Date: 9th June 2018 at 11:32am
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As long as I can recall, the clamour has been there for the top-tier of English football to implement a winter break, just as they do so on the continent.

Yesterday, it was announced that from the 2019 / 2020 season, the Premier League will, indeed, have a winter break.

The plan is for a staggered break to be introduced in February.

In order to accommodate the break, the plan is to play five matches on the first weekend and five the following weekend.

It has also been agreed that the 5th round of the FA Cup will be moved to midweek and that replays will be scrapped at that stage of the competition.

Those that run the game are backing their plans with such bold statements as – ‘a significant moment for English football’ and that it ‘will greatly benefit club and country’.

But what do you, the Spurs faithful think of the decision?

Is it something you applaud or are you just a little wary of the season being interrupted by yet another break?

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5 Replies to “A Winter Break Becomes Reality For The Premier League But……”

  • seriously,yes or no.i’m undecided.But for the good of the game,I reckon,a winter break we should try,good for team & country.About time we won the W/C again & the league cup,involve the lower teams only,from championship & below,don’t involve the premier league.that way,our players will be up to the European games & the W/C games when we come up against it.Only then,we can compete against the top European teams.THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Always finishing off as BRIDESMAID or worse.Something to ponder about.

  • If we relegate the FA Cup any further from it’s previous position as footballs most historic and coveted domestic KO competition, we might as well pack it in all together. To play the 5th round (last 16) ties mid week, to do away with replays at this stage, and revert to penalties after 90 minutes is to massively devalue the competition, a process started by the PL clubs playing scratch teams with little commitment to winning it. It is yet another sad day for those who appreciate the history of our great game.

  • Frank – Its just recognising reality, the Champions league is now more important to clubs. Look at Arsenal, three FA Cup wins in five years and the fans were not happy.

  • Frank … I have to agree with your sentiments regarding the FA Cup and its place in English, and world, football history. But, sadly, jod is right. The FA is just a part of a much greater beast now and there are so many agendas to consider …. most of which are money driven. It’s the way of the world (sigh!).

  • I think the winter break is a positive development, and the staggered approach is a good idea to reconcile the need for rest VS what the fans want.

    As for the FA cup, the changes reflect an evolving landscape. Personally I’d rather see the FA cup traditions maintained and the League Cup disappear, but that’s another story.

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