Date: 26th October 2017 at 2:41pm
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The article/post below comes from a thread started inside the forum by 4evrspurs – which I have tidied up just a tad.

” Not sure how this would sit with majority, however I can`t stop thinking we should put alot of effort into getting Sanchez from the sc** this summer.

He’s World Class, would give competition, proven in the league and has that star quality Signing. Wages would be the issue, however as he’ll be on a free, can`t we give him a massive singing on fee (would be like a transfer fee), which would compensate our wage structure?

More so than all of this can you imagine how much this would annoy the Ars** fans no end. It would even heal some of the wounds left by Judas.

They didn`t care he was a Spurs player when they took him, why? because he was an outstanding player.

I think we would get this [healing of some very old wounds] if we got Sanchez. Would he come, is another matter??.. however you never know without trying.

3-2-1 before the bashing…… “

I agreed with him, it really would be a game changer – in every sense of the term. I still feel we need an outstanding World class skills player of his sort to really be able to compete at the top table.

But as I suspect we all know,to sign him we would either have to give him a massive signing on fee and pay him wages that would simply break every limit we have got and start a civil war among the decision makers, agents and the players within the club.

But I do love the idea, most of all is because it would pain those of my friends who are Arsenal loving fans for the rest of their lives.

Could we do it?


‘Alexi, imagina un £ 30 mill firmando tarifa más £ 90k por semana y bonificaciones alcanzables de £ 30 k por semana – te pondría en el mismo nivel que Harry, ¡y qué combo harías! ‘


“Estoy harto de Wenger, y el Arsenal está retrocediendo. Sí, quiero jugar para ti. Vamos a hacer un trato!

Who of you would love the idea and who would hate it?


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  • I don’t give a Wengers gonad that he currently plays for the Goon Show. But, the man wants to apperently play for a lot more money than we will pay him. He earns more at Arsenal than we would currently pay him at Spurs but he is said to want more than twice as much his current salary. If he is prepared to be paid less than half of this twice as much, then yes please Mr. Levy. Ah but no!

  • That’s a lot of currents in just that one paragraph. But I didn’t wanna be a-raisin anyone’s hopes on the likelihood of buying yet another expensive Sanchez.

  • I would take him if we could get him because I don’t affiliate him with being a Arsenal lover, he is a lover of playing football and wants to win and imo isn’t concerned about ‘who with’.. he is not like Wiltshere, or Walcott who are Arsenal lovers. So definately a yes but can’t see it happening even with a big signing on fee. Bigger clubs will come in for him who want go out of the CC so early after going 2 nil up aginst a very poor WH side. That loss last night sent out the message we have been trying to get rid of ‘we were spursy’ in another way – arrogent, complacent and unprofessional. So we have no chance with him

  • Let’s get real, his wage expectations would decimate our pay structure, he is simply out of our price range.

  • Nah, but if you want to really go about it then poach one of their young and upcoming ones and proceed to turn him/them into a world class player/s under the tutelage of MP whilst in our colours. Then sell him/them onto Real,PSG or Barca.

  • Great line, HT …. ‘If he is prepared to be paid less than half of this twice as much, then yes please Mr. Levy.’

  • Would fit us perfectly as he works hard and is obviously talent, but as has already been said, he’d demand too much in wages.

  • Lol Geof. Seems like an expression Wenger has developed sitting in a library for years!

    In other news, plenty doing rounds on Luke Shaw….now that’s do-able.

  • Even if we could get around the wage issue, I think there’s a bigger issue in attitude. I could be wrong, but I think he could end up being disruptive. I was disappointed when they signed because he’s a good player, but he’s not the world-beater his talent might suggest IMO

  • For the money, I think there are other, younger players who would be better fits. But a great player for sure.

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