in the last five for manager Marco Silva’s side, this is certainly an opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino to pick up the win and continue our efforts to turn a corner this year as whilst we are only ten games in, if we can find some proper form and consistency, whilst 2019/20 might not be the year we wanted, we can more than salvage it.

Fans will have their own opinions on team selection for this one, there will be those who feel our disappointing first teamers will soon find their groove, there are others who feel it’s time to drop the names and – come what may – put faith in the next generation.

Given what we’ve seen so far, Poch is certainly in the first camp there so I don’t think we’ll see many changes, but there will be a good number of fans who feel coming out of this one without three points would be another massive failure.

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234 Replies to “Can Spurs Get A Silva Lining Or Will Everton Be Another Case Of Wading Through Toffee – Match Thread”

  • I watched the game at Anfield last night and then last half hour of the game at the Bridge, it once again highlighted the fact that these four clubs have some very talented dynamic youngsters who are either already starting to make an impression in their first team squads or are about to. I don’t see any of a similar quality coming through from our academy, even Parrott doesn’t look to be at the same level!

    As I have said before, you have to wonder if our scouting system is fit for purpose, when you see rivals picking up youngsters like the Brazillian Martinelli, who looks sensational at just 18 years of age, for relatively little money that even we can afford, you have to wonder why we aren’t spotting and signing up any of this kind of talent. I don’t mean any disrespect but if you watch our academy players they are really nothing more than average journeymen by comparison, the only recent youngster we did have who came close had an attitude problem that our coaching staff weren’t able to correct!

  • For me the game v the Toffees is how do some put it “a must win game”, so simple, but I am not that confident.

    We have our opinions of what is wrong at THFC, some may be correct, some maybe wrong, is it Levy, is it Poch, is it the players themselves, god knows! is my answer, the only thing I do know is that the club has a rotten core and it has to be got rid of so that we can be once again mighty Spurs we all love and only moaning about the lack of trophies lol. COYS

  • We have a good record at Everton so that should give us confidence. However our recent premier league away record – 2 points from 11 games would suggest a difficult afternoon.
    Re your post above – PompeyYid, I think Levy, Poch and the players are all to blame for our current malaise. Frank made a great point earlier when talking about Leicester. There is a club where owners, management and players are all on the same page – the same is true at Liverpool. It is clearly not the case at Spurs where Poch’s calls for us to act like a big club and be brave seem to be falling on deaf ears. it could be said that Poch also needs to be brave with his selections and tactics. Last weekends tactics seemed to be to do nothing until we inevitably feel behind and then throw a few men forward in the last five minutes to see if we could snatch an unlikely equaliser. This is not the Spurs I have come to love under Poch. It was more like the dark days of the 90’s.
    Fitness permitting I would like to see Le Celso, Sessegnon and N’dombele all start with no place in the squad for Eriksen.

  • DH….Spot on! all to blame and not on the same page, such a simple reason, also well said Frank.

    Am also with you regards the players you mentioned, we have to relegate the wantaways and play the want to’s, my team for Everton away maybe!

    Foyth Toby Sanchez Sessegnon
    N’Dombele Sissoko
    Maura Lamela(if fit) Son

    Lo Celso – on at half time, if Lamela is fit if not in his place in the staring line-up

    Just having a play naming my team, whats yours. COYS

  • PY – I agree with most of your line-up – but I’d go with Verts and Davy simply because Verts sat out the last game and also because this way they both play in their natural position’s namely Davy RCB and Verts LCB also Toby has started every Prem game so far and might be time to give him a little rest. Verts and Davy played together in the clean sheet vs Red Star and were also stalwarts in the 2017/18 season after Davy first joined whilst Toby was out for a long period with injury so there’s a partnership there somewhere. I’d love to see Sess start but I’d go with Davies based on fitness issues. I defo agree with Foyth at RB. No question’s regarding the double pivot of Sissoko and N’Dombele. Moura should defo start, same goes for Lamela although jury’s out on whether he can be the main playmaker in the side but still he deserves to be in and Eriksen, Alli have been shite all season and Lo Celso I doubt is fit enough so Lamela gets my vote too. Up front Sonny and Kane, our 2 best players, pick themselves. So for me:


    Foyth Davy Verts Davies

    Sissoko N’Dombele

    Moura Lamela Son


  • 1 advantage of playing Moura, Lamela and Son is that Son can have a free role behind Kane or even run on past Kane with Kane dropping back into the no.10 role and Lamela covering at LW with Moura RW. On other thread’s members have rightly been praising HK10’s passing and setting up play aswell as his obvious goal getting exploits so this is 1 line-up whereby we could get the most of HK10 and Sonny7 up front. Of course Moura and Lamela themselves could run on past Kane and him setting them all up with his excellent passing ability and set-up play. There’s also Sissoko’s thrusting forward running and N’Dombele from what I’ve been seen so far is very creative so we could be onto something with playing this formation and these players. My only concern would be the back 4 being exposed a little but for that we’d need Sissoko especially to be disciplined and I wouldn’t expect too many bursts from Foyth and Davies so I reckon we’d still be solid even with so many attack minded players in the line-up.

  • our best no.9 obviously is HK. Our best no. 10 also is HK. I suspect that if we put HK into the position of a holding midfielder, he would be our best there, too. He might even make our best player at GK. The solution to our problems is clear. We must starting to clone HK and to raise the children carefully so as to encourage their athletic development. In 18 years, we will have the best team in the world. Most of us on VS won’t be around to see it, but some of us might be of use as caregivers for the HK clones who will be our future.

    As to this Sunday’s match vs Toffees: I haven’t a clue. There’s not sufficient time to arrange the cloning processes and the rearing of the clones. Such is life. We’ll need to wait 18 years for the payoff.

    Wonder if HK will go along with the plan? Or will he offer his DNA to the highest bidder? Clearly we cannot outbid RM.

  • We can blame Boris Johnson when Europe won’t recognize the legitimacy of our cloned players and bans them from playing in European competitions. Europe will argue that we haven’t washed the cloning material in bleach like American imported chicken meat, so they will be allowed to play only in domestic competitions. Matches vs Ireland will be problematic as the clones might not get past some sort of backstop. Perhaps the independent Scottish league will permit some of our players to cross that new international border.

  • There are a lot of common threads here ref team selection. My own would be similar. Why can’t Poch see this. I didn’t see the Richardson prospect until EJ brought it up. Good call. Would love to see LoCeslo and Lucas get a full game.

  • ND – short but sweet and appreciate the compliment! I agree that Lo Celso and Moura need minutes – as TQ said yesterday atleast give Moura 30 minutes when being used as a super sub and the same goes for Lo Celso to build confidence and fitness. As regards Richarlison – he’s a nippy, tricky winger forward with an eye for goal and plays outside the top 6, only Zaha is comparable but Richy is the younger and the better prospect as think he’s more direct and will score more – Zaha not that much end product for his ability. Zaha quoted at £80-100m, I reckon we could hopefully get Richy for £60-70m the same money we were going to put for Dybala/Fernandes – who there’s no guarantee will take to the Prem and also what to do with Lo Celso, Dele and even Lamela who are similar players in the same position?! Richy like Sonny can play across the frontline and IMHO would be a great addition. Hopefully he has a stinker on Sunday but what a way to impress Poch if otherwise?!

  • Yes Richarlison has the attributes and versatility so much valued by Poch. He is fond of a player who can play in various positions. Almost the same theory as the 1970’s Netherlands side. As I stated in another thread Poch seems to wait until around 70 min before bringing Lucas on then another sub around 75 or80 mins why….
    Regardless of how Rich plays let’s hope we get it together on Sunday COYS.

  • Reading that Rose is suspended for this one and that Sess is in contention finally – Davies to probably start as in my line-up above but nice surprise if Sess on the bench! I think Davies is a good solid LB from what I’ve seen and will provide good competition/cover to Sess assuming Sess is played at LB and makes the position his own. Eventually though I can see Sess possibly doing a Bale and turning into a full on LWF – he did both jobs at Fulham and 1 might argue actually made his name as a LWF when scoring 16 goals in the Championship in 2017 and becoming player of the year down there. The problem is we’re quite desperate at LB barring Davies and I almost hope that Poch uses Sess as a LWB and that he makes it as such for us.

    Very interested in seeing what Poch does with Sess and how he progresses. If he was to be used as a LWF it would possibly negate the need for another winger forward that I ask for above – there’s also Clarke at Leeds who will eventually come back to try and stake a place so along with Sonny, Moura and Lamela we’d be more than covered. All depends on how Poch uses Sess, he could turn him into the new Bale or make him the new Ashley Cole – the talent is certainly there and with being so young so should the hunger/enthusiasm be so like I say will be interesting to see the progress of this young charge.

  • EJ …. Good post. There is a sense that all the pieces are there, it’s just a matter of putting them in the right place to complete the picture.

  • EJ….Ithink we will see Sessegnon used in a very attacking wing back role, I believe Poch’s aim has always been to have one defensive full back and one wing back on each side to give formation options. In this respect we can expect to see Davies and Sessegnon on the left and probably Foyth and A.N.Other on the right going forward.

  • Geofspurs….your quote “there is a sense that all the pieces are there, it’s just a matter of putting them in the right place to complete the picture” such a simple sentence and so bloody true.

    EJ….here is the team on your line of thinking..

    Foyth Sanchez Verts Davies
    N’Dombele Sissoko
    Maura Lamela(Dele) Son

    I do have an I inkling in the back of my mind that Dele will play instead of Lamela, further it could be instead of Maura, not sure why, just a thought, I suppose we will just have to wait and see what Poch’s idea is, he may just blow all our idea’s right out of the water lol! the team may look nothing like what I/we have suggested. COYS

  • PY – just read no Rose (suspended obviously), no Lamela and Verts a doubt so for me probably:

    Gazza, Foyth, Toby, Davy, Davies, Sissoko, N’Dombele, Alli, Moura, Son and Kane.

    This is probably the team I’d put out and then look to get Sess and Lo Celso on from the bench in the 2nd half depending of course on how the game is going. There’ll be “easier” games from which Sess and Lo Celso can make their full on debuts – Everton have good players and are in a false position at the moment so expecting a tough game – nothing like last year when we run out 2-6 winners.

    TQ – agree with your analysis regarding our full-back position and with Foyth playing RB if he does he can tuck in and allow Sess to bomb forwards on the left. Same of Davies when on the left if we surely buy another attacking RB.

    Geof – appreciate the compliment – we have a lot of good players – Poch has to sort it though hence your jigsaw analysis.

  • EJ…..that still looks a like a pretty good team for v Everton, it has a combination of speed/trickery and strength, it just proves that there is a dam good 1st team in our squad, its, as has already been said “putting the pieces together”, so come on Poch as the captain of the good ship Spurs stop us sinking any more. COYS

  • I read that Erik Lamela is undergoing treatment yet again, and is unavailable. He must be vying with Darren Anderton and Teemu Tanio for the most games missed as a proportion of games available during his time at Spurs. I would love to see the figures for his longest run of consecutive games. Is he unlucky, ill prepared, or just an hibitual sick note, and given his record at Spurs why the bloody hell did we give him a new contract.

    • Lamela does not strike me as the sort of fellow who could be characterized as a malingerer. I suspect the unfortunate reality is that he simply as a body that is open to injury far too easily.

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