Date: 5th March 2018 at 2:58pm
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After his standout display at the weekend, I`m sure most fans will be calling for Son to be included in the starting XI against Juve on Wednesday.

Yet, his inclusion in the team on Saturday, and the notable absence of Erik Lamela, has many speculating that Poch has already opted to start the Argentine for the Champions League tie.

It`s certainly a logical assumption to make considering he also started the first leg, but in my mind opting to keep our no.11 in the team ahead of such an in-form player would be a mistake.

Firstly, despite Erik`s undoubted talent to create chances, I think the pace that his South Korean team mate possesses would be of greater use to the team at Wembley. His ability not only to get in behind the defence, but also to commit opponents, and beat two or three defenders could open up space that could be invaluable.

We will be facing an Italian side who need to score a goal, but you can guarantee they won`t be coming to play open and expansive football, and to break their solid backline, we need someone like Son in the team.

Secondly, if we just consider the output of both players in terms of goals and assists in recent games, there is really no comparison. For sure, Lamela created two goals against Rochdale recently, but his only goal since his return from injury was in the FA Cup replay versus Newport.

In contrast, our no.7 has bagged four goals and one assist in the space of four days. Poch can`t ignore the numbers, and with the type of form the 25 year old is in, it would be a very brave man to leave him out.

Lastly, we have to consider the occasion itself. We have a fantastic chance of reaching the quarter finals of Europe`s premier competition, and we need to play with no fear to get the result. To play in such a testing environment you need composure and a cool head. For me personally, I think the South Korean gets the nod over Erik in this regard.

If you asked me who I would want to be one on one with Gianluigi Buffon if it were a crucial chance to score, I would have to go with Son. How about you?


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  • Son has been involved in 13 Premier League goals (nine goals and four assists) in his last 11 Premier League appearances at Wembley. I know it’s not the Prem league, but surely you have to select him at home against Juve for that reason alone. He’s on fire at Wembley.

  • Son has been playing magnificent football recently, like a man possessed. I’ll be disappointed if he’s not selected. Lamela, I like, but he’s had some shaky moments recently. It should be Son. But, Poch gets more money to make these decisions that I get to opine about them. So, me old son, Son should be on the pitch as we take on Juve at OUR HOME PITCH, Wembley.

  • I hope son plays, but I would understand if Lamela is picked. Lamela could help pack the midfield to make sure we dominate possession. Juventus have enough quality that they will probably get a goal at some point. It?s such a huge game but I have confidence we will go through. Douglas costa if f-ing lightning, Trippier is gonna need to be one step ahead of him mentally. I?m assuming he?ll play as Aurier played last match. Pochettino normally has a surprise for us, let?s hope it works out. I don?t know about you clowns but I am seriously excited and nervous about this game, I hope the players can do their stuff as they will be hyped for this one. I predict 3-2 spurs.

  • I think it’s significant that he was taken off after 60 minutes. That suggests to me he is being saved for the Juventus match. Otherwise there was no reason to take him off: he was our best player and on a hat trick.

  • On current form it’s hard to argue against Son. It’s funny how 2 goals quickly change things, when as recently as last week, an article was asking whether Son should be dropped for Lucas Moura. This being said, I feel it will come down to a tactical decision. Knowing that we don’t have to take the game to Juve, we should aim to be well organised and solid at the back before anything else. The one thing Lamela does give you is tireless defensive work. Put Lamela on Pjanic and take away Juve’s distribution. There’s an argument to be made for either. If we want to attack Juve and put the game beyond reach, at the risk of being a bit more open defensively, Son is the better option. If we want to play the percentages against a very experienced CL team, I feel this is the type of game where Lamela has a huge added value because of how hard he works all over the pitch. Son will give you more in the final 3rd, Lamela may just give you more all over the pitch. I’d understand and respect either decision.

  • For me it will depend on how Poch wants to set up the team for this game and how he anticipates Juve will approach it. He may think that Lamela is more suited to the occasion. Personally, I have no idea on this. Will MP choose to take the game to them from the off or will he set up more defensively in an effort to contain them and hit them on the break? Will Allegri’s team go all out from the start or be patient? Will it be a free and open game or a nervous, cagey affair? … A minimum of 0-0 or 1-1 will see us go through but I can’t see Poch going for the draw. … I think Pochettino will start with Son but if he plays Lamela instead, I won’t be complaining. It will be about how the team plays as a unit and how they implement MP’s tactics. Both Son and Lamela have been playing well and that’s a good position to start from. … For arguments sake, I’m going to presume that Spurs will want to put them on the back foot from the start and try for the early goal. And, I am assuming that Poch will play the same starting 11 as on Saturday, with Trippier in for Aurier, as Serge is suspended for this one. And of course, Son, with Erik on the bench. … Llorente up top?

  • Son has to be one of the most under rated players in the league. Last season he and Ali finished with a virtually identical strike rate (ie mins on the pitch per goal). This season he seems to be leaving Ali behind. The strange thing is that when Poch played both Son and Lamela against Rochdale they looked a good combination. To me Lamela is more comfortable in Ali’s position than Son’s. But Ali appears to be undropable (if that’s a word).

  • Great points BS, HT. Yes it is all down to how Poch will approach the game. The advantage we have is quite small, it is a winner take all game. Our advantage will give Juventus greater impetus to win the game so they will come out attacking. We will have to be ready to press hard and win the ball early and then control the possession. It will be an intriguing game.

  • Son may be underrated by the media, ie he doesn’t seem to be in the headlines as often as others of his calibre, but if you speak to most fans/friends/family/colleagues ect, everyone seems to rate him quite highly. Im happy for him to escape attention however, makes it a lot easier for us to keep him away from the “bigger” clubs.

  • P.S I don’t think Son has ever been lazy, but in recent games ive noticed an increase in his workrate, something he must be aware that Pochettino admires, even in attacking players. As BelgianSpur says, that is probably one of the main reasons Lamela is preferred over Son (can’t be goals/assists). Lamela also has greater stamina, although with the strength in depth in Sons position, stamina isn’t that big of a deal tomorrow.

  • Gary Onedaysoon, Wouldn’t read too much into Son coming off, (although I believe/hope he does start vs Juve) as he is always the first player subbed out. In 21 league starts, he’s been taken off 16x. I don’t think his stamina is that great compared to others..

  • Guyver, is he subbed so often because of lack of stamina or Poch’s reluctance to ever sub Dele (or Eriksen)? I hope by now he can manage more than 60 minutes before running out of puff.

  • There is also the dilemma both teams face in how to use their subs, if it is 2-2 coming up to the end of 90 minutes and, extra-time looks likely…

  • Son I hope, I read he being pulled off after 60 mins as a certainty he would start Wednesday….I agree with your post Jod, think Lamela is more suited to Ali position, just behind the striker.

  • Gary, im only guessing as to why Son is always taken off first, but statistically, Eriksen always runs more KM per game than most players in the EPL (1st in the league last season at 11.97 km per game) and both Dele and Lamela also have great engines.

  • If the game does go to extra time, you’d expect the younger team playing at home to have the advantage.

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