Date: 13th November 2017 at 12:48pm
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Bail out. Bottomless Cash pot needed.

According to Don Balon – the Spanish sports outlet believe that RM president Perez has decided enough is enough; with Gareth Bale only managing 20 of their last 60 games it seems impatience has finally won over the desire to keep hold of one of the greatest talents in Europe.

Cash is King.

Gareth has had a huge impact in Spain, but cash is tight at Real Madrid and after a poor start there is a feeling that ZZ needs to rebuild and revitalise and having one of the best players in Europe with a near- permanent booking in the physios` room just isn`t acceptable anymore. Worse still for Gareth both last and this season when he has played after returning from injury, a section of the local notoriously impatient Madristas have very vocally let him know what they think of his efforts – and it wasn`t polite applause.

Faith Healers wanted.

Exactly how you package a high-cost deal for a player with his recent injury record is going to be tough, it will be a deal based on hope over recent experience; buying him will represent a near Doris like faith in your Doctors and Physios abilities to repair and heal. Unless of course you are a coach who isn`t concerned at the risk that expenditure of this size (the bring and buy sale labels range from £65-85 Million), adding his wages which even after readjustment to reflect the injury risk he`d certainly now represent probably won`t be less than £200k per week. So a four year deal would see you committing (writing off) the royal sum of around £130-150 million for the Prince of Wales.

The Chasing Pack.

Supposedly, five clubs in the Premier League are said to be interested; Manchester United (where early on Mourinho did make it clear he`d be demanding the chequebook get used for him), Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and of course us.

To my mind the only manager who would probably still take that risk is Mourinho. Man City don`t need to and indeed have a developing Sane who whilst not the same speed merchant has skills aplenty and an eye for goal. He and all the permutations they already have makes any interest being mooted, for me a non-starter.

Would Chelsea take the risk? I think it depends entirely on how desperate they are and whether their season is on track, if it isn`t, he`s just the sort of purchase I can see them making.

Joining the North London Enermy.

I do not believe he`d join Arsenal, but when money talks BS walks, and if he cannot find any other club crazy enough to pay him the injury hit equivalent of £400k a game, it wouldn`t surprise me to see it happen. If he did that he knows better than any what to expect, so if nothing else I believe in his integrity and remain firmly convinced such a move would never happen.

Where is the bottomless Cash Pot when you need it?

The one thing that is a clear cut certainty to me is that we will not even be in the running. No matter what the deal could be, he would smash our wages structure plus we would be opening ourselves wide open to demands for Kane to be heard that could both unsettle him and the squad.

If Real Madrid really have given up on him, shifting him may well be a lot more difficult than some of the commentators think, but assuming it is a Premier League club seeing him back will be like a dagger to my heart, unless some form of miraclous pay as you play deal got done – and that’s about as likely as me winning best dressed man of the year..


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  • Wherever GB ends up (assuming he does go) would be a huge risk for the new club in terms of his injury record. To have a player in and out of the team due to injury would have a detrimental affect on the squad of any club. Personally, I don’t think we need to take that kind of risk and I wouldn’t want us too. There really isn’t too much wrong with Spurs as it is.

  • I think that any time a club has a shot to sign a world class player, it has to be considered. Bale is no foreigner either, he has a history with the club and would probably fit in easier than any other star. He is capable of winning games on his own. I agree that many points would have to be validated – finances, for a start, but a player of that calibre, even if he only plays 20 PL games per season, would have a huge impact.

  • IMO Bale is finished as a week in week out starter. Complete waste of money should we even go for him, Big NO from me.

  • I read today that we have already made a bid for him… I think we will win the PL and/or CL before that actually happens but………… You never know!

  • If Real did sell him to us, they wouldn’t be able to afford their own version of the magnificent 7 with the money they make from it. If… If just 2 of them were from the current Spurs squad.

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