Date: 13th December 2017 at 10:09am
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Before the Stoke game you’d all been on a losing run comparable only to recent Spurs results, but two upped their game for the Stoke one and won – so both are disqualified from winning this game – as it might make them greedy and we need to share the love around, apparently.

Today’s Predict it right prize is once again a well thought out £25 Amazon voucher – or it’s equivalent in your local currency.

To qualify you have to:

a) be a registered member before today
b) Get the score right
c) The tie breaker in the event of their being more than one winner (some hope!) will be if you have also named the scorers, failing that it’s a virtual dip in the virtual hat to find areal winner.
d) you only get one prediction and it has to be on this thread before kick off.
e)not already won in the last month (that is a new rule)

I’m confident that your predictions will be a big bashing for Brighton, I’m not so confident that this will happen.

Having slept on it overnight, I’m going 3-0 Spurs, a Llorente Hat-trick all in the last 3-5 minutes out of the 10 he’ll play..

P.s. A reminder for the last games winners – please add it to your posting sign off! : ‘I got it right!’ and you have to put that as your sign off as part of your profile for a whole month.

Good luck and take it in the spirit offered, it’s a bit of fun for the run up to the Xmas period..

Should I win, the prize will go to the first person who I think made a good/decent match time post… 🙂

or Orphanage for abandoned Rich kids, you decide which is most worthy.

For those of you going have a great night – afraid I have to give this one a miss..


16 Replies to “Wondrously Wicked Predict the Score V Brighton Competition”

  • Disqualified? I was hoping to get the rest of my (miserly) Xmas shopping sorted. I’m broke!

    Of course, I jest. And that is fair enough. 🙂

    Now I know I can’t win, I’ll go for a ridiculous score, just for the hell of it.

    My (sensible) prediction on the match-day thread is 4-0 to Spurs

    So on here my full-blown and over-optimistic, anything-can-happen on the night and aren’t Spurs fantastic guess is: THFC 7-0 B&HA!

    And I won’t care if I’m right. Or do I mean wrong?!

    Kane hat trick, Dele 2, Llorente 1, Lamela 1

    Up the Spurs!

  • When we go 3 up ,Poch will take off players he wants to rest for the Man City game.Seagulls will hit back with 3 goals. 3-3. Not really ! Just feeling a bit sorry for the newcomers.

  • Sorry HT, this time I?m going for 3-1 to Spurs. Son 2, Dier. Kane og for Brighton. Tempting fate here so don?t say I didn?t warn you.

  • Brilliant Gary! A winner. Please PM me your details and it will be on its way to you asap! You are now disqualified from winning anything for a month… 🙂

  • Thanks HT. Of course, I’d be happy to lend you £25. Let’s agree an appropriate interest rate. I’ll ask Daniel Levy for advice.

    Spursex, how do I contact you (I don’t know what PM means in this context!)? I’ve looked around the site but I can’t find any ‘contact’ link. Also, I suspect my personal details like email address are out of date but again I can’t find a members/account area to update my details?

  • Gary Onedaysoon. Log into the forum and you can send a PM (personal message) via there. Look at the top of the page.

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