Date: 19th September 2018 at 11:00am
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With emotions high following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 defeat to Inter Milan in our Group B Champions League opener last night, manager Mauricio Pochettino slightly lost his usual cool when dealing with the media in his post-game press conference.

Football.London are one of many to carry his words from yesterday evening, so you can read them in full there.

Suffice to say, he wasn’t happy being asked if he regretted the decision to leave Toby Alderweireld and Kieran Trippier out of the travelling squad given the final result and he took the opportunity to bite.

But he had a point.

It was an easy question and in a largely good performance, we were punished harshly at the end, so implying – after back to back defeats already – that the game wouldn’t have turned that way is about as useful as debating how long a piece of string is.

He was also spot on in pointing out that if he even tried to answer that question, by default, he’d be criticising and disrespecting the players he did choose – he probably did just that in the privacy of the dressing room following the fulltime whistle, but you don’t do it in public.

And he was also right to twist the conversation to him in terms of criticism for his selection, as at the end of the day, that’s his job and he takes the flak – as he is from some quarters.

“When my decision is to play with XI, you must respect my decision because I am the manager. You cannot disrespect. You show too much disrespect for the players who play in the position as the players you have given me the names of now. I don’t understand. Sorry. You are so kind people, but I don’t understand why. Why? Please. To be a player is so difficult, and of course for me it is easier on the touchline. I don’t run. It is so painful to hear when some people are not here, and you judge in that way and you kill players who give their best. It’s so unfair.”

Probably wise he stays off social media!

Plenty will criticise him for losing his cool and biting, but given Poch always tries to maintain an ‘air’ around him, I actually quite liked that. Nothing wrong with a bit of passion and spirit in my book.

What matters now, is he got up fresh today, put it behind him and focuses back on the task at hand – if his anger motivates him a little bit more, great. As long as it doesn’t become a distraction.

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16 Replies to ““You Must Respect My Decision” – Spurs Man Unfortunately Takes The Bait”

  • Great manager – but showing signs of strong dictatorship!
    How can you honestly keep Anderweld and Trippier out of the team?
    How on earth can you play WINKS , Dier, Aurier and Vorm?
    What is the TRUE reason why LLORIS is out?
    Remember POCH did the same rediculous selections against JUVENTUS !!
    Very sad indeed,

  • I think MP, is suffering … this I believe is the first time he has had this pressure, claims the team plays well etc … trains and cows … erm ok. Levy is the one who needs to take the rap … he should of given MP the players he wanted and get rid of the dead wood …. it’s like trying to pull a trailer with a horse when there is a good truck next to it.

  • There are a lot of games coming up in quick succession. It’s obvious that most of the players will need to be rotated to get through a hectic period. All MP did was start rotating. It’s his decision and he doesn’t have the benefit of hindsight …. like the rest of us do! It’s also obvious that he will lose his cool at some stage …. let’s face it, every manager has the media and the fans on their backs as soon as a poor result happens.

  • E17, I like the cows and trains comment. Brilliant in its own way. Wonder where Poch got it, or did he invent it?

    Time along teaches nothing, as is revealed by the cow who has no idea about the scheduling of trains even though the evidence is there. A man can notice and interpret. As Leibniz said, time has no independent status, and exists only through the events that pass. Time does not heal. Time does not teach. It takes involved and motivated people to do this. Let’s hope that our players are functioning as men rather than as cows who are unable to learn from experience. or at least to learn the relevant lessons for a team that could let time pass without notice as it slips through mid table toward the relegation zone.

    I appreciate the cows and trains thing. Quite to the point, I thought. I bit to philosophical for the football pages, perhaps, but well taken.

  • Not sure team selection was that important. Most of the squad seems to be under performing. Still lets go on pretending footballers don’t get tired and the World Cup hasn’t had an impact. The reality is there isn’t a whole lot Pochettino can do, it will certainly test his and Levy’s nerve.

  • jod…add to your post regards tiredness, remember HK has just become a new Dad, sleepless nights, just a theory with his non stop football.

    Regards Poch, I think he is deflecting the flack away from the players, as everyone is talking about him. COYS

  • I am glad someone is finally thinking along the same lines as me. Kane was tired before the world cup and the culprit is being a new dad something the media is either ignoring or missing.

  • Problem with the new dad theory is most of the others are off form as well, not just Kane. The only ones who I can say have played well so far are Moura, consistently, Lamela when he came on against Liverpool and (somewhat surprisingly) Aurier against Milan. All of whom of course didn’t play at the World Cup. All of our England/ Belgium contingent meanwhile are off form.

  • JOD, this is my point with MP and has he taken the team as far as he can, it’s Fact MP needed new better players in the team … you can only get so much from a person … once they have reached their limit then a higher caliber of player needs brining in … MP has them all at the highest they can be … Sissoko, well I don’t think he is rated by MP and is Levy’s secret lover … no other reason for his £30 million purchase,… I digress, MP knows he can’t get more out of this group of players, other teams have Sussed us out and will play to our weakness and beat us .. Levy then has the scapegoat of sacking MP … MP is on a hiding to nothing.

  • E17yid – Actually what Poch needs is for England and Belgium to stop picking his players for international competitions in the summer when they should be resting. Not going to happen of course. Presumably these better players you are talking about are more of these men with no names that seem so popular on this site. When people start talking about actual players instead of pretend ones I’ll start paying more attention.

  • E17yid…to a degree you are right there, but as jod said who are these “no name player’s” better than we have and that we can afford.

    It is a conundrum. COYS

  • There is of course a valid point to be made that fatigue has played a part. But that hardly should have been a surprise. Take Son as an example; he’s barely had a day off since last season, between the WC, preseason and the Asian games. Yet we were happy to go into the season with him and an ever-injured Lamela as reasonable depth to start the season.

    We’ve had to overplay Trippier because Aurier (who actually had an OK game against Inter) can’t be trusted most of the time. Again, that’s an issue we could have addressed. We started the season with Winks, Wanyama and Sissoko injured, all of these injured having happened before the end of the TW. We could have addressed our lack of depth in midfield too.

    Kane’s situation is well documented.

    None of those things can be used as an excuse now.

  • BelgianSpur – Maybe you could explain exactly how we address the problem. If we buy more players to cover for the ones who are tired (and that’s a lot of players) then what do we do once the tired ones have recovered and we have too many players chasing too few spots with the the inevitable bad feeling that causes. Also, as always, where do we get these players who are as good as the ones we already have (otherwise what’s the point) at prices and wages we can afford ? Lower down the football pyramid loan deals might be a solution but that won’t work for us.

  • jod….how do we address the problem, I have no idea, am with you regards buying all these players who are as good as we already have at prices and wages we can afford. COYS

  • jod – first of all, we could start by replacing the players who are almost constantly injured and very rarely available for selection (ie Lamela), and give their squad place to someone who is actually going to be fit and pickable most of the time. It would already eliminate a root cause for our depth problems. We can only pick 25 players in a PL squad; giving 1 or 2 of these places to players with recurring injury problems hardly seems smart. Taking a flyer on a player is fine if there is no such limit on the playing squad. The minute there is, it’s foolish to waste a spot on a player who can suit up 25% of the time at best.

    Second, we have taken flyers on average players (Janssen, Llorente) who contribute almost nothing. The reasoning is (and this is only an assumption because it makes no sense to me) that we are hedging our bets across multiple players. Instead of buying several average players who do not contribute, why not combine the transfer fees and wages of those players, and invest it all in one good, fit player? It would not increase what we spend overall, it would just allocate the resources differently. And it would allow us to fish in a better talent pool.

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