Date: 17th July 2017 at 10:45am
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Eric Dier is filling a lot if media columns about a possible move to Manchester United but, if United put in a £60m bid would Daniel Levy’s eye light up and sanction Eric’s transfer?

Daily Mirror quote…

‘Dier is understood to be keen on the move up north despite only signing a five year contract with Spurs last September worth around £70,000-a-week.

‘Dier moved to Spurs from Sporting Lisbon in August 2014 for £4m but has faced competition to anchor Spurs’ midfield from the impressive Victor Wanyama, who joined last summer.’

Quote ends:

Recent speculation

If Dier follows in Kyle Walker’s footsteps and ends up in Manchester then I have to ask the following?

Who will be next?

Dele Alli?
Harry Kane?

Even if United offered £100m I hope and trust Levy would tell them to ‘go and do one’.


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  • If Eric, Dele or Harry leave during this transfer window then I?m off to book the next flight to Nepal to live the rest of my days as a mountain goat.

  • I’ll come and carry your suitcase for you! It’s not just that it would cement our place as a selling club, it’s Utd and their blatant tapping up working again and them getting away with it!

  • Paper talk I think/hope. Walker I can deal with, but selling this lad would be the beginning of the end for this squad – he’s best mates with Dele. I believe Poch wanted shot of Walker, Dier is a quality player and we can’t let him go. We can’t…… can we?!

  • He can’t go, he’s to reliable Rb, cb, cdm, can score head ..etc … 160m we might answer the phone.

  • if he wants to go go let him 60m , 50m for walker! go and get isco or bale someone has to go with mbappe going to real madrid job done
    we got cover for defensive midfield, “however i do like dier!
    but it would’nt be the end of the world for spurs

  • if dier goes so will Alli and Poch sooner than later. Yet again Levy is fecking up a transfer window. Barkley no thanks.

  • In some ways, not the end of the world for that money but I do worry about how we would replace his significant role in the squad. He was the guy that covered for Toby and Jan in a back four. He was the guy that played on the right of a back 3 and he was the guy that covered for Wanyama whilst also being able to play alongside him. He played 34 league games and 5 CL games which shows how important he is to our squad. I do think it’s paper talk though and fully expect Mourinho to plug that gap in his midfield with another player.

  • Although taking all the bull from the media with a pinch of salt, it wouldn’t surprise me if this does turn out to be the case. If Dier wants to leave then one can make a good case for it, as with Walker. Dier has become a versatile (utility) player for us and imo, he may see the ‘jack of all trades’ label hindering his development. I personally don’t think any individual player leaving will be a big miss for us, however, it is a very risky game to play and jeopardise what the long term project is designed to be. Other players will start looking at what Walker or anyone else can earn else where AND adding trophies to their cv’s. Should this happen, one has to ask what exactly did Poch sign up to with Levy. It’s easy to just point the finger at DL.

  • Dele – I’d also add that the Walker / Trippier scenario is about the first time I can ever remember that we already had a ready made replacement in the squad. Thinking back to Carrick, Berbatov, King, Modric, Bale etc we never had guys already at the club that could step in so it was always painful afterwards. Also part of my thinking with Barkley. If Alli or Eriksen make that massive transfer out in the coming years, I’d be a lot happier knowing that Barkley would already be at the club firing on all cylinders. Also why I would go all out for Max Meyer now and nurture him.

  • True DA, but they now know (despite signing new long term contracts) the club are prepared to listen to offers and potentially agree to sales. So, the opportunity knocks. For every 50 mill player that we sell, we replace with a 15 mill….exactly the sort of model Southampton were working on (and still are). I just hope that we build a squad depth and not deplete it. More so, hope Dier sticks with his buddy at the Lane.

  • If any of our players want to go there is nothing Levy, Poch, or the VS community can do about it. No club can manage a player who doesn’t want to be there. All Levy could do is make the best possible deal financially which is what he does best. I think Dier is replaceable especially considering the fee we would get for him. My main worry here is what it would do to Dele. I don’t see it affecting Mauricio as he would understand there is no choice if a player wants to leave …. short of keeping him and not playing him which wouldn’t be viable. Hopefully, the relationship between Levy and Mauricio and the relationship between the players and Mauricio will keep the train on the track whatever happens.

  • Here we go again the asset strip continues, first Walker now Dier, who will Levy target next, what price either Ali or Kane.

  • we should have won the PL in the last two years but for the lack of a settled team . the first ten games cost us . no backup for HK and poor buys by Levy did for us. We were a couple of players short , now with Walker sold and maybe Dier we are four short. Cannot see Levy investing the money on the players Poch wants.

  • -Spursrsman61 – can you name me one player Poch has wanted this window that Levy hasn’t got him?

  • This is classic Spurs situation at least during the last 16 years. There has been a regular stream of departing quality players leaving whenever we look like stepping up to the next level. We have seen Carrick, Berbatov, Modric, Bale, VDV etc.etc. and now Walker, seemingly Dier, and no doubt others going. Supposedly it is cheaper to run a “nearly club”, always seemingly just falling short, than it is to have to make the investment as the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, and Man Utd have done, to actually challenge for and win honours. People go on about the prices and the level of spend in this TW, but actually no club has yet net spent their total Sky TV money from last season, we actually received in TV and 2nd place prize money in access of £190M, this plus the £50M for Walker (less Sheff Utd’s £5M cut) means that theoretically there is some £240M+ available without breaking into the Lewis family fortune, to invest in the squad, only a fraction of which would be needed to sign the 2 or at most 3 players we need to bolster our squad, to provide the cover, selection options, cover fluctuations in form or fitness, and put pressure on for selection in key positions for the 50-60 games to come if we are to make meaningful challenges in all 4 competitions in 2017-8, and to make us genuine challengers for honours, especially up front where we have failed for 4 or 5 windows to give Kane the support that he needs and deserves. The regular pleas of poverty are way off the mark. Before the cost of the new stadium is mentioned there was an assurance given by our chairman that funding the new build would not impact on the “on the pitch” budget, this would appear not to be the case. Incidentally spurman61 you are spot on.

  • Deli, the Walker situation was all “paper talk” until he appeared in a pale blue shirt. The reason that the journos ply Spurs transfer talk so often, is because it becomes a fact so often, as the regular exodus of good players from the club in the last few seasons indicate. Yes, there is little you can do to keep a player who wants to leave, perhaps somebody should be looking at the reasons critically for them wanting to leave. Would it have anything to do with archaic salary capping, and a lack of the trophies that good players crave.

  • Who knows who will go next.

    Players only have to disagree with Poch and they will get their desired transfer.

    That added to a grossly inflated wage packet.

    Also they get a signing on bonus and do not lose money because they did not ask for a transfer.

    Poch should have kept Walker, just in case.. No knows how Trippier will handle being number 1

    KWP has not even had one minute of PL football yet.

    To me this has simply been Poch laying down the law..

    May well back fire with spectacular results, finish 5-10th and next season and exodus.

  • Don’t worry guys, we’ve just signed a contract with a company to provide state of the art lighting, from the flood lights to the offices and toilets. Hopefully Levy won’t be groping around in the dark looking for the elusive cheque book. May be he’d be able to see how many zero’s he’s put on the cheque. All is good!

  • Frank has a point. In the last two season we have posted the largest profit in Premier League history. The money is there to spend – lesser clubs than us are spending more and paying higher wages because of the massive increase in Sky money. The money is there to spend, Levy refuses to spend it. The larger part of the Walker money will be used to pay for the stadium, of that I am sure. We also have money from N’je, Carroll and Fazio and aren’t Schalke committed to buying Bentaleb.

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