Date: 20th March 2018 at 3:55pm
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Spending £8m on an unknown Argentine defender in the summer came as a bit of a surprise, but I was assured when Pochettino came out to laud Juan Foyth`s “massive potential” at the time.

He had played just eight senior games for Estudiantes after rising through the youth ranks at the Argentinian club at a rate of knots. Starting out as an attacking midfielder, their academy decided his height could be better suited to a role in the backline.

With his passing and technical ability already up to scratch, combined with his unflappable nature, the coaches were confident he was on course to become a starter for the Argentina national team. His move to England was seen as a great move for the youngster to learn from a fellow countryman, who played the same position, and is an excellent developer of young talent.

Since his arrival on these shores, we have seen bits and pieces of the 20 year old. He does look assured on the ball, and relatively calm in possession. There is certainly room for improvement though, and Football.London is reporting that the manager will be focusing heavily on his development in the international break.

With Toby`s future far from certain, it could mean Juan is given more chances in the first team to impress. The manager is definitely a huge fan, and his faith in his protege certainly hasn`t waned months after his arrival from Argentina. Just a few weeks ago, Poch had this to say:

‘We need to think of Juan Foyth, he is 20 now and a great talent too. He only needs time to adapt himself to the Premier League. He is going to surprise many people. Juan is a great kid with a lot of quality to become one of the fantastic centre-backs in the Premier League and Europe too.’

From those words alone, it`s apparent to me that once his adaptation period is over, he will be thrust into more league matches. So far, he has featured just eight times in cup competitions and the Champions League, conceding seven goals and helping to keep four clean sheets.

We have been linked to Stuttgart`s Benjamin Pavard and Leverkusen`s Jonathan Tah in recent weeks as potential options to replace Toby, but they are both young defenders with much still to learn. I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain Argentine will be thrust into the limelight instead before we sign another prospect at centre back. What do you think? Let me know in the poll.


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  • if he’s as good as his fellow Argie believes, then who am i to doubt? Sell Toby for 60 million and spend it on a big birthday bash for the young Argie. and let’s all take a big breath because them’s sum big football shoes to fill. hope it’s not just home boy faith from Poch. But it is Poch’s rep that’s on the line.

  • Toby, or not Toby, that is the question:

    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The slings and arrows of paying him an outrageous fortune,

    Or to take arms against this sea of trouble

    And by opposing, end him (and, his contract)…

    The key to this and Foyth signing for Spurs, is not that he was unknown to any of us but that he was scouted by Spurs and very well known to Pochettino. And when he has played I believe that he has shown us all exactly why MP rates him and that he has the potential to become a Tottenham Hotspur star player, in a relatively short time, along with the very talented Sanchez. … If Toby Alderweireld is soon to be a ghost of Tottenham past, then these 2 young guys seem to me to be pretty much good and ready enough for Tottenham, in the very near future… Sanchez has already proved himself good enough, IMO. Hopefully, Foyth will be soon to follow…

    Toby or not Toby? Now that is a very good question.

  • It looks as if the only way to keep Toby would be to pay him more than Harry Kane, not going to happen. Either you bring in an experienced defender or you go with the youngsters we have. There is no point in bringing in another young player. I like the look of Foyth, he seems a different kind of ball playing defender to those we already have. Carter -Vickers seems to have been written off by some fans but anyone who comes through our academy seems to be written off at some stage, even Kane.

  • Liked watching him in the brief opportunities has been given – looks very sound and composed on the ball – Spurs type CB. Potential to become a top class defender and long term partner to Sanchez. Were do you get Verts, Dembele and Lloris types from on a regular basis?! Been with us since 2012 and stayed loyal and strong – more of what we need! No complaints, tantrums and just get on with it – more of what we need! I think we need to take it easy on the tattoo brigade – they seem to have loyalty issues – Walker, Rose, Toby, lol! Potentially our 1st team defence is being ripped up – didn’t think it would come from the back not with Kane, Eriksen further forwards – just goes to show – hit them from beneath – typical!

  • Interesting that Foyth started out as an attacking midfielder as he is very good on the ball, however, physically he gets brushed off the ball too much. I think he would develop into a very good DM. If Toby leaves spurs need to get another left footed CB to back up Verts. CCV isn’t as good on the ball as Foyth but has strength it would be interesting to see how he has developed as he was called up to the USA squad.

  • palmover – Strength not really a problem. Foyth is 20, he’ll inevitably get stronger over the next few years and I’m sure that he’s on a weights regime as well. You saw the same process with Harry Kane who was regarded as too lightweight as a teenager.

  • Harry, by coincidence to all that, also started out as a defensive midfielder, many moons ago… I’ve not seen Foyth brushed off the ball so easily. He has used his skill on the ball, quickness of foot and good positional awareness to mostly avoid that problem… Even so, as jod states he will beef up more, in time.

  • Absolutely he will be Sanchez? competition at RCB and if Toby leaves I feel we will go in for Mawson as our LCB competition for Verts. What a great CB line up we will have.

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