Date: 12th October 2018 at 1:00pm
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With positive news coming out this week about the new White Hart Lane and significant enough progress being made for some to highlight Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League clash against Burnley as a possible opening match, rather than make this piece an easy ‘Twitter based’ reaction to one strand that naturally flows from that, I thought I’d go in a different direction.

Maybe not debate section material – I’ll move if you think not folks.

The spark came from a very simple question and it’s an obvious one really when you consider the first game will re-write history as it creates new – the date, the opposition, the attendance and importantly, the first player to open the scoring.

Many fans would naturally pick England international Harry Kane to take the honour given the goal threat he carries, let alone his goal record over the last few years, but there are obviously players in the group who carry threats of their own and have proven they can feature on the scoresheet as well.

Whilst Harry is who most would put money on, I wouldn’t.

Life rarely works out as simply as that and the fact it would potentially be such a dream outcome and many would say it was written in the stars that Kane opens the scoring as he moves further up our all-time goal scorers list, it’s that very fact alone that makes me confident it won’t be him.

Who takes that honour is utterly beyond me, I just it’s more likely to be a last minute winner from the goalkeeper on the day going up for a corner, or a youngster coming off the bench and opening up their club account than Kane.

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46 Replies to “With Positive Stadium New For Spurs Thoughts Should Turn To One Question Only”

  • Danny…thanks for the article gives us something different to chat about, I’m going for the first goal to be scored by Moura, “our Arry” being to obvious lol!, in the first game at the NWHL. COYS

  • Well, it ain’t gonna be Grealish, Zaha or Bale!

    if it is to be Burnley as the stadium opener, then that’s at least just a couple of weeks too early for our January big-star purchase and Kane-a-like, super-sub (as yet unnamed, jod) to be making his mark in THFC history…

    So, I am going for the man himself, Harry Kane… Or, the other man himself, Harry Winks! Or maybe Dele? Levy!

    I’m being silly now… We all know that it’ll be nil, nil…

  • Well now that I am about to take out a second mortgage for a season ticket renewal (£795.00 is now the cheapest season ticket where as if I want to have the comparable season ticket to what I had at WHL it will be £1,995.00) I would like to see 6 goals; a Hatrick from Harry K and some contributions from Dele Alli and Lucas and maybe Son. I am waiting to see how much noise the 11,000 seater north end generates. I would have preferred the first match to have been a London Rival but hey ho! hopefully the ground will become a cathedral of noise and, more importantly , a fortress where visiting teams poo their pants when they walk on to the pitch. I assume Levy will have a presidential seat where he can wave to his adoring minions whilst calculating the revenue 62,000 fans has just generated for the club. At an average ticket price of £105.00 a home game its about £6.5m per match revenue……luvly jubly, January Transfer window here we come !!!!

  • It’s a no-brainer that Mr ‘Harry one-of-our-own Kane’ will score the first goal at the new Lane. Just look at how his career has progressed. Ever since he first pulled on a pair of boots (not the golden ones) the football gods have been pushing him to glory. They won’t stop now! Trust me, I know about these things!!

  • At last…. rceived my WHL 2018 / 19 season ticket pack today. Again its in a tin. So not long to go until I change my handle on here to… Block 108 Spurs LOL.

  • You’ve changed block! What wiv yer fancy new name and all… I preferred you as you were… When your view on Spurs was more restricted…

  • I don’t really care all that much who scores the first goal at the NEW WHITE HART LANE, so long as it’s one of ours, not some opponent git.

    Would be nice, though, if it were some totally unexpected source who never scores. Janssen, Llorente, GK Nkoudou.

    But I’d like to see someone like Winksie, or even Banksy, but then he’s have to shred the new stadium.

  • I take back what I just said. I’d like the first goal at the NEW WHITE HART LANE to be an opponent: Making and own goal!

  • HT.. I’ve not really changed that much… just after reading most of the threads / posters comments over last few months, I felt that some were getting a bit “out of shape” from what we should all be doing, supporting spurs and not slagging off various persons or construction of infrastructure connected with THFC. When we are way ahead of our previous top flight levels, and have consolidated this over last 8 years due to financial improvements and playing staff….. COYS

  • Fancy new name?? LOL I hope the new west stand matches or is better, as we have all heard about…

  • TK – I hadn’t even thought about that… I can live with Chris Wood scoring the first goal at the new stadium, so long as it’s an own goal!

    We can then sign him to be Kane’s back up in January, as he’ll have proven his ability to score goals for us in the new stadium.

  • I know it’s a virtual impossibility, but I’d LOVE to see Hugo score the opener just not an own goal please.
    Failing that Verts if he’s back in time.
    But realistically, Lamela or Delle

    • It would take a heck of a lot of drink driving for Hugo to end up parked in the wrong goal and to put one in the net. LOL.

      • Hugo could go up for a last minute injury time corner, rise up above everyone around him like a salmon leaping from the water and bang a header into the top right hand corner.

  • Geof, a 0x0 draw would not be an acceptable result. Need to take all three points. 0 x0 is = stuck in the mud. not a decent way to inaugurate our new home. We dare. We do. And what we do is not 0 x 0.

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