Date: 9th June 2018 at 11:21am
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The wonderful news that broke yesterday, with Harry Kane signing a new five-year deal, put a smile on my face.

The new contract means that our leading striker won’t be the subject of transfer enquiries from Europe’s leading clubs in the near future.

But more importantly, his new weekly wage reputed to be £200,000 a week lifts Kane to the level of his peers in the Premier League.

It also signals a change in attitude from those that run our club, a change that, at last, signals Tottenham Hotspur are ready to change their wage structure to match the levels of our competitors

This morning we’re greeted by the further possible good news, with the tabloid publication the Mirror, reporting that Tottenham are also set to offer two more of their squad improved long-term deals with the duo being 22-year-old Dele Alli and 26-year-old Christian Eriksen.

However, it remains to be seen if this dawn of a new era will see Toby Alderweireld’s situation at the club change.

Will the 29-year-old Belgian international defender be offered new terms that get his approval, or has he already burnt his bridges?

I guess time will reveal all.


24 Replies to “Tottenham Hotspur Welcome The Dawn Of A New Era”

  • Whilst I welcome the news, I doubt very much it’s any where near the 200K/pw, more likely to be nearer 150K + bonuses and more importantly probably a 1/4 billion release clause. Good news nonetheless and hope Dele and Eriksen are tied up to a more on-par deals. What’s more, I still don’t see any activity in the transfer market. Brave and take risks?…no sign of it yet, unless raising Harry’s wage was the ‘brave’ bit and the ‘risk’ will be last COYS!

  • I don’t think it really represents a new attitude, it represents a new financial reality. The timing of the announcement is significant, coming as the new stadium is nearing completion. This tells me Levy is now confident on what the stadium will cost, what the repayment of the debt will take out of the coffers and what additional revenues it will bring in. He’s done the sums and believes he can now pay his players more while still balancing the books, being Levy he’s almost certainly got his arithmetic right. Since Kane sets the benchmark further new contracts are inevitable. The suggestion was Eriksen and Ali would be on a £100k a week, Toby was supposed to be after £150k a week so I doubt anything has changed there. It makes sense to prioritise keeping as much as you can of your existing talent, that’s what has got us this far. The point I would make though is these pay rises have been earned as opposed to bringing in someone on massive wages who may or may not deliver. To my mind that is a better way, show us what you can do and you will be rewarded. No doubt Moura has already been told that if he does well next season he can expect a substantial pay rise.

  • jod … Totally agree.

    I dare say a Spurs fan on 150,000 pounds (approx) would not worry too much that he could get more elsewhere if he could play in a Spurs shirt. Within three months Harry could buy everything he wants …. which he has probably done already. How the hell can he spend his weekly wage after that? I imagine many of his relatives and close friends will be looked after, too. And, on top of it all, he has the opportunity to be the greatest legend at the club he loves. No other club can offer him that!

  • One other thing to maybe mention is bonuses. For some reason some fans seem to dislike them, to me they make perfect sense. Pay a significant bonus for champions league qualification and the extra revenue pays the bonus. If the squad under performs and you don’t make it then you don’t show a loss and the players know they need to do better next time. So if the new contracts do include a significant bonus element then that is a plus as far as I’m concerned.

  • jod … I agree with that, too. A bonus system in general does give players more incentive and opportunity to ‘try harder’ …. not that I’m suggesting our players need it! And it’s more effective if it comes on top of a decent salary in the first place.

    I think THFC is about to become a whole lot more attractive to top players in the UK and beyond.

  • jod & Geofspurs….couldn’t agree with you both more, well said.

    New Dawn New Era sounds like the title of a new Blues album!, album I must be getting old, lol. COYS

  • Yes good news on the increase in basic wages by Mr Levy. This increase with the best bonus system as I have said recently….in PL makes Spurs a top club to play for. So it follows top players will sign up. COYS

  • At last, we seem to be waking up to the reality that if you want to keep your best players, or indeed attract new recruits, you have to pay salaries/bonuses comparable with what rivals, clubs of similar status do. No we can’t compete with Man City, but with the promise of our young squad, and the prospect of the new stadium and training facility, and the promise of stability with MP signing a new deal, if we pay attractive salaries the likes of Ali, Eriksen, Vertonghen, and most of the rest should resist any temptation to leave. Pity about Alderwiereld who seems unlikely to stay but at 29 with fitness issues, and the fact that we largely managed without him last season, and although his quality is beyond question, it maybe that in the interest of the future and if we can get a reasonable fee for him, we bite the bullet and let him go. Please when we recover from the euphoria of all this can we continue to pursue the 2 perhaps 3 signings we need to elevate us to the next level.

  • The arrival of Sanchez, and his excellent contribution to the team last season, softens the blow should we lose Toby.

  • frank dore – No we aren’t “waking up to the reality”. We are doing what we’ve been doing, spending what we earn. With the new stadium we will just have more to spend, so that’s what we will be doing.

  • Natural progression to reward our players better given regular CL qualification for the last 3 season’s plus the new stadium. Like the system, good basic wage with lucrative bonuses/incentives on top. We should now be able to attract top talent especially top young talent to the club with relative ease as we also now have the mantra of allowing young talent to play and progress through the team from an early age.

  • The timing is great. Our best player, our biggest name signs a monster new deal. We just need to tie Eriksen and Alli down now. Them 3 are our biggest names and players.

    Once we trim the squad because man we need too we will then be able to buy new players. No more average squad players. Promote youth and buy players good enough to play in our system and to our philosophies.

    This summer is massive for the club as we can’t stand still.

  • “I don’t think it really represents a new attitude, it represents a new financial reality”

    Exactly jod, it also indicates that as expected, Levy will be reinvesting the increased revenue into the team, rather than lining his own pockets, as some of his critics have suggested. We seem to be on the right track, especially when you compare our growth, with all the other clubs who were on par with us not so long ago, like Leeds and Villa!

  • “At last, we seem to be waking up to the reality that if you want to keep your best players, or indeed attract new recruits, you have to pay salaries/bonuses comparable with what rivals,”

    frank, the fact plans for a new 60k stadium started several years ago sought of implies Levy was well aware of this “reality”. Another reality is the Leeds United gamble, a business model of spending well beyond your means, which took a team playing in a CL semi in 2001, all the way down to League one in just a few seasons.

  • Cap’n Kane big new deal. How can there be a Kane Mutiny now/ New deals to come for Alli and the Dane. Now if only DL will spend some money to replace WHL we’ll be playing with the big boys. Oh, and let’s build a practice facility that could attract some decent WC team to rent for practice. Then maybe we can start to compete with teams like RM in the CL.

    Wait. These things already happening? What’s left for us to moan about? Great grief. It hardly feels like supporting Spurs on VS when things are going so well. Who am I? Who are we? What are we doing here? The world is a buzzing whirl of confusion. Things are going too well. VS will die, there’s so little to moan about.

    Ah, wait. Maybe there will be no new signings. Then we can get back to what we know how to do: moan and complain. Thanks to the gods, things can be normal again. Soon we can fight for relegation.

  • The Kane deal is £200k a week with another £5mm per annum in bonuses. It is a massive deal. We do however have a major problem and that is we are right at the ceiling of foreign players and must get rid of an amount equal to the amount of foreign players we want to sign. Hence why we ar being linked with Lascelles and Grealish. Looks like we are back in the position of having to sell before we can buy but for a different reason. I would sell Sissoko for Grealish any day but I would keep Toby over Lascelles.

  • Will probably sell Janssen, Llorente and N’Koudou which will free up 1 foreigner spot, the spot Llorente is currently holding. Then it will be swappsies with current foreigners out if any are to come in or if one of our own forces their way out – Toby, Mousa, etc. Sissoko is almost certainly going nowhere like Dembele. Vorm has signed for 1 season more so that might well free up a space next season. Shame about Dier and his back-ground being “foreign”.

  • One thing we should remember in all this is we still have to pay back the debt incurred in building the new stadium so not all the extra income will be immediately available. The trouble is without access to the financial information (assuming we could understand it) there’s no way of knowing what the impact of debt repayment will be. But Levy wouldn’t have sanctioned new contracts if we couldn’t afford them so clearly we aren’t in Arsenal’s position where it took ten years before the stadium was profitable.

  • I agree with both jod and Guver’s posts…

    This doesn’t come as any surprise to me at all. After news of Pochettino’s improved and extended contract, I immediately forecasted on here that the next big news from THFC would be exactly this. New and greatly improved contracts for our players. (Well, I doubt that Harry’s will be the only one.)

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