Date: 31st December 2018 at 8:00am
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Tottenham Hotspur ended 2018 with a disappointing defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers at Wembley Stadium, but it had been a very good opening half to the current season and we go into the New Year’s Days clash with Cardiff City looking to retake second spot from Manchester City and get that gap closed to Liverpool who top the Premier League table.

Heading to the Cardiff City Stadium for Tuesday’s late kickoff, manager Mauricio Pochettino knows Neil Warnock’s side will be tough and full of energy – and quite possibly full of fouls as well – but whatever happens, Warnock will be looking for excuses as Spurs should have enough to bounce back from our previous disappointment and take all three points on offer.

With the New Year hopefully bringing a fresh face or two to bolster the group, we will eventually have our new White Hart Lane back as well and that should be a significant boost for everyone.

For now though, just get the win.


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  • We simply can’t afford another “shock” result to follow the Wolves fiasco, we must resumes winning ways to maintain a top 4 position amidst challenges from Chelsea and Arsenal. We will struggle to take points from direct rivals, so can’t afford to drop points against also ran and relegation prospect clubs. Yes we have a congested programme, yes we have injuries and a paper thin squad, but we must overcome these excuses and resume winning ways.

  • A happy new year to all fellow Spurs fans, may it be as successful as we all wish and hope. You never know we might even be into the new stadium at some time during 2019.

  • Wolves was a blip, they are that kind of team that can cause an upset in a game where you don’t take your chances or take your foot off the gas. Cardiff are good at frustrating teams, but I’m going for Cardiff 0-7 Tottenham

    2 for Kane
    Hat-trick for Son
    1 for Dele and 1 for Eriksen

  • I see the delusion that footballers are energiser bunnies who never get tired and sports science is bunkum is still going strong. Even Pochettino is beginning to admit players get tired. But to Frank its just “excuses”, I suppose fantasies are a lot more comforting than dealing with reality. Anyone who was at the Wolves game would have seen our team disintegrate 60 minutes in, like a marathon runner hitting the wall. If our squad is running on empty its going to take something special to manage the games coming up. God help us against Dortmund as they come off their mid season break while we are being run into the ground.

  • jod….I do agree regards the tiredness, as you said it was pretty obvious in Saturday’s game, players are not machines no matter the “sports science”.

    Tomorrow, here we go back to winning ways after our “blip”, not spursy as some idiots are saying, it happens that’s football, lessons will be learnt, so am going for “game over by half time” with a final score of 0-4.

    Happy Spurs New Year to my fellow yids. COYS

  • Disappointing but hopefully a blip. Our fixture list has been particularly unkind but it is what it is. Hopefully the Cardiff result tomorrow will give us the start we all wish for in 2019.
    Happy new year all regardless.

  • I’m fed up with you optimistic types. Poch out! Sell Kane and Ericksen and Alli and Son and a few others of the dregs that have been holding us down. Let’s see some starts for those who really deserve to start–the Janssens and Llorentes et al. Bring in some fresh blood like Charlie Adam or Mezit Ozil. Bring back Adebayor and Harry Redknapp. Let’s sell the new WHL to Arse n hole and move to South London. Let’s put on a big second half push for relegation.

    Humbug New Year to you optimists.

  • JoD, no excuses for tiredness, Frank is right completely and utterly right … MP over plays Kane ,., Bournemouth 3-0 take him off not needed on … what does he do wait … other games Waits til 85th minute … you keep thinking you know it all … after all we are bitter, malice supporters according to yourself … the failings to buy correct players is costing the team injuries … and the fact MP fails to play the players he wanted ..Llorente etc …. failing to play to the strengths … consistently playing Davies when he is not a LWB.. and ripped a new Arse by Wolves same for a trippier … Lloris consistently making mistakes when we can ill afford them… maybe you could try and address why players constantly pick up hamstring injuries .. why, over trained and over played … still most are not “real supporters” as we are not allowed to be negative … most are not 70 odd plus like you and never had to watch the great team in the 60s .. we have every right to criticise the players .. this team will always be a nearly nearly team if they win nothing,

  • Aston Vill won the title playing with only 14 players over a 42 game season … do. To give tiredness as an excuses I don’t see liverpool complaining… they had players at the World Cup also. So did City, Chelsea..

  • Happy New Year guys and gals!

    I hope Harry rams Warnocks criticism back down his throat with a hattrick in a 5-0 win. 🙂

  • E17yid….well a Happy bloody New Year to you, cheer up it might never happen lol!

    Am with Geofspurs with a 0-3, nah! sod it 0-4 win.

    Happy New Year to all and sunder yids. COYS

  • Well said E17. As usual in Jod’s eyes anybody with an alternative view to his as wrong and an idiot.

  • Lol, @ PY, I was stuck on duty last night .. in Sydney with the numpties for NYE … apart from that it was a good day … sorry, I just see JOD, calling fellow supporters offering constructive criticism.. unneeded names, well, not as direct as Frank but you get my gist … Frank really has summed up the team well this season … do I agree with it all of course not .. does he agree with me well .. a bloody surprise to see a Frank has here lol … I can only assume Tottenham is our form of Brexit .. and JOD is the remain camp … wants to remain , doesn’t offer any sound advice ,, and when the leaver in franks instance offers justified reasons or asks for the remainer to suggest .. the leaver is abused. Oh jeez I hate politics…

  • New Year’s resolution for Spurs: Play the Spurs way. Do no win by boring the opposition to death. Win by playing glorious football. Dare. Do. Do not cheat to win. Play to make us proud. This is our way. This should be our only way. Play glorious football. Play beautiful football.

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