Date: 21st August 2017 at 8:34am
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The so-called Wembley hoodoo reared its ugly face again, however, am I reading too much into the Chelsea result, bearing in mind it was only our first home game of the season?

One can bury their head in the sand, that’s entirely up to the individual but, no matter where you look, whether it’s in the tabloids or other Spurs forums / message boards the phrase ‘Wembley hoodoo’ continues to appear following every Wembley defeat.

Another example was when Tottenham fan, Brian spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live post Sunday’s game.

‘If the Wembley hoodoo continues, they (Spurs) could end up in mid table and could be out of Europe next season.’ Brian said.

Brian also expressed concerns that the wage structure in place at Tottenham Hotspur could prove a stumbling block in keeping the likes of Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

This clip was taken from 606 with Ian Wright & Kelly Cates, broadcast August 20, 2017.

The morning after the day before and I’m still feeling battered and bruised. BAH!



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  • Season prediction. Man Utd have won Prem. Man City second. Chelsea third. (Money talks….you buy the best players.) Brighton relegated…only a Championship squad. Spurs mid table…good first eleven, but very little else. Sadly, Dele and Eriksen will be gone to get the wages.Teams will love coming to Wembley.

  • We need to adjust our tactics to suit the pitch, squeezing 18-20 players into 1 half of the pitch leaves no room and every team now is just going to put 10 men in front of the ball. Dare I say it, going 4-4-2 in this situation might be the answer.

  • Its one result, our next three home games are Burnley, Swansea & Huddersfield – no games are easy but 9 points and thats the Wembley hoodoo off our back

  • Far too early to draw any conclusions, as Chelsea always give us a good game wherever the game is played. If we struggle next week there could be legitimate reasons to start worrying.

  • I don’t think we’ll have a problem against the mid-table and lower mid table sides but we will struggle to beat any of the top seven with that team. There is simply no pace and that makes us easy to play against. Heaven knows what Liverpool will do to us – Mane and Saleh. They tend to play us off the park anyway – with those two it could be carnage. I still remember Martial having Trippier on toast last season – when Walker came on Martial didn’t get past him once. Our style dictates that we need pace out wide. At the moment, we have none. COYS

  • We keep targeting defenders and goalies in the TW. Neither of those would’ve made much difference y’day. Need to address AM for more creativity….and of course add some pace. Also, I think we need to get away from casual sideways and backwards passing allowing far too much time for opposition to organise themselves. Most teams will be happy to sit back and counter us as we don’t move the ball quick enough. As for the article, strange conclusion to draw just after one game at ‘home’. Playing catch up already!. It’s not the players that need to adapt, it’s the coaches (tactical) and the man with the holding the purse.

  • I get little satisfaction in that my analysis of catenaccio versus high possession football was spot on here last week. Conte worked it to perfection as Gullitt & Jermaine also pointed out last night on Match of the Day. I haven’t got time to repeat it again but will merely say that Walker would have got back to stop the Alonso goal,Toby hit the 40 yard pass to Trippier which shoud have produced a goal & with Rose & Walker ‘s pace on the wings we would have beaten Conte’s catennaccio.The future of Spurs is in Levy’s hands .Chelsea are after Toby [as I said last week he’s the premiership’s answer to Bonucci],Manure are after Rose.Without these Walker ,Toby & Rose our counter attcking ability is dead in the water & we have no chance of beating teams like Chelsea,Manure or Monaco etc who all use pace to win games.The trickle of transfer requests will turn into a flood as our best players leave for better wages & Poch will go to a progressive club that pays it’s top players the going rate.Like Aunt Agatha in Poldark I see dark times ahead.

  • I don’t think the wembley thing had anything to do with the loss yesterday. We started slowly, felt our way into the game, slightly nervous but they we came out and worked hard and played well. I would suggest if they can’t shut out the media negativity and this wembley voodoo then we should get a few wins over the coming wembely games, if we lose them then fair enough, but its too early to say wembley is going to be a problem. I think our problems is lack of depth in the squad to compete with the first 11 and I also think with Rose out and unhappy, Walker gone we lack pace and we have too many injuries and players not match fit at the moment. Son, wanyama not match fit, Trippier has started with a injury, GK out, Lamela and Rose still out. Then add the fact that we have two players that have had poor seasons in Janssen and Sissoko, and GK and Winks still not back to his best it all mounts up

  • It is only one game, vs the premiership champions. I know people like to pretend this was Chelsea reserves, but they had a £70m striker to replace Costa and the likes of Bakayoko, who was excellent for Monaco last season, in place of Matic, who they decided to sell. The only significant player they had missing, was Hazard. We also had players out, or coming back from injury. That being said, I don’t see us doing as well at Wembley, as we did at WHL the last 2 season.

  • 4 EPL teams have moved stadium in recent years (Man City, Arsenal, S’ton and West ham) and they’ve all had inferior home records in the 1st year of the new stadium, compared to the previous season. It can take a while to adapt and we’ll have to adapt for 2 seasons running, with Wembley only being a transitional period.

  • Wembley hoodoo? I think this result had more to do with the Chelsea hoodoo. That Alonso strike was something he admitted he has never done before, not even in training and his second resulted from absurd errors by Lloris.. We forget that after the equaliser we were going all out for victory and it was the Chelsea fans who were biting their nails. Having said that if we had had more from the bench we could have still nicked this one, despite the hoodoo.

  • I do think JJ on MOTD did highlight one of our major problems with selling Walker, Trippier inability or may confidence to beat a man and make runs, lack of pace is his problem so he has to be very selective and daring, and yesterday he was not daring. It’s the same with Davies, he has to be selective and daring because of his lack of pace, and often than not he isn’t daring enough although he has done alright. But to have both sides without pace WILL NOT WORK imo. Will Rose come back and change that, not sure he is an unhappy chap and has a bad injury to get over. Will we get a pacy RB to compete with Trippier not sure and if we do how long will it take for him to get up to pace with Poch ideas. I do think we were silly to sell Walker, should have made him stay for this season at least after signing a contract last year. Still still over a wekk to go before wondow shuts and its the second game so no alarm bells yet, but its that balance of mixing up our play that we need to address and the strength of the bench.

  • @guyver, stop making excuses for your loss. You met a team that was tactically better. You are talking about comparison, did you remember that Bakayoko had a knee operation, didn’t do preseason and was only 50% fit, Rudiger and Christenson were starting their EPL career for the first time, not to mention the like of Fab and Cahill that were out through suspension. Pedro was injured and could only start from the bench.

  • Give over @Chistan, the Chavs were not tactically superior. As Poch said, they were more clinical with their finishing. The match stats show, with their attempts on goal, 2 conversions from a total of 2 on target, a virtual carbon copy of their conversion stats in last seasons FAC semi. We played them off the park in that game too. And before you start, yes, the only stat that counts is the scoreline, but from those last 2 performances against the Chavs, we have nothing to worry about playing against them. A win at the bridge & all will be forgotten ( we were unlucky in that one as well!). The Wembley hoodoo is just media doo-doo. COYMFS!!!

  • There is a lot of talk about our youngsters and yet today u23 lost to WestHam, our youngsters against Chelsea last season were pounded and u18 lost the other day. I am not sure our youngsters are as good as people make out which doesn’t look great for the future. Edwards played I wonder how good he played being that a lot of fans want him in the first team!

  • A ?Hoodoo? is a man-made (in this case, media made) suggestive state of mind. It has as much to do with playing football at Wembley as ghosts, evil spirits, fairies, gremlins, sorcerers, witches, fire-breathing dragons and the price of bananas in Iceland. Wembley is a football pitch. Teams play football on it. Either one of the teams wins or it ends in a draw. The result is completely dependent on only one thing … the way the teams play. Non supporters of THFC will no doubt enjoy promoting the ?hoodoo? theory because, well, because they?re non-supporters of THFC. It?s fun for them. Spurs supporters, who are far more informed and intelligent when it comes to football, will generally ignore or, at least, not promote such ridiculous dribble. Oops, sorry, my bad … I?ve just read through the comments. Apparently, many Spurs supporters do believe in gremlins.

  • We’ve gone from one of the smallest pitches in the premier league to one of the biggest, that has an effect. Its one we need to adjust to though as, if I understand it right, we has special dispensation for the small pitch at the old ground and we won’t be able to replicate it in the new stadium. With Walker gone and Rose injured the lack of pace is really showing, it needs addressing. At the end of the day though what comes this season comes. We need the new stadium, to build it we need to play at Wembley for a year, there are no real alternatives. Then next season we move on. Funnily enough I don’t think a mid season finish is such a terrible thing. The last two titles have been won by teams not playing in Europe, being back in the Europa would be much worse.

  • Chistan, Son also had no pre season, he came on with a cast on his arm from a broken arm. You talk about Bakayoko just coming back from a knee injury, but Danny Rose is still out from a knee injury and hasn’t played since January. Wanyama, the man who helped gift Chelsea the winner, also hasn’t had any pre season and this was his first game back after injury. Lamela is more of a starter for us when fit than Fabregas is for you and the stats prove that. Chelsea have one of, if not the highest wages in the EPL and a net spend of god knows how much in the last 10 years, so if you don’t have the squad to deal with a few problems, whos fault is that? You had 3 good chances and scored twice. Lloris literally had 2 saves to make in the entire game, you were simply more clinical, nothing more. Its not like you dominated us in the way Burnley dominated Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last week.

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