Date: 21st August 2019 at 12:00pm
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It’s been a steady start to the 2019/20 Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur. Two games in, a decent, albeit late, victory over Aston Villa was backed up with a more than creditable point against Manchester City.

The latter was far from a great game given their control, but there will be those who feel that if we can defend a touch better, but maintain that kind of clinical nature up top, we’ll certainly put more teams to the sword than we don’t this year.

It’s a different game up next weekend for manager Mauricio Pochettino though as we welcomed Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United side to White Hart Lane for our third game of the year.

It’s not a happy time at St James’ Park with ongoing criticism of Mike Ashley only being compounded by the decision to appoint Bruce in the first place, but from a Spurs point of view there’s absolutely no reason not to be confident that we’ll pick up another win and consign them to three straight defeats on Sunday afternoon.

For those looking for progress, I guess this goes down as one of those matches that becomes a must win simply because many can’t see us dropping points, so by default, it becomes the proverbial banana skin.

I’ll continue to have a glass half full approach and simply wonder how many we’ll score.

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193 Replies to “Will Spurs Get A Brucie Bonus On Sunday – Match Thread”

  • Pompey yid ,regarding Eriksen signing his contract and yes he wasn’t forced to sign it your correct but what about the club recognising what a quality player they have on the books and give him what he’s worth.liverpool supposedly are offering Virgil van dyke new terms a player not at the club 2 years yet but on over 200k as it stands if you believe what’s in media 250k new contract.

    • Pauric….what you say is true, recognising a quality player, but it is still in that that player’s hand’s whether he wants to sign or not the said contract that has been offered to him, nobody forces their hand, its as simple as that. COYS

  • TQ/B108 – I just don’t know about HK10 and his thinking – maybe he’s happy with us full stop and looking to break all English records amongst them Shearer’s 260 – not sure how many Aguero’s on but not that far behind but anyway maybe he wants to go down in Spur’s folklore and prove himself to be the best ever English striker at 1 club namely the club he loves – Spurs. We’ll just have to sit it out and see what happens atleast he’s tied to a long term contract. The fact he’s English and plays for the club he loves means it will be much harder to prise him away and seeing as I said above we’re now a big club – only about 5 would be considered a true step up means it’s hard to leave Spur’s especially in terms of competitiveness. The one I truly fear is Real Madrid – always a dream to play in the white of Madrid spiel….!

  • Pauric to be fair from what I’m reading and believing we must have offered him an improved contract already last year or so but I think Eriksen’s dream was always to move to Madrid/Barca and that he was never going to sign another contract forcing our hand eventually to get what he wanted. I was surprised when we managed to lure him from Ajax and for only £11.5m (same as Verts actually and for around only £12m) and I always thought he was using us like Carrick/Berbatov/Modric/Bale as a stepping stone to greater things and it appears I have been proved right as obvious as it might seem anyway. All this huffing and puffing is no good – we need this week over and done with and then to re-assess and move forward as a group – Eriksen needs to go – he’s not fully committed and is unhappy and we need to get some money in – losing £60m in his transfer fee is something we simply cannot afford – like you yourself have added – next summer we’ll end up without recruits because we have to pay for Lo Celso whose Eriksen’s replacement, etc – we need that money to improve the squad with someone who does want to play for the club – maybe a Dybala or a Fernandes, etc. I’m still hopeful he’ll leave for this very reason and hopefully he does!

  • El jefe ,I don’t think Madrid are in for him ?if they wanted him surely they would be wrapping up the deal at this stage???To be honest Toby,Jan,Rose,Eriksen contracts have been dragging on over 2 seasons and don’t think the players and agents are anywhere near all to blame,If levy turned down requests or offers for these players then he’s as much to blame.

  • Pauric maybe Levy’s holding out for 80m Euros or more and it ain’t forthcoming – all the speculation points to them signing a play-maker and there aren’t that many available that would fit the bill at Madrid – Pogba, Eriksen, Fernandes, Dybala…….! That’s the kind of order I reckon Madrid are thinking along – no way are they getting Pogba this late on, there’s not been any mention of Dybala but I added him anyway, Fernandes apparently does not have enough CL experience or any as the case maybe so that leaves Eriksen but I reckon they’ll play Levy at his own game and leave it until the last minute to get him as cheap as possible – he’s not a major priority so they can gamble either that or someone’s tapped him up for a free in a year’s time and that’s bang out of order but what can we do about it?! If he stays so be it but I won’t be happy at missing out on £60m or more – where do we get it back from?! Bloody criminal to allow this to happen and yes I’m a shareholder so talking out of my pocket aswell as my mouth as a die hard fan on top – Tottenham til I die and then some more in the afterlife LOL!

  • TQ2 – everything I read (and it must come from somewhere – leaked by agents for example) points to them being on £75k and £60k respectively – furthermore the fact we have one of the lowest if not the lowest wage bills in relation to revenue in the Prem would back this up as would our attempts now to get them to sign new improved contracts for some reason. This being said we are still lagging way behind our rivals and they are our rivals because Toby might double his wages to £120k a week (Verts apparently on £105k) but Van Dijk is supposedly going to be on £250k a week. Van Dijk is arguably now the best CB in the Prem but is he that much better than Verts and Toby – over double the difference in wages per week – I would say no. 2 of the best CB’s in Europe and earning a pittance compared to their rivals (Toby played for A Madrid previously and has now played in 2 CL final’s, Verts has as a club legend IMHO dedicated his best year’s to us and played in a CL final, both formed a partnership which led us to 3rd and 2nd respectively in 2 title challenge’s in final 2 year’s at WHL including best defence in the finishing 2nd run and also finished 3rd with Belgium in a WC). I’m just saying pay them what they are worth and keep them happy FFS and like I’ve said before I’m the share-holder of the bunch aswell as a die hard fan!

    • EJ, you can’t compare VVD with Verts in particular, he is now 32 and nobody is going to pay him £250k or anything like it. Toby could have been on a lot more than whatever he is on now if he had agreed a new contract but so far has chosen not to. Even if he did he is quite a bit older than VVD and definitely not as good so not worth anywhere near the same. If you want my honest opinion no footballer at the top level is worth anything like the obscene wages they are paid, but that’s a different debate.

  • Pauric I can see where the likes of TQ2 and HT are coming from – they did sign for the club and accept contract terms and they know how Spurs operate (tight and I mean that with all due respect) but we can’t then get upset when they shine and want to move on to bigger and better that is unless we are on their side in respect of wanting them to earn market wages in comparison to their rivals – we are now a regular top 4 side and they got us to a CL final last season (plenty of luck along the way but whoever said that wasn’t necessary) so one has to question why they are earning upto 25% only of their rivals – Toby and Eriksen vs Van Dijk and Ozil?! It’s ridiculous and cannot continue – then on top of their performance being called into question if they’re even allowed to play – we have to settle for losing them on free contracts to other clubs potentially even our rivals!

  • LOL TQ – what about Toby, Verts and Chris then?! In Ozil’s defence he was up there with the best of them for the first 4 season’s or so – now he’s dropped off but then again so have Arsenal……!

  • TQ – just read your 12.04 post – Lo Celso is on £150k apparently, N’Dombele could be on as much as £200k, yet Verts and Toby long established stars of the team are on £105k and £60k respectively – it’s not good enough really is it? It’s like brand new customer’s only – loyalty does not get rewarded. I think it’s about time both their contribution’s at the back were recognised and they were put on £150k each minimum. Salah is apparently only on £200k which means VVD will be on £50k more a week than him so saying CB’s should not earn as much as forward’s is not necessarily the case and that’s at a top paying club like Liverpool. I’d just like to see their hard work recognised. In Toby’s case he’d probably be close to £100k or so if he’d signed a new contract but by holding out he’ll be put on £120k apparently on a 3 year contract – not a bad compromise to my £150k but still a fair bit short. We’re penny pinching we’re we shouldn’t be. In terms of pay in general – footballer’s are superstars and under immense pressure so I think they are deserving of top pay as the club’s only generate significant income because of them so why shouldn’t they then receive a fair whack for doing so?! It is what it is and it’s not going to change but it’s a bit unfair on the fans having to pay for expensive seats, merchandise, TV contracts ,etc, etc, etc but so it is!

  • EJ… is what it is because mugs like you and I are prepared to be blackmailed by the likes of Sky into paying a fortune to watch our beloved football teams on TV. I’m sure you are aware that they outbid the terrestrial stations for the rights using income from other media interests and then said to fans you have to buy our satellite boxes and pay a subscription (which includes paying for loads of channels you will never watch) if you want to see your team play live on TV. It is so lucrative to them that BT et al all decided they wanted a bit of the pie as well so now you have to pay for two boxes and two subscriptions, come December that will be three with Amazon. This is all feeding the greed in the game and asking supporters to dig deeper and deeper into our pockets to pay for it.

    Consider this, a player on £80k per week is paid more than the average supporter by a factor of times 166, this for kicking a ball around for at most 3 hours per week actual match time for roughly 44 weeks each year. I haven’t considered training time because it’s not exactly like putting in a shift at work is it? It’s very worrying that people think that paying footballers anything up to £500k per week plus ‘is what it is’ and ‘it’s the going rate and what you have to pay’. What is going to happen when the greed eventually puts the cost of subscriptions beyong the average fan?

    Just another example of the greed within the game, we have recently learned that Gary Lineker is the highest paid presenter on the BBC earning what about £1.3 million per year for presenting a one and a half hour highlights show on a Saturday night and a few live FA cup games while the BBC are saying they can’t afford to give over 75’s free TV licences. Society is getting things badly wrong in my opinion!

  • TQ2S….an excellent post there, so bloody true.

    I even think the “big” teams are cottoning on to transfers plus wages = extortionate monies, so I believe “poaching” is getting stronger ie….Club to agent, get your player to see out his contract, we will then get him on a free and can then pay a wage of £multi millions a week extra to what he is getting now, thus agent walks away with a massive grin on his boatrace rubbing his hands together. COYS

  • TQ – I’m a share-holder so it’s a fine line – I want top employees so the business grows but they cost money – you have to trust the power’s that be to get it right more often than not – luckily I do trust Levy after all he’s got a lot of dough riding on us so I’d expect him to get it right most of the time. With Eriksen I think he should have been on much higher wages a long time ago being a player who we rightly had a high value for – but in doing so we should also have recognised that he needed to be paid accordingly. We make a lot of money at the player’s expense so it’s only right they are rewarded adequately. We are now a top 4 club and one of the best in the World and need to act like it and that means paying top wages to our best players and in general quite frankly. Good to see Sess on £70k and one of the highest paid teenagers in world football – we’re learning!

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