Date: 1st February 2018 at 10:37am
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Our weekly update looking at the injury table for Tottenham Hotspur and also comparing with all our competitors in the Premier League.

A look at our injuries and how they compare to other teams. Twenty five games in:

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Up to five now, but at least they all appear to be short term injuries.

Please note the tables update automatically so they are worth keeping an eye on.

And a look at all the Premiership teams to see how we compare injury wise.

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Lets hope for a good weekend of action, the right result and no more injuries!


11 Replies to “A Growing But Hopefully Short Term Injury List For Spurs”

  • What happened to the table that used to appear before? This just leads us to more links. Houston, we have a problem!

  • It is in fact a shrunken injury list. Serge Aurier and Harry Winks have retuned to training and so that means no injuries at all, at the moment.

  • Compared to some we have done well with injuries, never being really weakened, except for Toby Alderweireld whose absence would weaken any team in the PL. All credit to Sanchez for the way he has come straight in and done really well, what an outstanding prospect he is. Hopefully Moura will be able to fit in as well and as quickly. Some clubs have had 10, 11,12 first team squad players missing, so we have been lucky, or our training schedules and fitness regimes are superior and better managed.

  • Toby has been out for a full 3 months, since leaving the pitch in our home win v Real in the CL. (It was 0-0 when Sissoko replaced him.) And so Toby has been absent for just over half of the season so far. We haven’t really missed him as much as many Spurs supporters feared that we would. In fact the longer he has been missing, the better our defence has looked overall. In other words, in the main, we have learned well to adjust our defence without him. If when he gets back into the team we can improve even more so, then we could be in for a very good end of season run in… Likewise, with Lamela, Rose, Winks and Wanyama, if they can all return to somewhere approaching their best.

  • Well people, it’s all over for our team!! According to the Mirror, (quoting Mundo Deportivo), Harry Kane is off to Real Madrid for a fee of £176m, and Danny Boy Levy is prepared to sanction the deal provided its done with “the minimum of fuss”. He’s also prepared to allow MoPo to go to the same destination, (no fee mentioned), also provided it’s done with the minimum of fuss. Amazing!! All other teams had to do was to agree to keep the deal quiet, and Danny Boy would have agreed to any transfer. (It CAN’T be untrue as its in the Mirror, and they wouldn’t make things like this up………..would they?)

  • Sell ‘im Mr. Levy! Sell Harry Kane to Real Madrid for £176m. That is enough to replace him with a couple of Alderwierelds and no less than 30 and a bit, Dele Alli’s!

  • It’s al crap both Harry and MoPo will be here come the start of next season, usual tripe from the media and emif anyone still believes what the media tell them in 2018 they need to wake up lol and not just in Football

  • If you’re reading BS… You mentioned before that you are interested in writing the odd match-day article. Did you get any feedback about it from VS staff? I’m asking as for 3 matches now there hasn’t been a match-day article as such. Have you tried to submit any? Has anyone else?

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