Date: 2nd November 2017 at 10:42am
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A Game To Remember!

Think back through your years as a Spurs supporter and reflect on the games you have seen. Now …. which of those games was, for you, the single, greatest, and most memorable match? There have been so many memorable League, FA Cup, and European games to choose from. It could, depending on how long you have been a supporter, be a very difficult task to select ONE game. But it has to be ONE match that we actually attended in person. For some people it might be as easy as selecting the last game we played!! Bite the bullet and try it.

The emphasis is all on the word ‘ONE’. Not more than ONE. Not two, and not more than two. That’s like, just ONE. Or, to put it another way, any amount you want as long as it is ONE and not a number which is considered to be greater than ONE!

It’s usually tempting to mention a few memorable games but that would defeat the object of the exercise. As an exercise it could be extremely difficult to select ONE game but, also as an exercise, it is quite simple to follow the article requirements. By the way …. did I mention that you should choose ONE game only? It will be interesting to see which games show up!

A word of warning …. should you fail to understand the less-than-complex requirements for this article, I have arranged the following with the Football Gods. Anyone who inadvertently submits a number of games which add up to a higher number than ONE will not only be considered to be a very naughty boy …. but will go to sleep tonight and wake up in the morning as a die-hard Arsenal supporter, hating the neighbours, and telling everyone he meets that, ‘Wenger is my hero’! And, believe me, the Football Gods have a very wicked sense of humour. Wanna risk it?



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  • Easy, 2nd leg of the final against Anderlecht in 84 at White Hart Lane. Best atmosphere I have ever experienced at a football match.

  • The same game as Geofspurs, Spurs 5 Atletico Madrid 1. The night that THFC proved to the footballing world that British clubs COULD win a European trophy. (And it wasn’t even on the telly!! Had to listen to the commentary on the radio, on my own in the kitchen.)

  • Agree with Jod. That was also the best atmosphere I have ever experienced at WHL or any other ground. And what was remarkable was that it started early afternoon outside the ground (it was an evening kick off).

  • I can’t honestly pick one Geof. My memories of great past matches I have attended tend to evaporate into the midsts of time or a hazy alcoholic blur of celebrations. In recent times though I have to mention my first ever trip to Old Trafford (2014), and beating United after having a great day chatting, laughing, drinking and talking soccer with Man U fans who plain refused to let me buy them so much as a glass of water and treated me like a THFC guest of honour in their fine town. It was New Years Day and we hadn’t beaten them at OT for 20 odd years. The atmosphere was fantastic. Adebayor (yes him) scored the opener and Christian the winner. The much maligned Tim Sherwood was our new manager. It was as much about the whole experience of the 3 great days and nights spent in Manchester, as it was the match itself. Great (blurry) memories!

  • HT … I know it’s hard when you’ve seen so many games across the years but that’s why I said ‘bite the bullet’. That would have been a day to remember. I watched it on TV. Not quite the same.

  • Geofspurs, lucky old you! I was a 13 year old with a mother who had absolutely no interest in sport of any kind and a father who loved, lived and breathed boxing. As a Spurs supporting kid in a rugby orientated Welsh grammar school, (where “soccer” was regarded as a swear word), I was very much bottom of the pile when it came to sporting “treats”. Now if my dad had a chance of tickets to see Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay, I’d have been in with a chance!!

  • Well, being born in 1984, I can’t really go back that far.The 2 games which always come to mind when I am asked this are games that we didn’t win, funnily enough. One is a loss in the CL (featuring a hat trick form a Welsh player now plying his trade in Spain) and the other is a draw. I can’t pick the loss as my favourite game, so I’ll choose the 4-4 draw with Arsenal in 2008/2009. It has all the elements of a classic: a NLD, a wonder goal (Bentley’s volley – pretty much his only meaningful contribution, against his old club to make things better), the stress of going down 3-1 (with 2 future Spurs players, captain William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor, scoring for Arsenal), a Darren Bent goal (rare enough to mention), a superb Jenas strike with his left foot, and a dramatic injury-time goal from Lennon (after an amazing half volley from Geof’s favourite Croatian midfielder) to deny Arsenal at home.

  • The game at white hart lane against Benfica (semi-final European Cup) great match, great teams,
    Eusebio, Greaves, Simoes, Jones etc. COYS

  • Blanchflower, Germano, Mackay so many players. But our current team is getting there now, experience, belief in their own skills, the will to win every match, it is slowly coming together.
    In Poch I believe we now have the manager to get us over the line (Trophy wise) COYS

  • canUK …. I have to admit my choice was a toss-up between the two. I can think of so many reasons to agree with you. It was the most emotional and exciting game I’ve ever seen at the lane, or anywhere else! To not go on and meet Madrid in the final, as we truly deserved, will always be my most disappointing memory in football.

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