Date: 21st August 2019 at 12:00pm
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It’s been a steady start to the 2019/20 Premier League for Tottenham Hotspur. Two games in, a decent, albeit late, victory over Aston Villa was backed up with a more than creditable point against Manchester City.

The latter was far from a great game given their control, but there will be those who feel that if we can defend a touch better, but maintain that kind of clinical nature up top, we’ll certainly put more teams to the sword than we don’t this year.

It’s a different game up next weekend for manager Mauricio Pochettino though as we welcomed Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United side to White Hart Lane for our third game of the year.

It’s not a happy time at St James’ Park with ongoing criticism of Mike Ashley only being compounded by the decision to appoint Bruce in the first place, but from a Spurs point of view there’s absolutely no reason not to be confident that we’ll pick up another win and consign them to three straight defeats on Sunday afternoon.

For those looking for progress, I guess this goes down as one of those matches that becomes a must win simply because many can’t see us dropping points, so by default, it becomes the proverbial banana skin.

I’ll continue to have a glass half full approach and simply wonder how many we’ll score.

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193 Replies to “Will Spurs Get A Brucie Bonus On Sunday – Match Thread”

  • El jefe you and Ashley beat me to it, my suggestion for Sunday is ditto both of you, could be great minds eh!…thus

    Kwp Toby Verts Rose
    Sissoko N’Dombele
    Maura Lamella Son

    The Cockerels to tear the Magpies apart in this featherweight contest, thanks TQ2S for that lol! COYS

  • It has been said “keeping CE would be the icing on the cake” to be honest I don’t think so, even if we kept him he could still be the rot in the core, esp’ if he begrudgingly stays because there are no other takers for his services, just a thought. COYS

  • Underwhelming start to the season for me so far with good results, but unconvincing performances, particularly against City. I’m putting it down to early-season bedding in and hopefully we really get started on Sunday!

    With half an eye on the Woolwich game, I’d give game time to the newbies and others who might need it for this one:

    KWP, Aldereweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon
    N’Dombele, Winks
    Lo Celso, Lamela, Son

    Tottenham to win 5-0
    Son (2)
    Kane (1)
    Lo Celso (1)
    Lamela (1)


  • I’ll go along with any of the suggested line-ups so far from you guys . Except, Parklaneyido, Sessegnon is still recovering from an injury he picked at Fulham a couple of months ago and could be out for a few weeks yet.

    Up the Spurs!

  • Lo Celso has had some training time with MP and the squad now. I imagine he might be considered to start in this one to see how he goes with our next match in mind. I thought Son had to miss this one until reading through the thread. I forgot he missed the last game of last season through suspension.

    With Son, Moura and Lamela to call on we have a lot of speed and energy in attack. I would have included Dele in this a couple of seasons ago but not so much now. I guess we all hope he gets his mojo back and then we would really be formidable going forward. The fact that there is probably not the room for them all to start means that we will have a game-changer or two on the bench. That can’t be bad.

    Kane should have a lot of attacking support in this one and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get a mention on the score sheet. Playing at home (isn’t it nice to have a home!) should result in a fairly comfortable 3 – 0 win.

  • It would be good see Davies get some minutes under his belt in this game to add some match fitness in case he is needed during the gooners game.

    • Given our ambition and intentions for this season, a home fixture against a very mediocre Newcastle side must be viewed as “must win” fixture, and not a scrambled affair but a good performance and a comfortable win. I hope to see Vertonghen restored to the team, and that any sillyness between him and MP is over and done with. Let’s act like adults not school girls, and let’s get our strongest team out, this definately means Vertonghen in for Sanchez.

  • PY – when I said icing on the cake I meant in terms of keeping Eriksen and having 6 AM’s to choose from: Son, Dele, Eriksen, Lo Celso, Moura, Lamela but not including Sess or Clarke. It would be assumed he’d sign a new contract and be happy about it – then it would be the icing on the cake but if he stays against his will and leaves on a free next summer quite possibly then certainly not. Either way I think he’s leaving in the next 10 days so will be a mute point.

  • Frank – although I’ll go along with putting out our strongest team against Newcastle I think the time will come where we have to follow the Ferguson adage – of putting out a team good enough to win but not necessarily your best team everytime – whole point of having a squad. At the moment with a game a week we can get away with it but come next month and the mid-week games come thick and fast and we’ll need to manage the squad properly if we are to arrive at the back end of the season and do something worthwhile instead of struggling across the line again in terms of top 4 and with no trophies.

  • So that’s N’Koudou gone – now Wanyama for the chop will bring our spending down to around £64m (including Lo Celso’s loan fee) which is what we should get for Eriksen (70m Euros or so despite reading that we’re holding out for 80m Euros) who I honestly believe is going so the books will be perfectly balanced more or less. Expecting Aurier to maybe leave also if not now then in January when I reckon Rose might be gone with Sess dropping back – if Sess drops back then Rose is definitely gone in January IMHO – can’t see us having 3 LB’s on the books and it will probably be the last opportunity to get some decent money for Rosey. Personally I’d like him to stay and I wouldn’t mind seeing what Sess can do as Son’s under-study in a LWF role but time will tell I guess and we’ll find out what Poch has planned.

  • Read Sess is on £70k a week – 4th highest paid teenager in world footy at the moment apparently (although Odoi was on the list in 10th I think on £22k but he recently signed a new deal for £100k I believe but still) – earning more than Joao Felix at Atletico £58k and over double Foden at City on £30k – good to see that he’s on a decent sum and will now be able to knuckle down hard and hopefully become the new Bale/Ashley Cole for us. Big hopes for him – we’ve been after him for 2 year’s so can’t wait to see him play for us – one thing I’m wanting to know is where he’ll actually play and how that will affect the squad. Think we got a great deal here and last year at Fulham in the Prem despite not being overly productive compared with his blistering season in the Championship originally – will have done him the world of good to get acclimatised. Can’t wait to watch him own left field for the next decade plus hopefully!

  • Here’s hoping CE is gone before the European window closes. It’s not at all good to have an uninspired player on the pitch. Talented lad, but I’d just as soon see his backside at this point. Playing without passion can be an infectious disease. Move him on. Don’t let him provide a negative energy for our younger players to pick up.

  • Nice article,nice comments ,but I don’t like this must win arguments so early in the season.
    The objective is obviously to win isn’t it?
    This argument seems to be a hoodoo on us….uugh……4-0 Spurs….coys

  • All this transfer dealings of Levy to get players in and players out for reduced net spend is something all clubs try to do. R Madrid does when they sign top players for multi millions.. Bale signed for £85m Ozil sold £42m (gooners) The fact is Levy (ENIC) is a bit more astute in this as we have never really had the stature or financial power other top 5 Pl.. or of those clubs in European Leagues.

    Now the stadium is open and Levy has refinanced the Bank Loans into a form of Bonds Investment which gives longer term to pay interest on / repay and is not… as most banks loan clauses of “pay on demand” gives financial increase for Levy to deal with. Which should in turn allow more funds available for players wages and transfers, yet reduce the pressure on Levy to prioritise debt repayment. COYS

  • TK.. Hope you are still located on the coast & Beaches and safe away from the fires / smoke raging in Brazil? Looks very dangerous for the Amazon Forest environmental situation. Seems like the Brazil President is not so astute on this as previous Govt. ?

    • I live in the northeast near the city of Recife, so far away from the Amazon. But I worked in the Amazon for years aned this truly is a disaster for us all, no matter where we live. Bolsonaro is the Brazilian version of Trump or Boris: not interested in facts, and full of opinions about his own ability, weak though those abilities be. My fear is that the most fertile plant and animal producing place in the world will look more like the Sahara dessert in a few years. Thanks to the gods I’m an old git. Won’t live to see the worst of it.

  • It seems absolutely absurd to me that football faces losing one of it’s founding clubs (Bury) for the sake of the equivalent of 3 weeks wages for one top player in the PL, while I appreciate that all clubs have to operate on a sustainable level surely the money coming into the game needs to be more fairly spread throughout the leagues and grass roots football?

  • I see the team I forecast/suggested for Sunday’s game is now not going to happen, N’Dombele injured/not up for selection.

    TQ2S….me and a couple of mates were discussing Bury Fc and others regards their plight, we came up with a suggestion…Prem teams to put 1% of any transfer/sale of players income into a pot to be used to help the lower skint sides, for me this means bigger boys are helping the little ones, its just a thought. COYS

  • That would be a noble gesture PY, maybe ok going to grass roots football but there is no point in giving handouts to asset strippers and the like who buy clubs for personal gain. Maybe they could be helped if the club owners can show that they are doing their best to run the club in everyone’s interest and not just their own.

    Even having owners that are passionate for their club and football generally doesn’t guarantee success if they don’t have the necessary business accumen, that’s why we at Spurs are fortunate to have someone who fits the bill on both counts despite opinions to the contrary.

    • Thanks for your reply TQ, agreed regards asset strippers, to be honest we did not take them into account and yes I agree we are fortunate to have someone as you say “fits the bill”.

      And yes! go do more for grass roots. COYS

  • N’Dombele out injured for this one – hopefully returns fully fit for the NLD next weekend. Sissoko and Winks in CM for me. In my original team completely forgot about Eriksen – now does he actually start or play a cameo if necessary off the bench again like against Villa? Lo Celso apparently isn’t ready to feature whole match/regularly so that leaves Lamela/Alli but Alli isn’t fit enough surely having just come back from injury so maybe Lamela with Son and Moura on the wings – nice to have so many quality options available – long may it continue.

  • Newcastle might be struggling but they’ve actually got some decent players: Lascelles, Longstaff, Shelvey, Maximin, Almiron, Joelinton, so this might not be such an easy walk in the park for us – especially with injuries, etc and a possibly upset squad. Hopefully we just get the 3 points and move on. Would love a performance but more important are the 3 points at this stage – clocking up the points and getting some momentum until everyone is back fully fit and happy then hopefully we can also look to entertain aswell as win.

  • What do people think of starting Eriksen on Sunday – Lo Celso not yet available, nor is Dele both who could play centrally leaving Lamela to play there with Sonny and Moura on the wings?! With HK10 on the pitch also will not leave us with too much recourse in terms of attacking options if fresh legs are needed in the 2nd half thus I’m thinking start Eriksen and leave either Son or Moura on the bench so we have a default plan if necessary. Lamela has earned his place in the team. Eriksen could be vital to making us tick as usual so probably should start, then we always have Lo Celso on the bench to change it up if necessary aswell. Moura deserves to be in so maybe Sonny to start on the bench with Lo Celso seeing as neither has played a full part yet in the first 2 matches.

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