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Coopsieyid asks, will you remain patient and supportive?

Well, how can I start without mentioning the absolutely beautiful day that was Sunday, May 14th. What a game! What a performance (again), what an occasion! I have no problem whatsoever in admitting that I was, and am, extremely envious of each and every Yid & Yidette that was lucky enough to be at the beautiful White Hart Lane on such a momentous occasion. From before kick-off, right through to the end of ‘The Finale’ and the presentation of some true THFC Legends (Vinny Sideways & Simon Davies = Legends? I’ll beg to differ lol).

Anyway, it was pure class, all of it! I’m a 41 year old, fully grown man, yet whilst watching that ceremony & making full use of my 300-Watt LG soundbar, I was crying like a baby with a flat-chested mother. The whole thing had an air of class that not just us passionate THFC supporters seem to associate with our great club. It was emotional, it was beautifully hosted, it was superbly received by the THFC faithful, AKA the Yid Army, it was perfect!

So, it’s a massive WELL DONE to Mr Levy and everyone within the club who was responsible for creating something that, just like WHL, will never be forgotten!

Now, with that out of the way, it’s time to wonder what the future holds, and what exactly is the bloody point I’m taking far too long to get to. Well, the point of this little article is very much within the title of it. WILL YOU REMAIN PATIENT & SUPPORTIVE?

As we surely all know, we’re going to be spending all of next season playing our home games at Wembley Stadium. Sure, the prospect of having over 80,000 passionate Yids & Yidettes at each home game is a tantalising one indeed! However, as I’m also sure we all know, when it comes to playing at Wembley, we are, well, a word that starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘hit’!

We have just gone a whole season without suffering a single league defeat ‘at home’, but can we really transition that to a pitch/stadium where we’ve really not been too effective at all? I’m sure I read somewhere (maybe on SkyScraper City) that Poch/THFC will be having the Wembley pitch marked to the exact dimensions of the size that the pitch will be in the new stadium. If I’m recalling that correctly, it would be a very shrewd idea. But what about this hoodoo that Wembley seems to have over our team & the performances we’re able to put in?

This is what concerns me! IF we end up having a season that does indeed see us struggle, will you, or every other ‘supporter’ continue to back not only the team, but also Mr Pochettino & Mr Levy? Let’s face it, we have just had one heck of a good season. For the second season in a row, it was only THFC that was able to create & maintain any sort of title challenge, getting even closer this season than we did last season. Is it really realistic to expect that again next season when we really won’t be playing ‘at home’, whilst most, if not all other clubs will probably be raising their games because they’ll be buzzing to play at one of the most iconic stadiums in world football?

It can’t be denied, we’re a fickle lot, which is just the nature of the game. We win & we’re on cloud 9. We lose & then instantly pick a player to blame for that loss. As many of you will know from the years I’ve been submitting articles to this site, I call each and every one of us ‘Supporters’, as that really is our purpose for showing up each week, or watching on TV. In my opinion, ‘Fans’ are what attend One Direction concerts, ‘Supporters’ get behind their club/team/players, no matter what!

So, what do you guys & gals think? Will our supporters have the common sense to realise that, next season, despite being a regular PL season, is sort of going to be a ‘gap year’, in which the team will certainly be trying their best each week (as if Poch would allow any different!) but performances and results ‘could’ be incomparable to those that we’ve been fortunate to witness over the last 2 seasons?

Surely there can’t be any chance of booing and hissing if the Wembley hoodoo does indeed continue? Surely Poch and his hungry, young squad have earned the right to have our undivided ‘support’ for the next 2 seasons (the new Stadium will also take time to get used to).

I know I’ll be supporting, no matter what! COYS


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  • In a sense what happens next season doesn’t matter. If we want to be a top club we need to build a new stadium, there are no other options. In order to do that we need to spend a year playing somewhere else, Wembley is the best available option. So whatever happens next season its something we have to do.

  • I have been to all but one (semi final chavs) of our Wembley games this season. While it was frustrating and disappointing to see spurs struggle and win one game there, I feel it is a duty of any supporter of our club or indeed any club to accept the bad performances with the good. Yes I know we have improved last 3 years, and now fans expect this level every game a season. But players are human and can have loss of form / illness / family problems etc. Also I have mentioned recently we are playing at Wembley Stadium in Premier League from August which is why we will see visiting teams up their game as probably most PL teams it’s their only chance to play at the national stadium next season. So IMO we will have to improve a good 20% on our home form at WHL to maintain the points won, and need to be patient if it seems players are not performing as we would like from the 1st game there.

  • I do expect a dip in performances next season due to the wembley factor. So patience will have to extend to the board, and they not make any rash decisions midway through the next campaign. More important to us might be to be super competitive in all the cups.

  • As much as we the fans need to show patience, we have to hope the players do too. It’s s very real danger that we will under perform next season, even if that is just a slow start until we settle in, and it contributes to costing us a top 4 champions league place. I just hope the players – especially the younger ones who have time on their side – do not panic and jump ship. The last thing we need as we return home is a mass rebuilding session.

  • Graham Souness said on Sky Sports on Sunday that Spurs supporters are notoriously hard to please so our reputation is established and will it ever change?. I do not hear of Man Utd and Liverpool supporters turning to booing like we do following poor performances. Still with a new audience in the new stadium there might be a return to real support and a plead to remain patient will not be necessary.

  • I expect us to win the league in our first season in the New White Hart Lane. Next season Spurs will lose a match early in the season at Wembly, but then go on to a damned good season. A real football club has supporters. American football teams have fans. It’s completely different to support a club. It’s beyond being patient. It’s more like being a patient, perhaps in a psychiatric ward. Yesterday’s rainbow showed that the gods shine upon us. That’s real support.

  • Coops …glad to see u doing an article… Ur missed bro…. Fully support spurs no matter what…. Where or how…. No backing down no changing


  • Nice question Coopsie. My take on it is triple fold. 1. As I said on the previous article, Wembley will be another season of adapting. Our luck that we have had three years of progression and now there may be a pause , or even a slight decline next season and the patience of the fans will be tested. 2) Well all the home matches may be at Wembley, but the away matches aren’t!. Our away form needs to compensate somewhat for any drop in ‘home’ form. And finally, It is clear to most that the squad needs tweaks and I hope that too will improve the overall impact on the season. So, Wembley a question mark, but other two factors are under our control. It would be interesting to see a poll in August re predicted finish for next season. COYS!

  • Hey Coops, hope you’re enjoying life? I’m looking forward to next season and don’t buy into this wembley jinx BS. People look for the negatives. I say that 19 teams in the Prem will have less experience of playing at Wembley than us. We have had more games than other teams at Wembley this season so our starting point must therefore be ahead of them. Poch is no mug and will adapt the tactics for the new pitch. I’m probably more worried about us then having to switch from the big open spaces of Wembley to some of the smaller Prem grounds and not being able to unlock those teams.

  • ghana – Alli just gave a professional, level headed answer. As much as the lad didn’t say “No” when asked about the likes of Real Madrid etc, he also didn’t say he’d be jumping on a plane as soon as interest is shown. It has to work both ways?

    Muttley – Thank you, but life is 5HIT (explained in the last response I made on the Goodbye WHL poem). You make some great points, especially about us being more used to Wembley. As for worrying about the smaller pitches, don’t!. We set up to make the pitch as small/narrow as possible, and we’re already used to playing on small pitches (WHL lane is/was not a big pitch). I feel much more confident about Wembley after reading your post.

    Critical – I’m already dreading that poll.

    rovinella – I’m not at all surprised to see your stance at all. Good old fashioned ‘supporter’!

    Falstaff – You nailed it. Great post!

    Camper – re Souness. He was right, our supporters are hard to please BUT he kept pushing my buttons when he repeatedly stated “why can’t they make noise like that all the time”.. I just couldn’t/can’t agree with that at all. The one thing opposing managers and players seem to say about WHL, is how much they love the atmosphere. Mourinho has said it, Davids said it, countless other players and managers have said it. I obviously don’t agree with Mr Souness when it comes to the WHL faithful.

    maxfield – I was going to say about the players (and Levy) also being patient, but figured I’d rambled on enough as it was, without adding another 300 paragraphs about those within the club. But you are absolutely spot on! Hopefully everyone is intelligent enough to look at the bigger picture, the picture that is much bigger than 1 season at Wembley.

    Block D & Jod – Also both spot on, in my opinion.

    Thank you guys. COYS

  • If you’re a real supporter, you’re stuck with your team forever. I’ve been a Spurs supporter since the heady days of the Double. When we got relegated to the second division, I remember thinking, thats it, I’ll support someone else now, but the first time you see a headline on the back of a paper that mentions Spurs, you’re hooked again. Now the good times seem to be on the way back, how can you not stay loyal to the club?
    As an aside, wasn’t it great to see 82 year old Cliff Jones jogging onto the old pitch yesterday?

  • spursboy – Whilst watching Cliff Jones, I was scared as much as I was amazed. When they said his age I couldn’t believe it. I was scared because I was concerned about the stress he ‘could’ have been putting on his 82 year old heart but, to be fair, he looked fitter and more mobile than David Bentley ever did lol

  • 1. Welcome back Coopsie. It’s great to have you back.
    2. We will have to be patient. It is highly unlikely we will be as successful at Wembley as we were this season at White Hart Lane so our away form will have to significantly improve for us to match this seasons second place finish.
    3. Yes I believe we have to be patient. Poch and the team deserve that after the last two seasons. This is the best Spurs team I have ever seen (40 years of following them) and the potential is off the scale. Poch is a very smart man and I think he will find a way to overcome the supposed Wembley hoodoo.

  • Thank you, Doncaster. You put it perfectly. Poch is very smart & I have nothing but the utmost faith in him and his backroom staff.

  • What a season, to finish 2nd is a great achievement, I am a patient person so next season I just expect us to win 3 out of 4 competitions we enter, no pressure at all on the players.

  • Coops, hope you’re well mate, well written article. “Gap year” is spot on, could be a bumpy ride next season. Lets keep it in perspective and give our support if we don’t win 17 out of 19 home games in our temporary home!

  • I think our struggles at Wembley have more to do with the competitions we played in than the stadium itself. MP has little European experience and I just think we were a bit naive on the European scene, be it at Wembley or away (I sat in the stands in Gent to witness it first hand). We underestimated opponents and didn’t adapt enough to the competition. Regarding the FA cup, we came up against a very good team in Chelsea, who scored from 3 set pieces and a screamer, in a win-or-lose semi final which could have gone in any direction. I don’t think Wembley is as big a factor as people make it out to be. We’ll be fine.

  • Isn’t ‘fan’ short for fanatic? If you’re fanatical about something, you really like it, and maybe follow it. To support something suggests you help it. To ‘support’ Spurs you’d have to either be at the side of the pitch, cheering them on, or/and buying their merchandise, therefore giving financial support. I see myself as a follower. I don’t but enough tickets or merchandise to claim the higher mantle. I don’t even got sky! Anyway, given that 1965 was the last season we went unbeaten at home, we’d do very well to maintain our home record ever if we WERE playing at The Lane. Twasn’t ’till the very last game their that it came to my attention the pitch is actually smaller than the rules permit, requiring special dispensation for it to be allowed.So maybe we’re used to adapting, anyway? We’ll have to be if Wembley really IS 450sq meters bigger! That’s a lot of space. Our away record surprised me somewhat this season. I thought Pochs’ away record at Spurs had been very good previously? Wasn’t it as good as our home record one season? More of that, please! I’m patient, (although some might snort, guffaw or both) and in Poch I trust.

  • Coops, watching 82 year old Cliff jogging onto the pitch on the same day that a 100 year old ex serviceman from Bristol did a parachute jump with several generations of his family gives me hope that this mere 67 year old “youngster” might be around long enough to see Spurs in their new stadium and ruling the Premiership for a few years yet!!

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