Date: 18th June 2018 at 5:29pm
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And so, the hour is almost upon us, England are set to take on Tunisia in their opening game of the 2018 World Cup Finals.

For once, there is a renewed optimism about how the team will do, many are even predicting they could go all the way.

Now I’m not so sure about that but, so far, I’ve not seen a side that looks head-and-shoulders above the rest.

But, as we await the start of England’s involvement in the competition, I have a question I’d like you all to ponder and perhaps answer by placing your views in the comments facility beneath this article.

Tottenham Hotspur have several players in Gareth Southgate’s England squad, with Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier and Dele Alli all being fortunate enough to represent our country.

But, and we’re getting to the crux of the matter, which of the five do you reckon will have the best World Cup Finals tournament?


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  • Two best players for England Kane and Grippier. Referee was worse than some of ours in PL if that is possible.

  • If it had been a 1-1, Trippier would’ve been my MoTM. Never put a foot wrong. Harry deservedly got the accolade. He was surrounded by too many selfish and wasteful players. Great start and a lot to improve. 4 of our lads made the appearance. Rose for Young in the next game, hopefully. COYS!

  • When I first watched Harry Kane as a 14 yr old I New I laid eyes on a superstar . I got an introduction of his future as I have wrote on healer about it for ten years and I seen Harry win England World Cup it’s looking that way. England will win this World Cup coys

  • CS … Trippier IS my MOTM. I’d put Kane second. Kane scoring two goals is nothing special …. he does it all the time! lol

  • I chose KieranTrippier for a special mention on here a few weeks ago. I made a point of saying that he may well shine in the WC, after I had been defending him and praising him against some criticism on VS for most of last season, as a Spurs player… And last night he definitely stood out for me. He created so many good attacking moves and chances. He has been chosen as our main dead-ball guy in which he delivered some great balls into the box and his corner taking was top notch.

    Harry was Harry and there when England needed him most. Two calmly, well taken goals…

    I thought Dele was good and looking very sharp in the first half, making some great runs and supplying two or three very good goalscoring opportunities for his team mates. However, after taking a knock he was not as effective and slowed down a little in the 2nd half. But so did most of the team. I was a little surprised that Southgate left him on as long as he did. More good things to come from him though, I’m sure.

    Dier didn’t have much time at all to make any impact but I’m sure we will see more of him…

    I thought Young played well enough but I would prefer to see Danny as our left wing-back. Young cannot seemingly use his left foot and is always cutting back from advanced positions, slowing our attack. But as with Dier, I’m sure he will get his day to shine…

    All in all, I was impressed with England’s performance but aside from Harry, the finishing left a little to be desired. We could’ve and perhaps should’ve been 4 or 5 up by half-time…

    Apart from getting the 3 points and not just 1, Captain Kane’s last minute winner could prove to be the difference between England having a good run in this WC or a poor one. The win should boost them all for the next two group games at least…

  • HT … I agree with all of that. I have also supported Trippier on here …. but I don’t know why I have to?!

    As far as England are concerned I must say Sterling always fails to impress me. Much prefer Rashford.

    And Kane is an alchemist …. everything he touches turns to goals!

  • HT … Cheers … it came to me the other day and I have to thank Harry for setting it up for me so I could use it. But I knew it wouldn’t take him long. lol

  • VAR’s working well isn’t it? The Hell it is!

    Well. it has and it hasn’t to be fair…

    Kane should’ve had 2 nailed on penalty decisions go his way last night. I’m sure he would’ve been the taker of them and could now be the top WC scorer with 4 goals and quite possibly, a last ditch winner would not have been needed… It wasn’t to be though.

    As for Walkers penalty against? Personally, I don’t think that a lot of refs would’ve necessarily given it. Personally, I think he should’ve been given the benefit of the doubt and therefore no penalty.

    So, even with VAR being used, it will often come down to individuals and their own interpretation of the rules. Which is mostly the case, in real time and without VAR.

    How the reviewers in Moscow, in a box full of screens, didn’t see Kanes incidents as fouls but were certain that Walkers was, is beyond me.

  • HT …. Those fouls on Kane were blatantly obvious. At least twice, he had defenders so wrapped around him that they would have been charged with sexual assault anywhere else. How the hell that could be missed is beyond me. I just hope there are some things learned by this as far as VAR is concerned for the future.

    I can’t seem to work out where the ‘smiley face’ is on this new format.

  • My biggest dislike for this re-vamped is constantly looking to find the last ‘talked about’ article. What can’t the admin leave the active article as a ‘sticky’? May be use the post count to bring the article to the fore?

    As for the last night’s game, I know every world cup we see something novel introduced (last WC, Iceland and their fans, the old Mexican Wave, The Milla (name?) goal celebrations, etc), I hope the England goal celebrations don’t introduce any injuries!!!…. Kane being crushed by 9 team mates! Probably half the pubs in England are busy mopping their floors.

    Can’t remember the last WC I looked forward to as much as this one….

    • “My biggest dislike for this re-vamped is constantly looking to find the last ‘talked about’ article.”

      It’s all about the clicks CS…

      Look up top to the right of Harry. There’s a direct link to News Now.

      All the countless Spurs are “pursuing”, “are interested in”, “holding discussions” article’s also have direct links. To Spanish, Italian, German, French etc, tabloids…

      It’s no longer about having good THFC related articles to debate on this front page. Just about the clicks and links… Unfortunate and very inconvenient for us but maybe quite fruitful for the Vital site, I would have to presume…

  • CS …. I must admit to wondering if Kane was going to get up after the celebrations. if I was the manager I’d be stopping it …. it’s a risk they don’t need to take.

    I also agree with your remark about the post-count. If that could be shown on the front of each article we would then know if there are new comments to view.

    And, yes, it’s shaping up to be a brilliant WC. I really didn’t expect to be this interested in it.

  • Sorry about the typos in the last post. Glad Geof was on the same wavelength!

    Geof I began re-following England games ever since our boys accounted for 30%+ of the squad. So pleased they are putting Spurs on the map.

  • Eat your words Trippier hater’s, as has been said he was excellent last night and yes probably mom over run of the mill, no problem, its just resumption of normality 2 goals “Our Arry”.

    VAR what a load of crap! if it had done what it is supposed to do “Our Arry” would have got 4/5 gls last night with 3 blatant pens.

    What the hell is Sterling doing in the team esp over Rashford.

    Thats my 2 gripes for today. COYS & ENGLAND

  • Just read all the posts properly, rather than scan, and I whole heartedly agree with Rose over Young as said by others, plus as I have said a number of times Rashford over “I am a one man team” Sterling. COYS

  • Imagine if you can “Our Arry” and Deli, Lingard and Rashford, a quadruple of battling, quick off the mark, quick forward thinking players, to me they would put the fear Christ up any defence. COYS

  • Thought Tripper played very well last night, maybe MOTM performance, but Im still hoping we upgrade on him next season. I hope Rose starts the next game.

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