Date: 1st November 2017 at 11:52am
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The Posters of the Month Winners.

Our winners for the Poster of the month for October and the winner of Guillem Balagues book Brave New World are;

The Forum Poster of the month;

Unanimously voted for by the alert team: ‘Nick Read Deal`. Two deciding factors; firstly his general contributions to informed debate across multiple threads but in particular his post-match comment on the Man United V Spurs thread. In a difficult post match debate, his common-sense and calm won the vote.

Well done Nick.

On the front page, the prize goes to a post from Guyver, on the article ‘The return of gegenpressing’.

It was a terrific article by Oyveh Maria and that in itself almost won it, the level of insightful comments on the front page articles made finding the winner by the alert team incredibly difficult, but in the end Guyver won it with a majority vote!

The one condition as previously mentioned was that you both have to submit a review of the book!

If you didn`t win this month, there is always November.


9 Replies to “The Poster of the Month Winners.”

  • As Geofspurs says, it’s in my DNA too, plus the fact that I’ve got that photo hanging on the wall over my computer so I look at it every day. ( A 60th birthday present from 4 of my friends. It’s also signed by some of the players, no Brown, Henry, Blanchflower or White, but it was signed by my all time favourite, the mighty Dave MacKay.)

  • spurboy61 … My all time favourite, too, mate. That won’t change. I haven’t got his autograph but i did speak to him once.

  • Well done EX for you’re hard work. Hopefully the posters will appreciate you giving away prizes…..

  • It’s appreciated, I’m sure. Maybe a consideration could be given to providing bonus points for articles? Hopefully, some of our very knowledgeable posters will be encouraged to contribute their thoughts more often and in more detail. Many of the longer comments are often close to being articles in any case.

  • What a handsome looking bunch they are. Those double-troublers!……… Congratulations to Guyver. Always calm, considered and concise with your posts.

  • Thanks guys, very much appreciated, but looking at that thread, couldn’t have done it without BelgianSpurs contribution 😉

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