Date: 21st August 2017 at 8:01am
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VS member stupops posted the following via the To Dare Is To Do forum after the Chelsea defeat on Sunday.

I wonder if we have a group of players that are playing like they are ‘untouchables’.

It’s almost like the management are scared to drop some of them for fear of unleashing a ‘Disrespectful of the club’ & ‘Transfer me’ situation.

I looked at a few of them today and thought ‘you are playing ****. You played **** the other week. But you still start. And are also not being substituted for no good reason other than you have a certain name on the back of your shirt.’

Ali being a prime example.
And Eriksen for that matter.

It was blindly obvious Kane wasn’t going to score today. Why not give Jansen a shake at the stick?

I know it`s only two games in and we are not blessed with a hugely experienced squad. But to me the attitude from a few of our so called ‘jewels’ looks a bit…lazy.

Just my twopenneth worth after today’s match.

Does stupops make a valid point?

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18 Replies to “Are Our ‘Untouchables’ Hurting Us”

  • A few players had off days (same ones that won us the game last week), but Chelsea were set up well and knew how to defend against us – these so called ‘untouchables’ only start as we don’t have any options off the bench. Very few game changers. I’m not moaning per say, last week i went home happy, this week frustrated… but can you imagine the uproar if we’d have taken off Kane for Jansen when we needed a goal? We had a bad day at the office, nothing more. I’m not hitting any panic buttons just yet!

  • I think that anyone suggesting that Janssen actually improves our chances of scoring goals over Kane hasn’t watched man games featuring Janssen.

  • Alli yes, he’s been lazy I find. But Eriksen has been on point, so has Kane. Kane was definitely making things happen. On another day we would have won this. I think Wanyama was responsible for A LOT of their counter attacks. Alderweireld looks almost cumbersome. Verts and Dier look sharp.

  • What a unreal assessment. I thought Wanyama was poor due to being rusty, not lazy. Eriksen and Kane played well, but Eriksen didn’t play as well as he did last week, he still finds it hard to dominate against better temas but he works hard and is playing well. Dele can at times be a little lazy looking but I think its because he is playing a slick game, he does seem to have lost his running shoes when it comes to closing down and driving forward but I think its because of the way he now plays, before he used to run a lot when he first arrived but now he is more forward and trying to be the ‘clever’ player that plays clever balls to create and make late runs into the box rather than putting his running shoes into closing down and when he played deeper he used to run more. I think he needs competition because he needs pushing and I think eriksen needs a rest at times because he works so hard. kane was brilliant yesterday and Janssen is not a back up, he is never going to play because he is nowhere near good enough to take Kanes place, unless he starts scoring I can’t see him being a back up for Kane

  • What is talking about? Kane had a great game. Lloris is the one who needs to sharpen up – his distribution is always suspect and cost us yesterday big time.

  • The only reason some players are “undropable” is because we have failed/avoided/refused to sign squad players of such quality as to enable true rotation or selection options in several positions. It is not necessarily that we haven’t spent but the likes of Sissoko, Jansson, and Wimmer don’t exactly inspire. Where Ali and Eriksen are concerned the options simply aren’t there as many of us have pointed out for longer than this window has been open.

  • Frank-I do agree with you this time. We haven’t been great in the transfer market when we have spent. Look at the Bale money and since Poch arrived we haven’t do great either. Toby and Dele , Dier, Wanyama and to some degree Son have shone, with Davies and Trippier being ok, but Fazio, yedlin, stambouli, Njie, Wimmer, Janssen, GK and Sissoko – well what can we say.

    Taking a look at Poch signings we have how many who are regulars? Dier, Wanyama, Toby, Dele. Davies and Trippier lets face it are back ups to Rose and Walker at the time. Davies only really started playing when Rose needed a rest or injured pretty much same with Trippier. Wimmer hasn’t dislodged Verts and apart from one spell in his first season when Verts was out he hasn’t impressed. Njie like stombouli, fazio, yedlin all left next season. GK hasn’t really featured yet, and Janssen hasn’t cut it yet and do look like being real contention for a first team spot – No imo. Sisssoko a disaster.

    I am not convinced Poch has a great record in signings. I believe Toby and Dier and Dele were already being persude and probably wasn’t much to do with Poch. So you have to ask how good is his transfers?. I think this is the huge problem we have at Spurs. We spend money but we waste a lot with signings. I don’t think there was many fans or pundits that could understand Sissoko coming, and we have been proved right, now whether that was a Poch signing or Levy or anyone else who knows. lamela record signing, nothing but stop and start. There has been players available for similar money who for whatever reason we have not brought, is it wages or payment schedule we can’t compete with or is it poor recruiting.

    For me 60m was wasted last season on Janssen (potential) with one professional season under his belt, Sissoko who had shown he was ribbish at Newcastle, and GK flashes in a lower league a bit like Njie.

    For 60m surely we could have got a decent player or two.

  • I don’t and haven’t had trust in our transfer policies and this is where improvements needs to be made. Yes we have got some gems, Eriksen Dele Toby Wanyama b ut we are having more shockers imo.

  • The idea that you can keep playing the same players throughout the season because “there are no alternatives” is one that should be totally discredited by now but some still peddle it. All it would do is ensure our best players are running on empty before the end of the season and we win nothing. Like it or not you are going to have to rotate and use the squad if you want to win anything. If the squad isn’t strong enough it will mean you will lose some games. Either you set priorities, decide which competitions matter most and select teams accordingly, or you watch your season peter out.

  • Selling Walker without having a replacement has weakened the right hand side. Spurs still need another CM who can run the show like Dembele and another goal scoring inside forward like son. Selling Walker was a poor decision that is already coming back to haunt spurs.

  • I will defend Jannsen. Confidence is a 2 way thing. He needs game time and he needs to capitalise on the rare opps. Why is it that when chasing the game we bring on Sissoko and if lucky, Jannsen gets introduced to see off the ref’s whistle? Harry works his socks off for 90+ mins and never gets a breather and imo, we should bring on Jannsen (alongside Harry) for his hold up play so that Harry can use his legs more economically late on. Jannsen may just surprise some of us if given more than 5 mins in his 2nd season. Else why are we holding on to him?…it benefits neither party.

  • Come on… You keep playing your top players at the start of the season to get them match fit as quickly as possible. Taking them off could change things, but not only does that delay them getting match fit, you are bringing on someone else who is perhaps even less match fit. These things are a double edged sword. Poch will be questioned if he does or does not make a change. The important thing is to judge after a number of games when trends develop. Not after 2 games.

  • I said years ago when I saw Butland play that we should have bought him as he was going to be something extra special, we could have had him dirt cheap as no one was in for him and he was unknown.
    I thought he was the one ‘keeper we could get who would push Lloris. Worm isn’t good enough to push him, Butland would be seriously challenging for the first team spot by now if we had him, if not getting it.
    Lloris is doing what a certain Gomes did, losing us “big” games due to schoolboy errors, admittedly not as many, but it is still happening.
    I place him at fault for the free kick going in as well as the other goal, if he had stood in the centre, or even just more to the centre of the goal he could have got to that, he gave away far too much space on that side, especially when you have someone like him taking the kick.
    I also don’t think we played that well at all. The reason we looked so good was because they allowed us to look good by letting us attack with all sorts off pretty pretty huff and puff, but yet again, we just couldn’t blow the doors in, they have 2 shots on target I think it was and how many go in.
    We had into double figures for corners in the first half alone and couldn’t score, if we were playing well we would have scored, which with so many corners in one half we SHOULD have done.
    We still can’t break down a packed, well disciplined and intelligent defence, this is another thing I have said for ages and got slated for. If we had been able to do that last season we would have won the Prem. Unless something changes, as attitudes seem wrong, we won’t finish in the top four.
    Kane goes on about how we have to win something and their targets, but it didn’t look like we wanted to win that game, let alone the league. Stop talking about it just go and do it. I’m not going to blame the Wembley “curse” or any such rubbish, but i do think that Rose’s outburst has caused a lot more problems than they are letting on.

  • Critical – the question still has to be asked: what is Janssen doing/not doing to justify his lack of game time? Either he just isn’t good enough, or he isn’t showing enough during training to warrant more playing time. If even when we need an extra striker to change the dynamic of the game, we’re not bringing on Janssen, that should tell you everything you need to know about MP’s confidence in Janssen’s ability to win games for us. Defend him all you want but when Harry first burst onto the scene, all he was getting was 5 minutes here and there. He certainly made those opportunities count, which Janssen isn’t doing.

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