Date: 29th November 2018 at 8:30am
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Fresh from victory over Inter Milan in the Champions League clash in midweek, Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to take more bragging rights this Sunday as we make the short trip to the Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal.

With only one defeat in the last five Premier League games (four wins) we go into this tie incredibly high in confidence having put Inter and prior to that, Chelsea, to the sword and manager Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for his first team charges to solidify our third place in the top-flight table with another victory in this one.

Arsenal are unbeaten in the last five from a quick search, but that only includes two wins so form is in our favour and we have to make the most of it.

Unless I’m missing something blindingly obvious, the only doubts and those ruled out continue to be Victor Wanyama, Kieran Trippier, Davinson Sanchez, Mousa Dembele and often forgotten Vincent Jansson so it’s as we were with Juan Foyth coming back into Poch’s thoughts.

It may sound strange with Arsenal comfortably in fifth place (so it feels like no real change for them) but I do wonder if there will be chants of ‘Where’s Your Wenger Gone’ given they were supposed to reinvent the Premier League table once the Frenchman departed?

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  • They dont have confidence to beat us?? at home?? whether they have the ability and tactics is one thing, but I’m sure they as confident they can beat us, as confident as some of us think we can beat Barca away….

  • Agree that the key to the Chelski result was the start, the game was effectively over in 35 minutes, they never got started. The same is needed against the Scum, get them on the back foot early and keep them there, don’t let them get out of first gear. Test their bottle and they will be found wanting.

    • Frank, “Agree that the key to the Chelski result was the start, the game was effectively over in 35 minutes”. Absolutely. But you also have to remember that was 1 out of 20 odd games this season that we played like that from the off. If the same team (as per Chelsea) start then I could have greater hope of seeing a similar start. Hope Poch doesn’t make too many changes as imo, that’s why we have not shown our high press, high intensity flair this season, albeit, ground out results. Even a ground out result will do me v them!

  • the thing is we have Southampton on Wednesday after the Gooners and, no disrespect, but Poch can afford to rotate a bit more for that one and get the full senior team out for Sunday, minus Dembele of course, but, given Sissoko is hitting form he’s actually more direct than the mousse, in fact Sissoko could oddly be the key to this game as he can take their midfield on and suck in defenders. The way he blasted his way through the Inter Defence just shows how much power he has got and, as i said in a previous article, watching him close up and personal, as I did last Saturday, he’s a big unit and takes some stopping. He’s still work in progress cos he does switch off especially when he has the ball and he’s not sure who to pass to but you can see he and Aurier have a bit of an understanding so the right hand side of the pitch could be a good channel to bring the ball down against the Gooners especially if Xhaka’s playing, he wont be able to stop himself flying into Sissoko yellow card all day long that boy, hopefully early in the game and red card later on especially as its Mike Dean reffing the game (pmsl)

  • As we have shown in recent seasons, November / December a good run of results is achieved. This season is slightly better in that we have not drawn games like we did before. So I expect poch and the boys will be ready to out gun the gunners !……. Arsenal 1 Spurs 3. (this is my favorite prediction now sorry geof )

  • We’ll beat you deluded Spuds either 2-0 or 2-1. Finally got rid of that cancer known as Arsene Wenger. Bring on Sunday. Looking forward to drinking your tears

  • Drinking the tears of joy from an enemy supporter? Poor, unfortunate Gooner…

    … Is this some kind of dark, perverse initiation? Just one small part of a ritualistic, rites of passage ceremony, for young Arsenal fans that are about to enter into a lifetime of sacrificial, self-harm? Don’t do it kid!

  • Thank you Jason for that contribution always nice to hear from one of the Village Idiots from Holloway Road ….not sure why but this particular NLD feels particularly special …I think its because Scum feel like the poor relation at the wedding and have done for the last few seasons so now they are getting a taste of what they used to dish out to us since the Premiership started …..the comments from the Arse are not so cocky anymore they find it hard to look down at us. When Poch arrived we became their equals now 4 seasons in with Poch in charge were the better team and that is with a net spend that is a third of what the Gooners have spent over the last 3 years trying to get back into the top 4 ……, as i say Jason, always good to hear from the “your not singing anymore ” Woolwich Brigade! Looking forward to seeing all you Gooners on Sunday and watching the seats empty as your support trudge off after 80 minutes when you realise the game is lost, don’t forget to get the crowd sound affects switched on at the Emirates Conference Centre . COYS!

  • The thing about Arsenal at the moment is they are actually over achieving. They have serious fire power up front but their midfield and especially their defence is nothing special. What they do have is a smart manager who has them organised. None of the crap we used to hear from our fans about it being an honour to play in the Europa, as soon as he could play a team of kids he did. Which means he’ll have them in about as good a shape as possible come Sunday. I don’t expect the kind of tactical stupidity we saw from Sarri in the Chelsea game, Emery will have a game plan to make it difficult for us. Add to that the fact they are at home and I think this will be a tough game to win. On the other hand we have better players and are in the best form of the season so far. I don’t like talking about six pointers especially this early in the season. But win this one and we put real pressure on Arsenal and Chelsea. Its not so much what it would do for us as how much it would hurt them.

  • The way I see this game is that we are the better team on paper, even away. I still have doubts about their back 4 and I also believe that while Arsenal have improved under Emery, they still have weaknesses which we can exploit. That doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt us, but it’s not a well rounded team like say, a Man City are. Unlike City, you can point to specific areas of weakness and I fancy our chances to get something from the game. Both teams are on a very good run of form so it should be a good game.

    I also believe that dropping points against Arsenal wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, given how our season is going so far. That doesn’t mean that it’s what I want, but I just think that in the broader context of a difficult period of games, we are in the mix regardless of what happens against Arsenal. I would have happily taken 6 points from 3 games against Chelsea, Arsenal and Southampton before the games were played, and I stand by that. Whether we get 3 points Sunday or Wednesday matters only for bragging rights. The important is to stay on pace.

    All in all, approach this game with minimal pressure and hope for the best.

  • Isn’t it great to read optimism and enthusiasm on here from fellow fans, am as happy as the proverbial pig. We are getting there slowly but surely, would have it no other way.

    Just read a stat on Sissoko, played/started 23 games, 1 loss, seems he could be important, well he is turning out to be a brute/beast. COYS

  • The goon scum know they won’t get anything if they try and park the bus ???? so they’re gonna have to probably try and press high and attack us. Should be a good game to watch. I’d feel better if we had Sanchez available with his pace and all around superhero attributes, but I think we will do them 3 or 4 -1. Our attacking options are really some of the worlds best now. Kane obviously but Dele Alli, Eriksen, Son are all good enough for the worlds top teams and we have them all, plus Lucas baldy and Lamela. I don’t care who city have or who Liverpool have, we are good enough to win this league and if it’s not this year it will be next year or the year after that, so long as we keep Poch happy.

  • BS …. Have to agree with all you say in your last comment. I expect a win but we have to play Arsenal twice (discounting cup games) and we only need one win against them to stay on track. They also have United and Pool (two away games) in December. It’s going to be a very interesting season.

  • Apart from some brief highlights here and there, I’ve not really watched Arsenal this season. So knowing the extreme bias we all have against them and knowing they are on a long unbeaten run. I was taking the comments on here about them being the much inferior team to Spurs with a wee pinch of salt. Thinking that I’ll save my genuine judgement on them until I’ve watched the Derby.

    I then see that old Gooney-Chops himself, Paul Merson, when asked to pick a combined Spurs/Arsenal 11, only went with two gunners in his team; Aubameyang and Ozil. And that our old favourite, Tim (Gooner) Sherwood, picked his (uncombined 11) with all Spurs players in it. Not a red to be seen… Haha!

  • In the same way I was delighted when Sarri started with Morata instead of Giroud I want Arsenal to start with Ozil. Some players, no matter how talented, are just not fighters. When the going gets tough they have a tendency to disappear. I could be proved wrong but to me Ozil is one of those players and the game Sunday is likely to be a battle.

  • HT …. Of the combined teams selected by pundits, I hope we never have to play Sherwood’s selection in a knock-out competition!

  • I cannot pronounce your name Merson’s selection hahaha! what a knob! Jermain Jenas got it spot on when he said “wouldn’t swap any of ours for any of theirs”. Well said.

    Off topic” me and her indoors have just adopted a rescued “left on the streets Romanian Staffy”, as he will now be a Spurs fan, collar/lead n bandanna, one of my mates suggested changing his name to Mauricio Pooch-ettino, it made me chuckle. Anyway COYS

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