Date: 17th July 2017 at 2:33pm
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Tottenham Hotspur fly out to Orlando this Wednesday (19 July) in preparation for the International Champions Cup match against Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday. But, will Ross Barkley be on-board?

News surrounding the 23-year-old is reaching fever-pitch on many of the British redtops, with some surmising a deal will have been reached before Poch and the lad’s jet off across the pond.

Everton, by the sound of it are doing a ‘Daniel Levy’ and holding off any offers under their £50m valuation (sounds familiar). Tottenham on the other hand and if you believe what you read are only prepared to pay between £25m and £30m.

Will Ross Barkley be on the Spurs USA bound plane?

International Champions Cup
Spurs v PSG
Camping World Stadium, Orlando, FL
Saturday 22 July 2017
Kick off 8pm (local) 01:00 BST
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  • After Levy has squeezed the final 50p of the asking price, he’d get put on an Easyjet indirect flight to recover a few more bobs! It will happen when it does. Certainly won’t be holding my breath for Weds. Levy’s got Foyth and Pau to sort out 1st.

  • Why does anyone think Barkley is worth buying regardless of the price ? We need a back up for Kane and some pace, Barkley provides neither of those things. He does nothing that Ali doesn’t do a lot better. Buying players just because they are available and you can is no way to build a squad.

  • Barkley will happen on Deadline day and not before. We won’t pay 25million for someone we could get for free in 12 months, and Everton don’t really want to let him go earlier becasue they know of the benefits to the buying club. Can’t really blame either side for their stance here – Barkley, whilst potentially adding to the squad, is not a priority for us.

  • Don’t care whether he flies to Orlando, Boston or Nashville in these coming days as long as he’s on one of the planes in the next week or so !!!

  • I have a feeling that N’Koudou is going to be our breakthrough player this year. With Son and Lamela both out and Sissoko due to be sold he should get some early season minutes to prove himself. He offers plenty of pace and is very direct. Loads of potential and needs some game times to prove himself.

  • Only if the price is right. I can see Daniel Levy offering them 10m over 5 years and some reclaimed steel and bricks from the North Stand for Evertons new stadium. ‘Its blue and white’ he will tell them in his sales pitch, ‘save you money on paint’. Personally, at 23, I don’t see where he fits into our team, is he a midfielder or attacking player? Is he going to be challenging Demele for a place or Son? I am sure if Poch wants him then he has plans for him. Rather have Kovacic if he is available, 91% pass completion last season. Modric 2.0 in the making. Also, if we want a midfield box to box player, Savic from Lazio. 6’4 powerhouse, excellent technically with both feet, at 22 he has he physicality and skill to dominate the midfield and can only get better.

  • Of course he won’t be on the plane. His wage demands dictate that we won’t be buying him ever. Poch will have to set his sights somewhat lower.
    Another pre-season wasted and another last minute again. i wonder how long before Poch decides he has had enough.

  • The lad has potential and reasonable pace when carrying the ball plus a decent shot and is no wilting violet. I see him as a rotational option for both Alli and Erikson and maybe Dembele who will no doubt be injured for several games during the season. Poch could well turn the potential into star status plus he would be playing with 5 England squad players which would be good for him and England. However, the answer to the question is (almost certainly) no he will not be on the plane on Wednesday unless Levy wants to make a statement to those of us who want him to get off his backside and invest in the players we and Poch think we need. Knowing Levy, he still has to offload at least Sissoko and Wimmer before he would contemplate spending big or any money on players.

  • Also, if reports are true, Leicester City are prepared to pay Siggi £125,000 per week to match the salary that Everton are offering. These are two clubs that do not appear to be as wealthy as us but somehow are finding funds for players transfers and salaries. Spurs must be the NHS of football clubs.

  • Doncaster, it’s difficult to see how much lower Poch can set his sights when reports suggest that Levy isn’t prepared to pay around £8 million for the Argentine CB lad who presumably Poch wanted.

  • Levy will not meet his wage demands, Dead in the water.240 mil in the bank and still Levy acts the maggot as per usual.

  • Levy Should not meet Barkley’s wage demands, if it needs be, then break the current wage structure for the current deserving players first. Barkley has done nothing to demand anything.

  • Yep Barkley is a cherry on top player. I mean it in a good way. If there is any deal that can wait until 5 to midnight on deadline day, then this is it. If Everton haven’t sold by deadline day, then their asking price more than halves for January window. Levy, of course, knows this. He also knows that we have Alli and Co to do the biz until Barkley arrives. Not ideal, but we simply cannot write off transfer losses like the richer teams can. So we must minimise the up front costs. In the meantime, I do expect more pressing business to be done earlier… But still late by other’s standards… Hey ho.

  • Tony, do you really believe that Barkley saga will drag on until January?… This could well turn out to be another Berahino-gate! in which case Barkley and Everton will be the real losers. If Poch really wants him, we need to get this wrapped up soonest. I can see some European team or another top-4 rival muscling in on this, even just to stop us strengthening. Mourinho was renowned for that trick at Chelsea, stock piling and happy to loan them out.

  • -spurman61, I don’t think Barkley is on a high wage, but was offered a more lucrative contract by Everton. If he is genuinely driven by career aspirations, I am confident his demands will not be much higher that what our average starting 11 would command. The fact that none of the other big clubs appear to be in for him, he and his agent MUST know that the wage demands will have to be tempered. Also there are ways of mitigating the wage issue, for example, a signing on fee (5 mill) + say, 65K/wk, 3 yr contract. BTW, this is all conjecture and I know absolutely diddly squat about how these things work! :o)

  • No he won’t be on the plane with the travelling squad. He’ll be going on his own by bus to recoup some of the transfer fee. If he does well he’ll be allowed to fly back with the others.

  • The reason Everton can offer a higher wage is they don’t have to splash out 25m on top of the wage signing on fee etc. …. I agree with jod. He’s done nothing to warrant such a high wage ….

  • In the 15/16 season Everton’s turnover was 11th highest in the league at £122m. Their wage bill was £84m and they run at a £24m loss before tax. In the same year Spurs had turnover of £210m (6th highest) and a wage bill of £100m and run at a profit before tax of £38m. Now we don’t have access to the 16/17 financials yet but we all saw what happened in the next 12 months. Everton might have new investors but they can’t just magically change their balance sheet and start pretending they are a major force. The food chain is always the food chain. They’ve taken expensive salaries of Schneiderlin and Rooney in recently whilst still paying Jags and Barry over the top wages. They’ve also increased their squad by 7 or 8 players whilst only letting 3 go. The Lukaku money will be swallowed up in salaries unless they balance the books further and the only asset they can do that with is Barkley, especially if they are serious about Siggy.

    So I can agree that they can pay Barkley what they want. It’s their balance sheet and if they want to keep running at a major loss then that’s their choice and they will suffer long term for it. As for us, we can match them without compromise because we are at least 50% bigger than them right now and run at least break even. We are also on a great trajectory with the new stadium underway and new sponsorship deals. Quite frankly, Barkley can come and join our party or not. I hope he does as he’s their best player by a country mile. He’s the only one that would get into our starting eleven if he was on form, with guys like Son having something to say about that. Even their £75m departed striker would have got splinters sitting on our bench last season.

    I’m done with everyone bigging up Everton because they’ve bought a few decent players. They have to prove first that as the 7th biggest club they can punch above their weight and finish higher. We’ve done that every year for close to a decade.

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