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I started to write a two-sentence comment but it grew. Sorry!

It seems to me that when Spurs drop a point (or three) some supporters forget everything that went before, take it very personally, and spit venom all over the club. I use the term ‘supporters’ very loosely as this kind of attitude is as far away from being a supporter as you can get (there is a definition of ‘supporter’ in the dictionary). Why do some supporters take it personally? What makes them think a club exists purely for THEIR personal gratification …. which is far removed from reality?

We lose a game and some supporters get angry. We fail to win a trophy and some supporters get angry. The club fails to do what THEY want in the TW and some supporters get angry. Both disappointment and satisfaction sit on a supporters shoulder. Disappointment is a huge part of being a football supporter and we all express it …. but where the hell does all the anger and venom come from. Where did some supporters get the attitude that one set-back is the end of the world as they know it? How the hell have they managed to survive the rest of their lives? Why aren’t they total basket-cases? Fortunately, most supporters are more realistic.

What do these supporters fail to understand about the fact that Football is an entertainment WITH NO GUARANTEES! Most supporters who understand the game deal with any failures and triumphs as they happen because the game is an ongoing parade of failures and triumphs. Why then do some supporters have the attitude that the game should only be a series of triumphs? Or even one triumph! Where is the logic in that?

Many clubs in the English leagues have no idea what a triumph or trophy looks like. They have a trophy cabinet devoid of trophies. But their supporters enjoy supporting their team week after week because of the entertainment value and because every point their teams gains is its own little triumph, and they have hope that something even more special is on the horizon. And supporters survive on hope!

The past three PL seasons have seen Leicester, Chelsea and City win the title, one time each. But across those three seasons Tottenham have been the most consistent club, played a great deal of brilliant football, and been a joy to watch. Does that mean nothing? Why would all Tottenham supporters not feel blessed by that? I want to win every game 3-0 and every trophy that’s on offer. If I was stupid I’d become very angry when we don’t.

I’ve always found it interesting that all of the so-called ‘optimists’ and supporters with ‘rose-coloured-glasses’ can accept ‘dropped points’ with just a degree of disappointment, but without the need to denigrate the club and players they are supposed to be supporting? Why is that? Is it because they lack passion or because they understand the way football works, and accept it?

Losing to Wolves was the biggest disappointment to me for a very long time. Not because we lost a game but because a fine run had taken us to a position where anything was possible. But after the disappointment came the realisation that there are still 18 games left and so anything is still possible. To me, Football is the most exciting roller-coaster ride of all …. win, lose, or draw (remember draws?).

If Tottenham does not win anything this season it will because other clubs deserved it more and were better on their day. It won’t be a personal slight or attack aimed at supporters. And it won’t be from a lack of trying or to invite anger and venom from ‘supporters’.

To be clear …. I am not talking about the normal criticism and discussions or arguments that most supporters engage in on forums such as VS (which has some awesome posters or I wouldn’t be here). I am talking about the anger, venom, and derision aimed at a club by supporters who expect, like a child, that they should have everything they want …. and if it doesn’t happen just the way they want, someone is to blame. Really? The people to blame are themselves …. for not understanding the game and for being a victim of their own unrealistic expectations.

So, here’s some fatherly advice! If, being a football supporter continually brings the emotion of anger and resulting venom into your life and you cannot deal with it, find an interest more soothing to pursue …. such as knitting! The advice is free. Gotta love football!


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  • Well said, as an outsider I think Spurs are the only team in the PL likely to break the stranglehold of the ‘chosen few.’ I know the Foxes won the league – and gave all teams a dream again, but that was never going to be the start of a dominant Leicester City era, Spurs on the other hand, could. You also play some amazingly attractive football. Be happy!!!

  • BS …. In anticipation of a comment from you, you should know that I consider you to be one of the awesome posters mentioned above. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea! : – )

  • Nice one Geof and well written, thouģh I think you made a typo: surely you’d like Spurs to win every game 10-0 at least?

  • A very accurate appraisal of the situation, we all want to win every game but must appreciate the progress made by the team. We are now pressing for Champions League football every year and that first trophy is not too far away now with the way the team are playing and winning when not at our best. Let’s all keep the faith and support the boys instead of slaughtering individuals at the sign of the first poor performance. COYS

  • Absolutely correct Geoff and very disappointing whenever I come back from any match and read the threads.Strangely enough we WONT win every match 3-0 and we will get beaten !!
    I am with Poch and the team 100% although I do sometimes wonder about the strange decisions like being 5-0 up against Bournemouth and having the perfect opportunity to make 3 substitutions with 25 minutes to go…i.e. Kane/Son/Sissoko off ??
    I think 75 points will be Top 4 so we need to win 10 games from 18…That’s the target for me

  • The thing about these vitriolic “fans” is they never explain how to achieve the faultless season, how to spend money you don’t actually have, who these affordable, available players who would transform our team actually are.

  • I heard Steve Claridge on Radio 5live last week, saying that trophies only matter to people who know nothing about football, and the rest of the ‘expert’ panel heartily agreed with him – obviously Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger, Guardiola and the other know-nothings, have been wasting their time chasing silverware – why didn’t they appreciate that failure is as worthwhile as success, a lesson us expert Spurs followers (I’m not worthy to call myself a ‘supporter’) learned long ago. Taking my tongue out of my cheek, we’ll never be the power we once were if a defeat like the Wolves one isn’t hard to swallow – it ought to be if we’re serious about being a top club, but if we’re not, then what the hell – if we lose to Chelsea and Dortmund, what does it matter, it’s only a game after all.

  • Geofspurs….well said there, some post, I love it and agree, but “the cat amongst the pigeons” could arise.

    Cheshuntboy….I think what Geofspurs is trying to say is, correct me if I am wrong,…yes losing to Wolves was/is hard to swallow, top clubs do sometimes lose these types of games, but some fans do take it way to far with their vitriol and anger, it is football and not the end of the world as we know it, did I explain and get it right there.

    Your comment “if we lose to Chelsea and Dortmund, what does it matter, it’s only a game” yes in the end it is only a game, yes it matters, but! what happens if we play brilliantly, best games all season but lose to luck on the opponents part or a dodgy ref decision. Is it the “end if the world” no we will still follow/support Spurs as I have done for 58 years or is it 59 years haha.

    As a passing comment do you think the 4 managers you mentioned would/will have got their success with out the “big bucks” they were allowed to spend. For me Poch is a success esp’ with what he has to deal with dosh wise. COYS

  • modern day finances are different to running a two bob company … may times, I have explained about the short term and long term business plans that companies use… a player is always a short term projection .. ie Player A signs for 5 years at a cost of 25 million he has a depreciating value … at say 5m per year … THFC write these costs off … same for his wages … hence the players transfer and wage budget each year… they factor income revenue …. ie, Season ticket sales, Shirt sales, Spinsorship , TV revenue … hospitality etc… hence you have a basic graph of outgoings and incoming funds … when a player signs a new contract, there is no transfer fee .. just sign on and ongoing wages again. … again some is offset via the players names on shirts ….. this is an ongoing budget and cycle … factor in assists such as the value of players .. it gives the company projections year on …. the stadium, is on a long term business plan … ie 1b divide over say 20 years is a repayment of say 50m a year or whatever .. thus, it gives a complete difference to players purchases … the simplicity of reasons to why at this present time we cannot buy the quality players we require is because we have insufficient places within the squad.

  • Great article Geoff, it, supporters have every right to bemoan lacklustre performances.. Lloris, had a shocker yet again against wolves… Every fan has a right to expect the team to win every game … every support supports the team in a different way … I have an Optus contract which gives rights to watch the games, is gives Optus money to pay for the rights that go the EPL , and spurs get payments from them…. I pay the $150 each for he 3 shirts, I buy my daughter her shirts, other merchandise ie coats Caps.. am I not a worthy supporter??? I am not 70 odd and seen Spurs win the double, Cup winners cup etc … I have only see the UEFA cup, FA Cup and a couple of Leauge cups … I still expect Spurs to win a trophy … it’s not acceptable a team of our statue always fluff our lines … Chelsea, Uts in the last 2 semi finals 2015 fluffed our lines etc … yes we have an exceptional team .. but they have won nothing …. MP, I very much doubt accepts finishing 4th as successful .. he has virtually said as much…

  • @JOD, you honestly honk us supports have malice towards the club .. you are seriously deluded … as said every support has the right to voice an opinion .. but for you to say other fans are filled with bitterness etc … is borderline disgraceful .. you never can suggest a fan just have to berate other supporters … just for the record … Spurs… do. Or need to spend 200m on one player … and further more Supporters are not paid 100’s of thousands or millions to find players … if they were they would be in the scouting network for he team… just because you seem to honk you know all you actually kind of know nothing … maybe it’s old age huh.

  • if there’s no passion in watching your team play then what’s the point ,and when we win it’s great and we’ve lost it can be demoralising prime example wolves d other day, why??because the team had got themselves into a position where they became title contenders which every spurs fan wants I hope and then where deflated and yes that’s game we love , just when you think it’s going brilliant you get kick in d gooles.yes things are said in immediate aftermath of defeat sometimes over the top other times on the money weither it be certain players having a shocker or poch not making changes in games i.e. Hammering Everton, Bournemouth and not giving players rest, d other been wolves game for 15 -20 mins it was pretty obvious wolves were taken control of the game poch did not move quick enough to shore midfield, I think that’s fair criticism?honestly I think it’s easy to say if we win great and if lose what about it move onto next match, passion in your club and in the game and the heat of the moment doesn’t let you think that way.good debate lads one love one Tottenham passion.

  • E17yid….just to point out we are not all over 70 having watched the double season. lol! By the way football, its finances/wealth with its sugar daddies has moved on a bloody long way since the 60’s/70’s and all them cups. For me, a few years off 70 yet, I think we are having a fine season so far and may it carry on into 2019.

    A supporter has every right to moan about the team he supports, but it is the hatred/vitriol that is thrown at some players, it is just not required or nice, that I hate it, by all means gripe n moan but stop with the venom.

    Me, I got angry and had a gripe during and after the Wolves episode, esp’ the 2nd half, and I have to meet my old service buddy who is a massive Wolves fan, but hey! its not going to ruin my life so I move on, take it out on Cardiff today lads. COYS

  • Being critical of some of Poch’s decisions is not being disloyal to the team. Indeed it is the very reverse since this recognises that it is not always the fault of the players when things go wrong. Nor is it being disloyal to Poch since credit will be given to him when he gets it right.

    As Spurs supporters we all want our team to succeed. For those like me who express our frustration here when we fall short for reasons that seem obvious to us, I suppose what’s at the back of our minds is that our message might somehow get through to the powers that be and change things for the better. Fanciful I know but having ideas about how our performance might have been improved is part and parcel of being a supporter in my opinion.

    And to those who argue all this should be left to those in charge of the team I would argue that there is definitely a place for supporters reactions to be fed back to the decision makers so that they can take account of them even if they do not act on them. It happens in other businesses, why not in football?

  • E17yid – Ever heard of a full stop ? You don’t seem to see the logical contradiction. If you don’t know who these players are who are affordable and would improve the team then by definition you don’t know they exist. So how can you criticise anyone for not making signings ? But you do anyway.

  • Stan Rosenthal – two different scenarios. If you say he did this, he should have done that its a simple matter of opinion and fair comment. If you say he shouldn’t have done that without saying what he should have done you are simply being negative. In the case of the Wolves game we had a team that simply ran out of energy 60 minutes in and fell apart. Since we are obligated to play twice a week with no recovery time and thanks to the World Cup most of our squad had no down time to recover in the summer I would argue that’s pretty much inevitable. At any rate no criticism I have read actually addresses the issue or suggests what could be done about it, which makes all the comments negative.

    • Agreed jod, no good just whinging without indicating what you think ought to have been done. In the case of the last two games I criticised Poch for keeping on our front runners for almost the whole game after we were 3 or 4 goals up. Clearly he could have subbed them then and given them a bit of a rest before the Wolves game. Then I criticised Poch for not bringing on fresh legs in that game when, to use your own words, the team ran out of energy after 60 mins.. Again the obvious response in those circumstances seemed to me to stiffen the defence, perhaps by bringing on Foyth and Rose, who could also be used in an attacking role. There was also the option at the end of game to throw the kitchen sink at Wolves when we were 2-1 down by bringing on Nkoudou if all thee subs had not been used.

      In my opinion this is constructive not negative criticism.

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