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European clubs with the most money are simply putting two fingers up at the FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules. I mean what on earth is going on?

There are poor countries dotted around the world who’s GDP (gross domestic product – the total value of everything produced by all the people and companies in the country) is less than what PSG are going to fork out for Barcelona’s Neymar. I mean, just imagine what £199m could do (plus his £40m a year salary) to improve countries like the Central African Republic – GDP per capita: $656 (£535), Democratic Republic of Congo ? GDP per capita: $784 (£639), Burundi ? GDP per capita: $818 (£667) – I’m sure you get the picture.

That’s the last on world politics!

Summer transfers

Shall we begin with Tottenham Hotspur FC?


Connor Ogilvie (Gillingham) Loan
Luke McGee (Portsmouth) Undisclosed
Kyle Walker (Manchester City) £45m
Federico Fazio (Roma) Undisclosed
Clinton Njie (Marseille) Undisclosed
Tom Glover (Central Coast Mariners) Loan
Anton Walkes (Atlanta United) Loan


 photo tumbleweed_zpst3vnndbi.jpg

Top Premier League Summer Transfers

Benjamin Mendy: Monaco to Manchester City
Price: £52m

Danilo: Real Madrid to Manchester City
Price: £26.5m

Alvaro Morata: Real Madrid to Chelsea
Price: £60m

Tiemoue Bakayoko: Monaco to Chelsea
Price: £40m

Romelu Lukaku: Everton to Manchester United
Price: £75m

Antonio Rudiger: Roma to Chelsea
Price: £29m

Alexandre Lacazette: Lyon to ArsenalPrice: £46.5mMohamed Salah: Roma to Liverpool
Price: £34m

Victor Lindelof: Benfica to Manchester United
Price: £30.75m

Ederson: Benfica to Manchester City
Price: £35m

Bernardo Silva: From AS Monaco to Manchester City
Price: £43 million


My understanding was, when it was introduced Financial Fair Play was to try and balance out what a club could spend based on its income. I know my explanation is simplistic and so if you tap / click here you can read the rules for yourself.

So, if you are Manchester City FC, PSG and the like and you have limitless money coming in from the Middle East then, in theory you could buy every single best player in the world and then, over the following decades dominate your respective league. I mean just look at Chelsea? They’ve been snapping up the world’s best youth talent since a certain Russian purchased the club some years ago.


If a club falls foul of the FFP then UEFA can hit them with fines (look at City a couple of years ago – reduced CL squad and fine) etc. They (UEFA) can even stop clubs taking part in the Champions or the Europa League. But, do Europe’s governing body want to cut their nose off to spite their face? Not on your nelly! They want the so-called glamorous clubs endorsing their products.

So, in my opinion, they (UEFA) can shove their FFP rules where the sun doesn’t shine. I mean, this is what the wealthy clubs are doing – right?


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  • I agree completely.
    FFP is total crap, it was only ever meant to penalise English clubs, to stop them from out spending the 2 Biggest Spanish clubs.
    Don’t get me started on how unfairly La Liga is arranged, imagine what some of those smaller clubs could do if the money was distributed more fairly like the premier league! Not that I believe that the Premier league is financed fairly, I think the tv money should be shared evenly between all teams, all money earned by Prem clubs should have a small percentage taken from it and that should filter down to lower league ENGLISH (English in caps because my tax money is already spent in places on things that disgust me) clubs to improve the over all standard of English football.

    The big problem is what now, we’ve stuck our fingers up at UEFA and FIFA too (just because they deserve it for being crooked and scummy) but we still don’t have the money to spend unless you can inclench Joe Lewis’ tight fist…
    I believe that Levy would spend the money if it was there to spend (how well he’d spend it is debatable) and Poch certainly would (no manager would willingly apply financial limitations to their ambitions, if they can spend their way to trophies 99.9% would) so where do we go now?
    We can’t spend money that we haven’t got! Unless Joe Lewis and Levy decide to put their billions in to the club for nothing but fun we stand still on spending.

    Fortunately our club hasn’t been built on blood money from the Middle East or Russia, I want to see Spurs win titles in my lifetime but not at the expense of the club’s soul.

  • Spoken from the heart Martyn.I agree that it is nobler to progress without oil or oilygarc money,but Arsenal,Liverpool & Utd seem to invest heavily in quality players without them.Is it something to do with revenue from turnover? The new stadium will help,but the way to really increase revenue is by winning trophies & increasing your world fanbase.That means investing in top players & selling a lot of shirts.You have to speculate to accumulate in business.

  • Spurs don’t need to worry about FFP as spurs are about making money and not winning trophies. Levy doesn’t want to spend the Walker money on any player who could add something to the squad. One trophy in 16 years says it all, plus a manager who hasn’t won any trophys, points to another trophy less year. Spurs will still be competitive as they have a strong spine Verts, toby, wan, dem, ali and kane. CE and Son give the team a bit of x factor so a top4 is possible. Spurs have always been crap in Europe under Levy so don’t think any thing will change their. Spurs could win a domestic cup depending on the draw if they have to play a top 6 team then the likely hood is that spurs will lose. Buying players so late in the window doesn’t give the player time to get used to new training environment and usually takes them a year to settle. At this stage a player with a similar skill set to Son would be my preference Costa and under both looked good and in the spurs price range but spurs didn’t buy them. Mahrez is the player that could add something and hit the ground running he would cost about 40mil ish. I hope spurs buy him

  • Big season ahead For KWP, Winks, Onomah, GKN and Janssen. They all have to step up to the plate i think giving them a chance is a good idea.

  • Greavesaboveall – “You have to speculate to accumulate” talk to a Leeds fan and they will explain how that works out . United have three times our income, one of the four richest clubs in the world, so a lack of oil money isn’t a major problem for them. Arsenal have abut 60% more income than us having built a new stadium years ago. What we are doing now is trying to close that gap. Liverpool are the closest with only about 40% more cash than us. The difference though is they aren’t building a new stadium, short term gain for long term pain. If you really believe spending cash you don’t have is going to lead to anything but bankruptcy then I hope you never have to manage money.

  • Several things, one, the phrase “you have to speculate to accumulate” is such a lie it isn’t funny. It is the complete opposite. Speculation leads to loss, especially in business, the lottery and football. Having a vision, a proper plan and executing it despite criticism and pressure from outside so that in the end you become great on a consistent basis is the way to build a proper dynasty.

    People are touting all sorts of players without considering the type of player Poch likes. Is Mahrez a Poch type? When you watch him play, do you see him tracking back? I have many time seen him actually avoid making a tackle. I doubt highly that he is a player we would go after. I said it before the window began. We will not be making many signings, one or two PL players who can come in now and play and one or two young guys to add to the under 21s who are ripe for development. I still feel exactly the same.

  • jvd, funny how Vardy and Mahrez went pretty quiet last season. So much for Mahrez wanting the ‘big’ move. PL teams are not quite queuing up for his signature. IMO, he has shot himself in the foot and I bet he thought he be plying his trade at Ar$en-all!

  • I’d also be interested in seeing how Leicester manage with the salary increases they dished out after the PL triumph. The owner has probably recalled all the BMW’s he handed out!

  • “Money we don’t have”, more accurately money we won’t spend. The main difference between us and Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, City and Utd, is the attitude of the owners. Some are ambitious and determined to be successful, the other is too busy building a property empire and making money, never spending a penny when a halfpenny will do, hence our 1 trophy in 16 years, compared to their returns.

  • Mr Plattini’s brainchild the FFP regs was always destined to fail, high profile owners and accountants have far more demanding rules to avoid than this, they take on tax authorities never mind little EUFA, they are only small potatoes, hence the £196M Neymar deal going through unopposed.

  • Liverpool were on the brink of going bust under the previous owners only few years ago, but they have soon recovered to be 40% better off than us, but they have still carried on investing and trying the sign top players. Why do people assume that the additional revenue from the new stadium will be invested in the football club, rather than Bahamas Joe’s back pocket, previous evidence suggests this is unlikely.

  • And Liverpool have a 54,000 seater stadium frank, rather than just critique the club … suggest player we can buy for whom are willing to warm the bench.

  • There is one other way to control it. Today a club can have 17 overseas players but need to have 8 homegrown players to name a squad of 25. That means that a lot of squads now have their named 17 but only have 4 or 5 homegrown. That means that the first eleven is mostly foreign and the homegrown players can sometimes be sparingly used to make up the number on the bench. The managers then spend their budget on mostly expensive foreign imports. Now imagine if you turned that the other way round and said that you need 15 homegrown players and can only have 10 overseas. Suddenly, guys like Mourinho, Pep and Klopp would need to show their skills differently by finding and nurturing homegrown players more. The emphasis would be back on the academies and it would promote the national team as well.

  • When I said speculate to accumulate ,I meant it in the old fashioned way-investment.I ran my own business sucessfully for 35 years & used borrowed money [bank] to get started & keep investing.That’s how business works Jod.You use other people’s money to expand your business.That’s how we are building a completely over the top stadium-on borrowed money.I believe you must invest in the team as well,otherwise you risk having a second rate team in a first rate stadium.We know levy has banked £ 75 million in player sales ,he must invest that in a couple of quality players to take us to the next level.Or don’t you want to win anything ever Jod?

  • Greavesaboveall – So for £75m you are going to buy two players to take us to “the next level” That presumably means two players as good if not better than the ones we already have. So the first question is can you name the two players we can get for that money. The next question is how are you going to pay them ? Presumably they will want more than we are already paying, which will mean players like Kane will want a pay increase. You seem to think a player and a stadium are similar investments, they aren’t. The stadium will probably double our match day income and will be an asset for the next hundred years. A player is someone who will if we are lucky improve the squad for a few years. If we aren’t lucky they can actually be a liability that drains money and gives nothing back (Sissoko). If you have one of a handful of the top players in the world (Messi, Ronaldo etc) a player can generate serious commercial revenue. But even most top players don’t have that kind of pull. Certainly no one we could afford does. I have to say that you don’t really sound like a businessman, no evidence of a clearly thought out and costed strategy here.

  • Frank – One of these days you will say something that actually makes sense, not today though. “The main difference between us and Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, City and Utd, is the attitude of the owners”. No Frank the main difference is they all have more money than us. Its in the published accounts, you could read them but of course you won’t. “Liverpool were on the brink of going bust under the previous owners only few years ago, but they have soon recovered to be 40% better off than us “. No Frank, Liverpool have 40% MORE INCOME than us. Whether they are better or worse off depends on how much they spend compared to how much they earn. Its basic finance but seems too complicated for you. “when Leeds Utd got into trouble they never had a tax evading billionaire”, what does that mean ? “

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