Date: 16th April 2018 at 12:07pm
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Just when Harry Winks must have felt on top of the world, as far as his Spurs football career was going, he got injured. It could not have come at a worse time for a young player who appeared to have just broken into the first team at the club he loves. Not to mention an England call-up and the possible start of an illustrious International career.

Now, after facing most of the season on the sidelines and still battling to overcome his injury, the immediate future looks like being a long road back to full recovery and match fitness. His battle will probably be a mental one as much as a physical one. But the good thing for Harry is that he has youth on his side.

Since his debut, Harry had been an integral part of Tottenham’s match-day squad. From his first game, Harry displayed a composure and confidence which few players at his age have equalled. One that did, was our other Harry. Winks has demonstrated many enviable elements to his game. He plays with vision and likes to move the ball forward. He passes the ball well and, for his age, has a good football brain. Although slight in body, he is not intimidated by the more physical aspects of the game. He has played against the best teams that the Premier League has to offer and against some top European clubs …. and he has acquitted himself well.

When a player, at any age, is out of the game for an extended period it is never certain what the effect will be on his future football career. But with the amount of potential Harry has shown in a very short period of time I sincerely hope that he gets the opportunity to fully realise it.


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  • An academy player, who unlike some of his predecessors, has shown he belongs at this level when fully fit. It must be hugely disheartening for him to miss all of this time, and miss out on the chance to represent his country at the World Cup ( a long shot , but it was a possibility given England’s few alternatives) after such a promising start. However, providing he makes a full recovery, I have no doubt that Harry will be back to his previous level. His quality comes from the fact that he has got a good footballing brain, rather than an above-average physical attribute. If he regains his fitness he will get back into the fold in no time. Good player that us fans should be backing.

  • Personally, I don’t see Winks becoming a Carroll, Bentaleb or Mason. If he gets over this injury, I fully expect him to be a Spurs mainstay for years.

    On a slightly different topic, I watched Villa vs Leeds on Friday. After reading all the bad stuff about Onomah from the Villa fans, I was curious to take a look. What I saw was a player that I felt sorry for and at completely the wrong club. I watched him pass the ball to team mates and get in a position to receive it back every time. What happened was his team mates just lumped it forward leaving him to do more donkey work when they lost it. In reality, I learned nothing about his long term future at Spurs but hope we get him out of there soon.

  • It’s always tricky with these loans. Finding the right club with the right style, and a real willingness to improve another club’s player, is hard. The reality is that Villa are chasing promotion, which probably is a nice, but unexpected turn of events for them. At that stage, when there’s something so important on the line, the focus on developing young players, who don’t even belong to the club, is surely not a priority. I still think there’s good things to be learned from the experience for Josh, not least playing in a very physical league. I personally don’t really think he’s going to be good enough for Spurs in the long term, but Josh may yet make a name for himself in the PL for a mid table club.

  • BS – don’t get me wrong, Onomah is probably getting slightly more out of being at Villa than being a spare part at Spurs. I guess the point I’m making is that you have guys like Bruce and Warnock who are going back to the old playbook and optimising their teams in a direct football approach. You then have Nuno, Harris and Jokanovic who are getting to the top of that division playing more in a Premiership style. They are expecting their players to be comfortable on the ball in all positions and pass it around the opposition. Onomah would have been so much more at home at one of these clubs. Villa play with ex Stoke player Whelan as the holder and then 2 players ahead of him. Onomah was one of them last week. He definitely put in a big shift for his team in the 3 man midfield but stuck to his principles of possession and passing. It was very hard for him to shine though with Bruce’s approach to the game.

    Can’t wait for the Friday night game – Millwall vs Fulham….that will be one of the games of the season !!!

    Anyway, back to Winks….

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