Date: 13th November 2017 at 10:45am
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Poch In Demand, ITK and In the Bin.

Firstly, apologies in advance for having to spend so many words talking about Manchester United, but it`s necessary.

Unfortunately for me I was going to announce this morning that a couple of Tottenham and Manchester United legends who I had the pleasure of their company after the England game, gave me a heads up on why they believe Tottenham have genuine grounds for concern.

A concern which certainly one believes is causing the club to also feeling twitchy and increasingly nervous, and could be a clear and present danger to our continued progress; as it was The Express beat me to it by announcing on Sunday that they believe that Poch is on Manchester United`s very short list as a replacement for the sulking ‘Special one`.

That is if he throws all his medals from his display box and sulks over not getting the players that he wants and decides that it is time to go and polish up on his French and jump on a very rich bandwagon at the end of the season (never let it me said that he doesn`t always make sure he has an option and if ever there was a manager who knows how to apply pressure on a board to get what he wants, then it is him).

For what its worth, one of them was also adamant that we won`t be holding onto Rose, so it could we be that they`re reunited in the not too distant future (if they are right of course).

The tide is has changed, mere billionaires can`t easily complete with Oil Rich Country owned clubs, especially when it looks like the architects and governance of Financial Fair Play swim like sharks, look like Sharks but have all the bite of Gummy bears.

It would appear the logic behind Man United preparing the ground and building on what is said to be a relationship built on mutual respect between Fergie and Poch is sound; if Manchester City win the premier League and leave the ‘quieter neighbors` trailing in their wake, (and at this point in the season it looks odds-on) the strategic dynamic in the heart of Manchester may well be changed forever – and that`s the fear driving ManU to consider how they too adapt and compete. Their shareholders will be impatient for progress and an end to the last few years vast spending, and perhaps more so – an end to demands for even more.

No small part of that conundrum is the acceptance that a different tactical approach to winning games has taken the ascendency. Man United were known under Fergie for it`s high tempo exciting passing game that often kept games free flowing and pulsating to watch, that`s not to say that they didn`t have their fair share of grinding out results either.

There are many ways to win football games but the pressing/counter pressing high line possession game with a high degree of technical ability, core skills and high tempo movement is in the ascendency; call it what you will, but the style of play as epitomized by Man City and developed by Poch at Spurs have the same basic roots. So, the fear said to now be grabbing the Manchester red side, is that they may well find that just as they have a rump of players left over from Moyes/Vann Gaal`s days that are viewed as being just not good enough, is that should they lose the Special one, the may well be in the same position again or even worse. Of course, this style of play doesn`t always pay off, as Liverpool can attest to.

Building a style of play from the ground up, through every stage in a young players development could mean a root and branch reform of a club, it could also mean a complete change of management culture, both on the business side and on the playing staff. Most of all, for a club used to buying instant success, rebuilding for another 4-5 years isn`t a palatable prospect.

And that`s why Poch is apparently so high up their list. In fact, both old firends believes he is at the top of it. His stock continues to rise. The obvious weakness is his lack of silverware, but both drinking partners believed that will play absolutely any part of their thinking. Winning things in the Premier league or Europe has in their view always been about how much you have to spend and the depth and quality of your squad, and in their view that`s where we are at our weakest.

Would Poch allow himself to be diverted from a project he is so clearly relishing?

Anyone that immediately says ‘never`, shouldn`t. Turning down Manchester United would take enormous purpose of mind and an iron will, and I wonder if a manager hungry for success with the prospect of a huge budget, easier recruitment and the ability to pay vast salaries could turn it down and remain at a club that might be a restricted budget confines for a good few years to come.

Like most ITK insights and leaks, you should take it with a pinch of salt and almost certainly bin it, except sometimes they are just spot on.

Trouble is, I`ve got enormous respect for the pair that I was with and neither are prone (I hope) to idle nonsense., they seemed confident that they weren`t talking through the drink.

As of now, and after the fog of a pleasant evening with a good few glasses of everything, I`m going to put all this in the improbable bin – but would also not be surprised if or when the ‘special one` moves on that we will have a real fight on our hands to keep Poch.


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  • As soon as I saw the word Express I knew this was one for the rubbish bin.Used to be a great newspaper now only suitable for spare loo paper.

  • Why bother with this rubbish. Every week there’s a rumour started someone is leaving, its all very boring. Why not wait and see if anything actually happens ?

  • How is this rubbish? I know EX and I know he has his contacts. I’m intrigued to know who the ex footballers were though…..

  • jod, don’t mind you calling it rubbish, but if the Express hadn’t broken it, I would have. I’ve made the circumstance clear, less clear are who I was with, but as I asked both after the conversation I’d be writing it up, I was sworn to anonimity for them – and so it will remain. All I can say, one was extremely concerned it would happen, one was excited that WAS certain to happen. As always, we can only see how the sands shift, because if Mourinho stays it won’t. But just as intriguing to me was the whole angle of WHY he thought Manchester United needed to change the way they play.

  • Crikey, what a load drivel, who in their right mind would be concerned over that rubbish?
    Maybe four or five years ago, i would have cause to worry, but not now.
    Can anybody really seeing Poch turning his back on all that hard work?
    Remember, Poch had offers to double & treble his money from clubs in Italy, whilst at Espanyol, but turned them down.
    I really don’t believe United to be that big a draw anymore.
    We won’t have a fight on our hands to keep Poch, and all it will take is a polite refusal.

  • More like their hopes and dreams… Poch left last season according to rumours and papers.. He’s enjoying his project and looking forward to a new stadium…. Taking this with ten lbs of salt

  • I’d be very surprised if Poch, or any of our top players for that matter, weren’t being targeted by clubs such as Man Utd. But there’s too much to enjoy at present to waste time worrying about it. At some point they’re all going to leave anyway, but I doubt if it’s any time soon.

  • He is bound to be on other’s radar, his success at Spurs, granted without yet winning anything, means this is inevitable. Rather than another PL club I think he might be tempted by a top foreign club like Real, Barca, PSG, or Bayern.

  • Going to United is a lose/lose situation for Poch. If he’s successful it would be because he has unlimited (almost) finance, and success would be expected. If he failed, his career would take a major hit. But success at Spurs would mean so much more. It would be the result of building a force in football that is recognised world-wide. It would elevate him to icon status at THFC and he would be revered throughout his life at the club and be respected as a manager throughout Europe. Pride is a huge part of Poch?s make-up, and the achievement he would feel in building a team that performs consistently well on the PL and European stages cannot be underestimated. To achieve such a thing at THFC would be a far greater challenge than it would be at any ?money? club he might be linked with. Why would such a man even consider leaving Spurs when the club is already on the way to where he wants it to be. The job isn?t finished yet and there is still a way to go, but Poch knows that glory waits at the end of the road …. and the glory will reflect on him. The next step, as we all know, is to open the trophy cabinet door. Don?t know about you, but there?s no way I?d bloody well leave in those circumstances!

  • And … to walk away from Spurs now could be seen as a lack of commitment, which would be of concern to any future club he might go to; and from everything he has said and done since his time here, this seems contrary to his nature. I just hope I?m reading this right!!

  • It’s funny, what I really thought would get the gray matter going was the notion (as it was put to me) that ManU are terrified that the football they are playing and the players they are buying will leave them permanently behind both their noisy neighbors and of course us..perhaps I didn’t make ebough of it – but I can tell you that this particular ManUnited huge legend says that it’s beginning to scare the wits out of them and they think PeP, Poch and even Klopp/Conte are changing the PL upsides down with what they deem as the ‘pressing/possession’ revolution…

  • Spursex nice article. Of course it?s a concern but I want to believe Poch when he says he wants to build a dynasty here at Spurs. There is so much going on at Spurs which point to a fabulous future. The new WHL alone is a massive draw for a Manager. The nice thing is that Wembley is giving him and the players a taste of what it feels like to play in front of 65000 people. Whilst I respect legends inside knowledge, I am on the side that says Poch is here to stay unless Danny finds a way to muck that relationship up.

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